And again!


     I retrieved the mail from the mailbox yesterday afternoon and found a bill from the nursing home.  They sent us a bill for $912.00.  What?!  Yes, they are attempting to double-bill us for the last six days of my MIL’s life.  The life that their negligent (lack of) care ended. 

     I sputtered, I ranted, and I raved.  Once I calmed down, I went over there.  I was loaded for bear and made a lovely scene in front of patients and visitors alike.  I don’t care.  I don’t care how much I raise my voice, I don’t care who hears.  I demanded they call their superiors and wreck their day as they had wrecked mine.  Not one of those so called ‘skilled nurses’ was brave enough to do it.

     That’s okay because I made my point.  I will make my point again on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…you get the idea.  I hope they are ready for a picket sign, bad publicity, and any number of things I can think of that might keep other people from placing a patient there.  I have all the free time in the world.  Who knows, after the conference, I may just camp out in their parking lot.

     I have the email address for the CEO of the parent company along with his staff’s email addresses.  They will get sick of hearing from me.  I also have the name of a great attorney who really loves to go after places like this. 

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  1. Wheelchair is fully charged and I have multiple colored Sharpies to make signs….let me know what time and what you prefer on the signs. We should call the media before going over so they can be there waiting for us … wear something photogenic!

    I’ll let you know when after the conference!!!

  2. Give ’em hell, Harry!

    They well deserve everything they get from you!

    LOL! Thanks. They will get hell from me for sure.

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