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Cancer sucks.

Dear Mary,

Today is your 59th birthday. I wish you were here to celebrate it. My heart still aches every time I think of you and I still think of you a lot.

If things had gone as planned, you would be playing with your granddaughters and we’d be running a beach-side bed and breakfast.

I miss you every day.

That will never stop.

I love you baby sister. I wish you were here.

102_1693We lost Mary to metastatic breast to bone cancer 4/13/2001.

Yesterday’s Tee shirt

I buy some of my Tee shirts from I really enjoy their shirts and other products, like Lucy’s blanket, Ted.

This shirt I bought from them because all profits went to the Pulse Victims Fund.


To wake him or not to wake him…oh what the hell, he has no trouble waking me.

So hours after The Curmudgeon has gone to bed, I notice his Rebif shot sitting on the kitchen table. I pick it up to double-check it. No, he hadn’t used it.

I debate with myself, do I wake him or don’t I?

Then I remember the other morning where I had less than an hour of sleep.

Yep, I wake him and tell him he hasn’t done his shot. I smile when he’s not thrilled.

Revenge is sweet but Karma is sweeter.

road to give a fuck

Now that bites

So much fun to spend the entire day sitting in a dentist office with The Curmudgeon. Not. He’s finally getting new dentures. I’ve had years of listening to him complaining and doing nothing about it. I finally told him that he needed to make an appointment and get this done. If he didn’t I was going to throw out the ones he wears the first time he set them to soak. Then he’d be stuck with some real old ones that he refuses to wear, they fit worse than the ones he wears all the time.

He got the message.

In another vein:

Years ago, while staying at my older sister’s home in Texas, a ring that was extremely valuable to me, sentimentally not monetarily, disappeared off the table next my bed. I’d only taken it off that morning because my finger was swollen from the change of climate.

To this day it still breaks my heart that someone in that household so callously took it. The ring was made from a part of a bracelet of my mother’s that matched a ring she wore all the time. Each of my sisters and nieces had a ring made for them.

I thought about that simple, lovely ring the other day with a great aching of heart and soul because of the fortuitous find I made of G’s ring that had been missing for a year.

Peace, love, and beaches.


What’s hanging in your family tree?

My father spent years tracing family history, long before computerized family tree programs were available. My family tree has a few broken branches, some twisty ones, and a bit of rough bark here and there.

Today one of my cousins sent me a lot of information including some interesting things, like there are Wilson’s on both sides of my family tree.

My maternal Grandmother would never tell us her middle name and now I know it. Don’t know why she wouldn’t tell us because I love it. Her middle name was Mae.

Have you traced your family tree?

amuse me

Is there an answer?

When one reaches the end of the rope what comes next?

Do you fall?

Do you grab another rope?

Do you grow wings and fly?

I wish I had the answer because I can see the frayed end getting closer each day.

the last word

In loving memory

My Dearest Sister,

Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you. I love you and miss you with all my heart. I still pick up the phone to tell you something… You’re not there.  I miss your smile, your giggle, your humor, your warmth and joy. There are days where my heart breaks all over again knowing you are gone. We held each others deepest darkest secrets buried in our hearts. I still hold yours, who will hold mine?

Happy Birthday Curmudgeon!

It’s The Curmudgeon’s 62nd birthday! Happy Birthday Dear!

HPIM4195Happy Burfday Daddy!

HPIM4197Happy Burfday Daddy!

Feeling good.

I didn’t put on sweat pants and a soft T-shirt today. I actually dressed in my overalls. I felt and looked more like a human.

The Curmudgeon has still not reached ‘human level’ as yet. He’s still hacking and moaning. Maybe next week.

I know on Monday I’ll have to go to grocery shopping. Our basic supplies are almost depleted after two weeks of us being sick.

It will be nice to get out of the house for a while. I’ve been going stir crazy. I think I’ll talk G into letting me take her out for her birthday lunch early. It’s a couple of weeks until her birthday gets here. We always enjoy going out to lunch.

Gina2My dear friend G




On January first in 2007, my Mother died. I didn’t find out until it was too late to get to her funeral 2,000 miles away.

If your mother is still with you today, give her a hug.

Mom in 1950


Peg's baptism with Mom and Dad 1954



Happy New Year everyone!

We wish you joy.

We wish you health.

We wish you prosperity.

And we wish you Love.

From all of us at Casa Doggonedmysteries!

Momma is still sick and now so is Dad

HPIM4285We be taking over!

Next: World domination!