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No, that’s not dirt on my feet, it’s bruises.

     I swear I have targets painted on my feet lately.  Not a day goes by without Gavin or Patty tramping on them.

     Yesterday Gavin jumped up the couch to sit with me and somehow landed on my foot, twisting three toes almost to the breaking point.  OUCH!  An hour later Patty stomped on the top of the same foot.

     You would think that was the end of it, right?  You would be wrong.  Gavin got me three more times on the same foot.  Patty got me twice more on the other one!  I think they aim for my feet.  I can almost hear them keeping score.

     Yet, I still wear my flip-flops because I can’t stand wearing shoes for more than a couple of hours.

     You all have a good one.

English: Grown male right foot (angle 1)

English: Grown male right foot (angle 1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


       How do you decompress?

   I do wish I could find more than an hour or two to get some writing in.  It seems that any longer than that and The Curmudgeon develops a problem he needs me to attend to immediately.

     After The Curmudgeon goes to bed, my brain is fried with the stress of the day and concentration is difficult to come by.  Therefore, I try to settle my brain down by reading.  Again, concentration is difficult but I am getting better at it.

     I’ve had days where writing is impossible.  I hate those days.  Usually, those days are ‘a bad day for the curmudgeon’ topped with two dogs starving for attention.  If he’s down, I have to do it all with no break for a breath all day.

     I do believe I need to find some way, some time to decompress, relax, get my head on straight so I can work on my books.  Even if it just going to lunch with friends, it still is a form of decompression.

     I am working on doing yoga and meditation again, if I can find a minute to myself, that is.

     Today I went out to lunch with friends, it felt so good!

     You all have a good one!

Early decompression (recompression) chamber in...

Early decompression (recompression) chamber in the park at Broome, Western Australia. The chamber was used to treat decompression sickness in Japanese pearl divers who were, generally, of small build. The chamber is now located indoors in the Broome Historical Society Museum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sigh, Another postal day…

Grumman LLV photographed in USA.

Grumman LLV photographed in USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Today I got one of my packages.  The mail gal threw it down on my porch from the porch next door, slammed her fist on my door, and ran to her next stop.  Lucky for her she didn’t break the piece of porcelain in the package.

     Back I went to the USPS Inspector General’s page to file another complaint.  She did NOT deliver package number one, this was package number two and now there is missing package number three that should have been here today too.

     My next door neighbor is also filing a complaint because she’s also missing a package that tracked to delivery two days ago.  She didn’t even get a ‘we couldn’t deliver your package’ notice.

     I think I’m going to go door to door here and see how many others are missing deliveries and will encourage them to file complaints too.  At this rate, I don’t see this young gal holding on to her job for long.

     You all have a good one.

Privatize the USPS!

     I miss my old mail carrier, who recently transferred to another route.

     I am so ticked off at our new carrier.  She lied both to the USPS and to me.  She never attempted to deliver any packages to our home we had two I’d tracked and both were not delivered, nor even attempted to be delivered.  How do I know this?  I sat outside and watched her.

     She never lifted a single package from her truck for anyone on this street or the next.  I did however see her deliver numerous notices of  “we couldn’t deliver your package” and when she handed me one I called her on it.  She got very rude with me.

     I then reported her rude attitude and non-delivering of packages to the Inspector General and the Post Master General.

     I hate liars and will not tolerate being lied to or being lied about.  As far as I’m concerned they can privatize the USPS if it means my mail and packages get delivered to me.

     Rant over.  You all have a good one!

English: United States Postal Service Office o...

English: United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General (graphic), originally a header from the official website. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve said this before…

     You can keep the Southern heat and humidity down South if you please.  I prefer the low humidity and cooler temperatures we should have here.  If I wanted this weather, I’d move South…you don’t see me packing do you?

     The heat is The Curmudgeon’s enemy.  He doesn’t function at all in it.  Even his ice vest wouldn’t have helped yesterday.  I am glad we have the AC for his sake.

     Even the pups are spoiled. When it gets hot here, they want to splay out in front of the AC and only go out when they NEED to go. 

     You all have a good one and keep cool!

Tropical forests and high-altitude regions oft...

Tropical forests and high-altitude regions often have high humidity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Decisions, decisions…The Curmudgeon must decide.

     Spent our afternoon sitting in the neurologist’s office.  It looks as though they are finally going to change The Curmudgeon from Avonex to something else.  The Avonex has prevented any further damage but his body’s reaction to it is getting worse as time goes on.

     He will give himself his injection on a Monday night.  Then for the next four days he’s in rotten shape, having trouble walking, and in general his quality of life sucks big time.  This wasn’t working for us.

     He has three choices, one of which is a pill taken twice a day.  “Tecfidera™ is an oral therapy contained in capsules taken two times per
day. Tecfidera, formerly known as BG-12, is dimethyl fumarate, a
formulation that was developed specifically for use by people with
multiple sclerosis.”  He is hoping this is what he gets.  Only problem is, the main side effect which lasts for about six months is the runs.  Oh, fun…NOT.  However, if it eventually improves his quality of life he’s willing to suffer through it.

     Another choice is Tysabri it is given once every four weeks by intravenous infusion.  And the third choice, one I doubt he’ll ever use, is Copaxone, it has a higher chance of side effects, is injected every day, and daily injections are something he refuses to do.  Hell, he hates a once a week injection.

     You all have a good one.

English: Copaxone Injection Site Reaction - Up...

English: Copaxone Injection Site Reaction – Upper Left Arm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


     Help!  My dust bunnies killed my cleaning fairy.  Oh, darn.  


Dust bunnies

Dust bunnies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Mine are bigger than this and they have nasty sharp teeth and flashing eyes!  Guess I have to get off my bum and get cleaning. 




Drawing a blank

     I stare at the page, it stares back at me, the blinking cursor laughs at the emptiness of my thoughts.

     “You dastard,”  I grumble.  I shake my fist at the computer screen. 

     Nothing comes, I bang my head on the keyboard.  It doesn’t help it only gives me a headache.

     I go back and reread the last page I wrote.  Still nothing.

     I take the dogs outside.

     The page is still blank.

     I leave the desk and go cook dinner, feed the dogs, and take them out, we eat our dinner.

     Meanwhile, back at the desk, the cursor continues to blink and laugh at me.

     I go to Facebook and see if anything stimulates my writing.  Nothing.  I realize I spend far too much time there and shut it down.  I decide that I need to cut back and will set a timer every time I go in there.

     Still didn’t get the page written.  I did write my blog post, and get all my e-mails done… There’s always tomorrow.

facebook engancha

facebook engancha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is it no one ever wants to buy what I have to sell?

     Quite a while ago, I won a lovely folk guitar. Was I ever surprised when it arrived, case and all, because I didn’t remember entering the contest.

     Unfortunately, the guitar is way too big for me to play and has sat in its case since the day it arrived except for a quick trip to a local guitar shop to find out if it was worth anything.

     After replacing a broken string, the owner played it. He says it has great tone and is worth about $275.00 by itself, with the nylon case he says it should go for about $300.00. Now all I need is to find someone who wants to buy it and will get many years of pleasure from it.

     I guess if I can’t find an interested party, it’s off to the local guitar shop to see what they’ll give me for it.  😉

     You all have a good one!

Not a dog for everyone

     My doctor has his own emergency clinics.  This is a good thing because they take you as a walk in any time during the day and up until eleven at night at the one we tend to go to when we need urgent care.  When I show up there, they will ask us what the dogs did this time…

     As Bull Terrier owners the need for urgent care comes up often.   You never know when one will knock you over and cause you a sprained something or other.  When they wham you with their cement block heads a broken nose, a black eye, or even a concussion is not out of the realm of possibility.

     My dogs have managed to sprain my ankles, wrists, and shoulders.  I have skinned knees, fallen ass over tin cups, and I am covered with bruises from them on a daily basis.

     These dogs are not for the faint of heart.  They are definitely not for everyone.  Don’t let their looks and company manners fool you, they are an army of Ninjas out to wreak havoc on humans.


My circus dogs.


If you take a lovely day and mix it with two bored dogs, their bored momma, add a hula hoop, and a bag of treats, what do you get?


Circus dogs!!!





No energy = picture post.

     I am so tired that instead of writing a post I am going to do another picture post.  Then I am going to bed.

HPIM3091 HPIM3082 HPIM3083 HPIM3084 HPIM3085 HPIM3086 HPIM3087 HPIM3088 HPIM3089 HPIM3090