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It’s sometimes hard to believe that the white dog is a few days shy of 12 years of age.


HPIM3306Okay big brudder, you started it!

HPIM3302I gonna get your foot!

HPIM3301Hehehe, can you tell he loves playing with her?

HPIM3303This happens morning and night.

HPIM3305Entertainment at its best,


     So glad I had an already cooked 1/2 a chicken in the freezer last night.   I was so not ready to stand and cook for any length of time.  My back is out again.

     I have no idea what I did.  My back was sore for several days.  However,  when I woke yesterday it had gone to downright painful.  This keeps up and my doctor will have a visit from me before my already scheduled November appointment.

     Of course I’ve learned to never say anything about being in pain or feeling sick to The Curmudgeon because then I am subjected to how much worse off he is.  (I only say, “call 911” when I have a heart attack.)  If I am sick or sore I suck it up or take myself to the doctor. 

The ankylosis, made by Senseiwa, with an image...

The ankylosis, made by Senseiwa, with an image of the spine from Gray’s Anatomy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not sure what day of the Tecfidera we’re on…

     Whatever day it is, I have seen much improvement over how The Curmudgeon was on the Avonex.  He’s had the minimum of side effects, just some mild flushing.

     I think the biggest thing for him now is to regain some muscle strength.  Therefore, I won’t help him with the dogs in the morning if I get up early.  He needs to walk around and get his muscles working.

     I notice he’s using his walker less and is back to using his cane more.  😀

     You all have a good one!


Wish I had more T or T’ers shots


HPIM3291Loved the light up green eyes and mouth!

HPIM3292I don’t think this little guy was too enamored of the mask though.

HPIM3286Try as I might I couldn’t get a shot of the spider leaping from the books.

HPIM3299Skully Gavin and Batty Patty!

You all have a good one!


HPIM3290Loveliest group of T or Ters we had.

HPIM3298G made minions. 

HPIM3297She said, “They are a pain in the butt to make!”

HPIM3295You all have a good one!

We think we should auction Mr. Needleman to pay for next year’s prop.

Okay, another Trick or Treat night has come and gone…





Cya Saturday!

     So, tomorrow night I may not get a chance to post.  (Yes, I do my posts at night…in the wee hours of the morning)  I will be very busy hosting a party and handing out treats to Trick or Treaters.  

     Guaranteed, I’ll be exhausted by the time I get a chance to sit down and post.   Therefore, I will be doing my next post sometime on Saturday.

     In the meantime, you all have a good one! 

     The pictures below are why I do this…

102_1665 102_1652 102_1681b 102_1674 102_1657 102_1649 102_1648 102_1647 102_1688


Silly pup post.

HPIM3261OOOOOOOOOO, what you gotz?

HPIM3262Iz dat cheese?

HPIM3263Did someonez sez cheese?

Have you had your chimney cleaned yet?

     Well, we hadn’t had ours done yet this year.  The chimney cleaners came today.  Good thing they did.  Our chimney was blocked.  Not dirty, completely blocked.

     This explains why we were smelling oil fumes every time the furnace kicked on.  Explains my headaches of late too.   Possibly explains my problems with thinking too.

     According to the guy who cleaned the chimney, we are  lucky to be alive.  Probably because I always have my bedroom window open and keep the front door open all day until it gets too cold to do so.

     When was the last time you had your chimney cleaned?  Remember the life you save may be your own.

     You all have a good one.

name that tune (10096)

Getting chilly around here…

thinking_of_you_voodoo_doll_zip_hoodie     I had to put on my hoodie  last night when I took the dogs outside.  I love my hoodie, the picture above is on it.

     The pups are loving the cool weather, it has them energized.  They are acting like youngsters.  😀

     Not sure if it is the cooler weather or the Tecfidera that has The Curmudgeon more chipper.  Whatever it is, I approve.

     You all have a good one!

Building Mr. Needleman our Voodoo doll

HPIM3251We worked for over three hours to get him together.

HPIM3255We stuffed, and stuffed, and sewed, and stuffed…


HPIM3253And stuffed

HPIM3254And stuffed

HPIM3257And sewed….About here he ate our upholstery needle and earned his name…Mr. Needleman.  I had to finish sewing him with a much smaller needle.


HPIM3258He IS big isn’t he?

HPIM3259Thursday it’s last minute details…like our large pins, a heart, stitches on hands and feet, and some minor regluing of yarn on eyes.


You all have a good one. 

I wonder if I should auction him off or unstuff and store him for next year…

The pups at play.

HPIM3246I am a vicious white doggie who will beat you up.

I not ascared of you, white whale.

HPIM3245I am brown pup and I chew on your head, what you gonna do about it big brudder?

HPIM3244I will open my mouf wider.

HPIM3243I will do my demon dog and kick your butt big brudder.

HPIM3242I will duck!

I get you elbow!

HPIM3241I get you face!

HPIM3247Hey Brudder, I can open my mouf bigger than you can.

No dogs were harmed in the making of this blog post. 

You all have a good one!