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Free HBO

Means I can watch Bill Maher rip apart the orange troll with finesse.

I wish he was on regular TV so people would learn to think.

Today’s Tee shirt

So I spent the night watching a marathon…

A TV marathon of Dead Like Me. I can’t resist a show with Mandy Patinkin in it and that show is good fun.

I found it on Comet Network… I have no idea from where Comet Network arrived on our roster of network favorites, but there it sits.

Hope you all find a treat of some sort to make your day. I know this made mine.

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Addicted to HGTV

Yes, I watch all the home improvement shows, the property buyers shows, and the yard and garden shows.

The Curmudgeon hates them.

I watch them when he’s in bed.

I also watch the Food Network shows.

Those shows The Curmudgeon will watch if I have it on when he comes down.

What do you watch?

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Well played HBO

Sure, here we go again. Run a free HBO week or so and make sure you add a marathon of Game of Thrones. Thereby, hooking us all over again and making us suffer through waiting another year to see the next season, since we can’t afford the extra $$ for HBO.


bird is flipped

Shark week and shark fest

Okay, someone explain to me my need to watch these shows.

I keep flipping between the channels.

Sharks have always given me the creeps and that’s why I don’t understand why I am watching these shows!

Okay, yeah, those are wolves on the screen, but if I took a picture now it’d be sharks up there.


My Tuesday night TV addictions

On Tuesday nights, I record IZombie, watch America has Talent, and I can do that, and record a new show, Stitchers.

Our DVR is often busy with night time series recordings because The Curmudgeon goes to bed so early I tend to record a few shows I think he might enjoy.

Those shows we watch around dinner time the next night.

Therefore, Wednesday night is when I’ll watch IZombie and Stitchers with The Curmudgeon. Good thing too since Wednesday night TV sucks.


I’m addicted to Halloween Wars.

I admit it, I have even set the DVR to switch over to the show so I don’t miss it. (No, I don’t go so far as to record it.)

I love seeing the creations made of pumpkin carvings, sugar work, cake, and modeling chocolate.

My jealousy of how clever the pumpkin carvers are knows no bounds. 😀


1st of the new Dr. Who

Did the ten-minute preshow yammering before they started the season’s first Dr. Who episode drive anyone else crazy? I’m not a rabid Whovian fan but really? You need to spend ten minutes talking like idiots about a TV show before the show begins? Then have to rehash it two hours later?

It’s an effing TV show, people. I did enjoy it and yes, this Dr. looks to be darker than the last Dr. Who.

I swear it’s like news analysts talking about a political speech for an hour afterwards. Duh, I heard the speech I don’t need to hear them pick it apart and throw in their opinions.

The same goes for the idiots who analyze a sports event afterwards. Are these people really necessary?

Why do the networks think this crap is what people want to see or listen to?

And don’t get me started on 99% of the reality shows.

HPIM4053Howling wolves are more entertaining.


New season of Dr. Who

Love it.  BBC is running a Dr. Who marathon before the new season begins on Saturday. I’ve been watching it since dinner time.

It should be interesting to see how the new Dr. Who is characterized in this season. From the preview flashes he’s older and sounds like he could be a harsher personality.

Could this be the darkest season yet?

What do you think?


Nope, I don’t like it.

I honestly tried to give the show Dominion a chance. I just cannot get into it. The violence is gratuitous and unnecessary to the story line.  But wait, there is no real story line other than gratuitous violence.

This is not a good versus evil conflict it is an evil versus worse evil crap shoot.

No, I have watched my last episode.



New season of Face Off has begun

I am very happy to have something to watch that keeps my attention. I always envied make up artists their talents. I have no talent in that area of art what-so-ever. I never could sculpt anything that looked like more than a lump of clay.

It looks as though we’re in for an enjoyable season again.

Loving Jim Hensons creature shop challenge

My new favorite TV show! I think from the beginning I’ve been cheering Melissa on. She is such a cutie and her work is marvelous. I am so glad she’s in the final four.

I’m hoping to learn a few things while watching the show that will translate into better props for our Halloween displays.

You all have a good one! And check out the show…

Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge