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Escape from snowbound street imminent

Another day or so and we might be able to get out of here.

However, getting my van out of the drive may not happen for a week or so.

Good thing G has a 4 wheel drive vehicle so we have a way.

A trip to the grocery store, farmers market, and Target are on for tomorrow.



RIP Valerie Malmont

Valerie Malmont died yesterday. She befriended me at the very first Pennwriters Conference I attended. When she did book signings anywhere near me, I made sure to stop in and see her. If I didn’t have the book she had out that day, I’d buy it and she’d sign it for me.

I have all her books. You can find them here:

I love you Valerie and I will miss you dear friend. I am very sad today. The world is dimmer since this lovely bright light went out.

102_0767Valerie made a lovely Princess Ozma at the costume ball Pennwriters 2008

That’s me next to her dressed as one of my favorite books “The Last Camel Died At Noon”

102_0765There’s the camel made by my friend Elena


Whew, going to be stinking hot here today. Good thing we already have the AC running. I don’t know what we’d do without the AC. The Curmudgeon wouldn’t be able to move at all without it. Told him if he goes outside he’d better wear his ice vest.

Why do people who are calling for charity donations get pissed off when I tell them we are on a do not call list? I’m not going to give to them anyway when they call me at 10:00 p.m. and are rude to me.

Lucy likes to watch Swamp People. Silly dog. “Choot ’em Lizabeth!”



Malcolm’s Mayhem, life with a Bull Terrier


     It’s time to re-blog this:

     A friend once asked me, “Why in the world would anyone have a Bull Terrier?”  This she’d inquired while observing me take evasive action to protect myself from doggy damage.  Her face showed she could tell this was a common occurrence and that she found it a tad unnerving. 

     My Bull Terrier, Malcolm, took another shot at disaster before I answered.  He held a large bone, poised in his mouth like a baseball bat, and barely missed taking out my shin.  I unconsciously stepped out-of-the-way of sixty-five pounds of armed, muscled freight train on a ‘bully run’.

     “Hey, Bull Terriers may be a bit bizarre, but we’re kindred spirits.”

     She emphatically nodded in agreement.  “Yes, you’re two of a kind.”

     “Besides, life would be dull without Malcolm’s antics and wit,” I added.

     She shook her head.  “I couldn’t do it.”

     I could tell she thought it was only a matter of time before the men in the white coats came to take me away, and that she was glad to be standing outside of my fenced yard. 

     I felt it was important to show her that Malcolm wasn’t so bad, so I called him  to me.  Of course, he decided at that moment to go selectively deaf.  About the third call, he raced over and sat at my side looking angelic. 

     Malcolm is obedience trained, and I began to put him through his paces off lead.

     “Heel.”  He did a perfect job.  “Stand.”  Again, he was flawless.  I even added some of his tricks to the demonstration. 

     “Now, give me your paw,” I told him.

     He sat and held his paw up for me to shake.

     “Bang.”  He dropped to the ground, rolled over on his back, and played dead.  “Sit.  Stay.”  He jumped to his feet, then sat and remained motionless.

     My friend watched with great interest and surprise, exclaiming, “But only a minute ago he was crazy.” 

     I told her, “no, just being silly and blowing off steam.” 

     After a short down, I released him and he went tearing around the yard again.  My friend felt less sure of my ‘insanity’ until I had to sidestep a four-foot long stick Malcolm had found in the hedge.  Then I tripped over the tennis ball he’d strategically placed behind me and landed neatly on my backside.

     “Booby-trapped,” I muttered.

     “I’ll visit you in the hospital.”

     She never was a dog person.

Silly boy Malcolm

Holy Crap! Another year just whizzed past.

For my birthday I asked for…George Clooney

Didn’t get it.  So I asked for…


Didn’t get that either…next, I asked for…

Jack Sparrow

Yep, you’re right, I didn’t get that either.  Sigh.

Heck, I didn’t even get…

birthday cake

I did get


I love this.

You all have a good day!


Snow break…

Die winter

     More freaking snow, a lot of it.  Momma is not happy and when…well, you know how that goes.

     Neither pup is pleased with this weather.  Cold, snowy, windy, yeah they are not happy about it.  I never saw two dogs go out, pee, and come back inside faster than what they’ve been doing.  🙂

     I cannot stress enough how blessed we are with the woman who clears our walk and driveway.  I know I am not able to do all that shoveling these days.

     It used to be that we shoveled all our neighbor’s walks.  The Curmudgeon would run the snow blower clear down the street on both sides while I shoveled porches and steps. 

Another cute flashdrive? Gimme!

     I’m addicted to cute flash drives.  There, I said it.  I have quite a collection of them and use them all the time.  I’ve backed up the back ups of my backed up back ups.

     Why?  Well, I lost an entire book once because I’d neglected to back up my files.  I swore then it’ll never happen to me again.

     I cracked up The Curmudgeon at Staples when he caught me drooling over the racks of novelty flash drives.  I saw a dozen or so more I’d add to my collection.  I’d kill for a bull terrier one.  LOL!

     You all have a good one!  And don’t forget to back up those files!  😀

A USB flash drive in the shape of a piece of i...

A USB flash drive in the shape of a piece of ikura (salmon roe) sushi. Photo taken by Tokugawapants using Konica-Minolta Maxxum 5d with Minolta AF 100mm Macro lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Muse, please return to me.

     So when my muse decides to come out of hiding, I think I’ll be ready for her.  I have a Muse trap set up and a Muse cage to keep her in unless she agrees to stay on her own.  All I need now is some Muse bait.  What does one use for Muse bait?

     Should I put up lost signs?  Advertise in the lost and found ads?  Offer a reward?

     I believe my muse is in hiding.  Makes me wonder what I did.  If you see my Muse please send her back.

     You all have a good one!

Happy 4th birthday for my blog.

  I just realized as I opened the page to write a post for tonight that this is the fourth year I’ve had this blog.  My goodness, I never thought it would go this long.  I think this is cause for a celebration!

You all have a good one!

When characters fight back


      She’s insisting she will not become romantically involved with her coworker.  Every time I try to write a bit of a love scene, she stalks off and won’t talk to me. 

    The sexual tension is there and she refuses to play with it.  I’ve tried bribery (If you play along I’ll write you a fabulous chase scene), coaxing (Oh, come on you know you like him), and threats (If you don’t let me write the scene I’ll wound or kill you in the next scene).  No good.  She won’t be moved. 

     I have a feeling she intends to hold herself aloof for her debut and then maybe she’ll loosen up in the second book.

     At least she’s talking to me and that’s a start.  My other characters have gone into hiding.

It’s only 88 days from now


     A peek at an idea for you…

     Brad surveyed the ancient Victorian home with a jaundiced eye.  “If I hear one moan, one groan, or one chain rattle, I’m out of here.”

     “Aw, come on.  It’ll be fun.”  I tugged on his sleeve leading him up the steps.

     “Fun for you, maybe.”

     “Yeah, I always enjoy hearing a big strong man scream like a little girl.”

     “Keep it up and I won’t go in there.”  He gave me a look that would curdle milk.

     “We’re getting paid.  Other people have to PAY to go to this house.”

     “Remind me, why are they paying us?”

     “The say their ghosts are angry about something and they want us to find out what it is before they open the house to the public for Halloween.”

     “Yeah, that’s the part I don’t get.  We’re private detectives not freaking ghost busters.”

I have hit a milestone


     This is my 1000th post!  When I began this blog, I never thought I’d keep posting daily for a long as I have.  I’ve only missed posting on days I was too sick to get out of bed or when I was away at my writer’s conference.

     I never thought I’d have return readers or, much less, a small following, but I do.  To you my dear readers I say thank you for without you I wouldn’t have made it to this milestone.

     You encourage me to keep writing even when I feel crappy.  Writing on this blog has become a way to keep my hand in while my brain is out of gear on my mysteries. 

     I hope when we sell the house and things are back to a semblance of normal around here I will have no more problems with my books and can finish them in short order.

     I promise you, if you hang in here with me during this rocky time, I will get them done.