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Look to Tuesday

Many of us have elections on Tuesday.

I hope people with sense will make sure they get out and get to the polls. Don’t sit back and let your vote go to waste.

If you are not happy with this insanely crooked administration then get out there and vote. Tell everyone you know to get out and vote.

Let’s do everything in our power to oust these crooked politicians and get back to a sane and responsible government, for the people, by the people.

I am always proud to wear this sticker.


What is taking so long?!

#45 is still in office and has once again gone off the deep end. Of course that’s a daily thing for him.

The fact that he is not helping Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands is beyond disgraceful. The fact the Hillary had to push him into sending the hospital ship is proof that he is, most definitely, the wrong person in the office.

The longer he remains in office the more damage he does to this country.

Come on Mueller hurry up and get him out of there!

I shih tzu not

We have that Orange guy sitting in the White House who tweets about bullshit and ignores the plight of our people in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Island.

His Russian connections and insane expenditures on himself should be enough to enrage the average American.

However, when he denigrates Athletes for a calm and quiet protest over excessive police violence and racial inequality repeatedly on social media to direct attention away from the fact that he is being investigated for treasonous acts…(I get so angry) the sooner that man is impeached and jailed, the better.

Once he and all his cronies are impeached and jailed for treasonous acts we can work on healing America from his (cough cough) greatness.

Once we clean out the roach motels otherwise known as congress and the senate and put decent well-meaning people in office that are of the people by the people and for the people then maybe the healing of our country can begin.

We are not this country these sleazeballs make us out to be. We are far better than that.

Stand tall or take a knee just remember this is our country and we need to clean it up and get back to the business of moving forward into a bright future not dragging us back to a dark past.

Today’s Tee



Sorry Texas…

Sadly, the federal government is preparing to cut money that would help the people of Texas in rebuilding their lives.

Instead, the idiot in chief and his cronies will be stripping FEMA of funds along with wherever else they can pillage to build that stupid wall and give billionaires more tax breaks.

I think it’s time to get a passport update and get out of here.


It’s way past time…

It’s way past time for the good old boy society to step down from government and hang their heads in shame.

Since the election of the #orangeidiot  we’ve seen women’s rights stripped away one by one.

The systematic destruction of our clean air, water, and wildlife protections.

The rise of racism supported by the #whitehouserat.

Science has been set aside in favor of zealous religious bigotry and pandering.

Wild spending of the American citizens’ taxes on golfing, vacationing, and lining the pockets of the extremely wealthy.

Programs designed to aid the American people to their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness have been pillaged and looted.

I, for one, am beyond ready to see this administration leave in handcuffs.


It’s not reality TV it is propaganda TV

So now the idiot in the White House has started his own TV network. Shades of dictatorships. He’s taken another page from his honey man Putin’s playbook.

Please, can we end this already?

sip coffee and pet my dog

What happened to transparency in our government?

Openness, accountability, and honesty define government transparency. In a free society, transparency is government’s obligation to share information with citizens. It is at the heart of how citizens hold their public officials accountable.Jun 5, 2016Government transparency – Ballotpedia
In other words, we no longer live in a free society.



May I call you Donny? Actually I don’t care if I have your permission or not. Personally, I’d rather call you Mr. Moron.

Theme weeks??!!! Oh give me a break!

This is NOT another reality show. This is real life.

You are the epitome of a complete ass. You have gone too far you selfish, crass, gutless, misogynistic, greedy, traitor to the American people.

Why don’t you put your red nose on, climb into your clown car, and get out of this country.


So, NPR set the Trumplets off

Hysterically funny.

NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence and proved we have way too many ignorant people out there in this world.

The Trumplets thought it was an anti-Trump campaign. Duh, people, have you not read our nation’s most precious document?

Well, I guess if the shoe fits….


Oh, cuffing and dragging out handicapped protestors–really not a good photo op

Never have the people of this country been so betrayed by our Government as we are now.

Republican Gentlemen, (and I use the term loosely)

You have stepped over the line. Your misogyny, greed, lack of moral fiber, bigotry, selfishness, heartless cruelty, ignorance and stupidity has gone too far.

Your “let them eat cake” attitudes will bring you down.

Arresting and dragging out handicapped protestors–not a good photo op. Tsk tsk.

You see, you have angered the people you work for–yes, you work for us and you seem to have forgotten that.

You may want to be corporate toadies but you can’t have it both ways.

Go put your resumes in with the corporations because WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with you and you are going to get your walking papers very soon.

Once the minions of your idiocy finally remove the blindfolds and see how screwed they are by you, well, I’m betting they will be even more pissed off than all of us sane people are. And you know what happens when the crazies get stirred up.


It used to be one could actually relax

Relaxing these days is next to impossible as more and more reports come in about #45 and his family’s complete lack of morals and honesty.

“Trump’s charity foundation funneled $100,000 in donations meant for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to the Trump Organization by using his son Eric’s charity as a cover.”

Then you have the CEO of the Mylan company.

“Nothing embodies the callous cruelty of the price-gouger than Robert Coury, the chairman of the Mylan company which owns the rights to the ubiquitous Epi-Pen. Even though EpiPens only contain about $1 of the drug epinephrine, Mylan has ratcheted up prices to $609 a box. Mylan has been called out countless times and hasn’t changed, even as revenue has skyrocketed, hitting $11 billion last year.” N.Y. Times reports.

My opinion?

New rule:

When a corporation pulls this sort of blatant act of pure greed that is harmful to the public, their rights to a patent should be pulled. The patented item should then be allowed to be produced by any drug company that wishes to produce it at a fair market price.

fear my wrath

Open letter to that idiot in the White House.

The state of this nation is not a game of points #45.

Real lives are at stake, not game pieces.

Ripping down legislation because ‘the black man’ (My apologies to past President Obama for such a poor statement) favored it, encouraged it, supported it, does NOT gain you points. It only proves what a bigoted, crass, and little, little man you are.

Your treatment of women can only stem from your hatred of your mother. We are not her.

Every time you strip away one of our protections you damage not only us, but yourself.

You blacken your name in the annals of history. You shame our country.

You will be known as one of the worst excuses of a “leader” in the history of mankind.

an effective leader is a person who does the following: Creates an inspiring vision of the future. Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision.

You have NO Leadership qualities what-so-ever.

You are a joke.

A dismal, pathetic, joke.