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Announcing…herself’s new name!

Someone has The Curmudgeon wrapped around her little paws.













They played a bit today, wish I had more hands ….

     I didn’t have enough hands to get pictures when Gavin and Gemmie played for a few minutes today. Mainly because we were keeping it very controlled. We don’t want anyone to get hurt.

     Gemmie was on a leash and I was doing bribery control with Gavin. They were both way too excited. *Giggle* I never saw two tails go wagging in circles as fast as those two did. We are keeping these introductions to minimum contact and minimum time. We are taking no chances with these two.

     As it is they hang outside each others crate and snooze or play bow. They are getting used to each other.



HPIM3815She’s so tiny she fits on one cushion!

Day 4 Gemmie

     Today has been a day of cuddles and hucklebutts. Gemmie made the time to snuggle with both of us. The Curmudgeon all day and me after he went to bed.  She’s a cutie.

     She lounged on her back in The Curmudgeon’s arms from 5 to 6. Then it was Gavin’s turn to be out and about for attention. He loved up on us for about a half an hour and was ready to go to bed.

     Gemmie got to come back out and snuggle with The Curmudgeon until he went to bed. Then she cuddled with me, falling asleep upside down with her head and shoulders on my lap.

     We had five, count them, five hucklebutts out of her today. She’s a riot when she takes off like a mini rocket.






Sometimes they are born to it

     So it seems that Gemmie has decided to take care of The Curmudgeon. She always has one eye on him and if he is distressed, she lets me know. She seems a natural.

     Gavin is perfectly happy to let her too. He’s my baby and barely gives The Curmudgeon the time of day unless he happens to have food. Then The Curmudgeon is GOD, because he’s a soft touch.

     I’ve put the bench out under the tulip poplar so The Curmudgeon can sit down when he takes the dogs out. We sure do miss his cart. He could run them and tire them out. I wish we could afford to get him another one but they are so expensive and we’ve two loans to pay on. Maybe once we pay off the loans, we can get him another mobility cart.

Jay and PattyOne of my favorite pictures of The Curmudgeon with his Miss Patty.

Gemma day 2

The Curmudgeon didn’t have a good day. All the excitement from yesterday set his MS off making him collapse at the bottom of the stairs. We had to call Carlos over from next door first thing this morning to help me get The Curmudgeon into his chair. Once he had breakfast and settled down for a while, he was OK though a bit shaky on his pins.

I took the pups out and got them fed. Both of them were very good. Once The Curmudgeon was up to it, he and his new girl had a good time.

HPIM3790You need kisses on your ear.

HPIM3791On your hair too.

HPIM3792Yum, that’s tasty hair gel.

HPIM3793I went out, you can give me my cookie.

HPIM3794The new Mommy person said I could have this fish. It squeaks!

HPIM3795It made me giggle and hucklebutt.

HPIM3796I like the ropy toy too!

HPIM3801Daddy had a nap and shower and felt a lot better so I jumped up on his lap.

HPIM3802This Daddy cracks me up.

HPIM3803Whoa! Is that our TV? Kewl!


 Belly tickles make me giggle.



HPIM3800You all have a good one!

Gemma is with us

I stood on the corner with Gavin watching for Bernie and Toni, so many people have missed that turn. They snuck up on us and came from the other direction! Gavin was very excited to meet Gemma. We had a fun evening and after Bernie and Toni left, Gemma wound down and was ready for some sleep. She’s in her crate snoring.


Gavin waiting for his new sister.


The Curmudgeon, “She’s tiny!”



What’s for dinner?


Om nomnomnom!


Checking out the new yard.


You mean all this is ours?


This is where we go in!


Loving the butt scratch.


Almost jumped into his lap!


Hey, do you need some help?


Show me how to do it and I’ll get you out of there!

We are head over heels in love with her.

You all have a good one!

Playing with Dad

I decided that my Daddy needed to play so I hunted for and found my green Holey Roller ball and kept teasing him with it.



Sometimes you just have to make the humans play.



I got him to smile!


You all have a good one!

They say my new sister gets here this afternoon.

This should be interesting.

Get plenty of rest little one, we’ll see you Saturday.

Tired Gemma

I’ve not been on this side of Bull Terrier Rescue.

Our two rescues, both brindle girls were our own foster failures.


I think she will fit in well.

Gavin is lonesome.

The Curmudgeon misses his cuddle girl.

Right now I am outnumbered by the males.

GemmabathHurry up Gem.

Our hearts are ready for you.

I’m gonna have a new what?

The Momma and the Daddy say I am going to have a new sister soon. Nope, not a human bean, another pup like me.

I’m all like, I don’t care, where’s the food? Why did you stop to take a picture? I want FOOD.


What do you mean it’s not dinner time yet? (Sigh) I’ll Wait.


Really?  Rice on my nose? How many times do you think I’ll fall for that one?


So, anyway this is my new sister Gemma.whoohooGemma

How embarrassing.


Malcolm’s Mayhem, life with a Bull Terrier


     It’s time to re-blog this:

     A friend once asked me, “Why in the world would anyone have a Bull Terrier?”  This she’d inquired while observing me take evasive action to protect myself from doggy damage.  Her face showed she could tell this was a common occurrence and that she found it a tad unnerving. 

     My Bull Terrier, Malcolm, took another shot at disaster before I answered.  He held a large bone, poised in his mouth like a baseball bat, and barely missed taking out my shin.  I unconsciously stepped out-of-the-way of sixty-five pounds of armed, muscled freight train on a ‘bully run’.

     “Hey, Bull Terriers may be a bit bizarre, but we’re kindred spirits.”

     She emphatically nodded in agreement.  “Yes, you’re two of a kind.”

     “Besides, life would be dull without Malcolm’s antics and wit,” I added.

     She shook her head.  “I couldn’t do it.”

     I could tell she thought it was only a matter of time before the men in the white coats came to take me away, and that she was glad to be standing outside of my fenced yard. 

     I felt it was important to show her that Malcolm wasn’t so bad, so I called him  to me.  Of course, he decided at that moment to go selectively deaf.  About the third call, he raced over and sat at my side looking angelic. 

     Malcolm is obedience trained, and I began to put him through his paces off lead.

     “Heel.”  He did a perfect job.  “Stand.”  Again, he was flawless.  I even added some of his tricks to the demonstration. 

     “Now, give me your paw,” I told him.

     He sat and held his paw up for me to shake.

     “Bang.”  He dropped to the ground, rolled over on his back, and played dead.  “Sit.  Stay.”  He jumped to his feet, then sat and remained motionless.

     My friend watched with great interest and surprise, exclaiming, “But only a minute ago he was crazy.” 

     I told her, “no, just being silly and blowing off steam.” 

     After a short down, I released him and he went tearing around the yard again.  My friend felt less sure of my ‘insanity’ until I had to sidestep a four-foot long stick Malcolm had found in the hedge.  Then I tripped over the tennis ball he’d strategically placed behind me and landed neatly on my backside.

     “Booby-trapped,” I muttered.

     “I’ll visit you in the hospital.”

     She never was a dog person.

Silly boy Malcolm

Another holy crap day

     I wish I could say I got a good night’s sleep but that isn’t true. Seems that Gavin decided to come down with a case of the severe squirts. We’ve since figured out it was The Curmudgeon’s addition of Patty’s NF food to Gavin’s meals that set Gavin’s tummy off into the terrible squirts.

     Instead, I stayed up most of the night again. After I finally went to bed and fell asleep, The Curmudgeon went downstairs to find that Gavin had a squirty problem in his crate. Poor pup. Therefore, I was elected to wash the poop covered dog while The Curmudgeon cleaned the crate.  I think I got off easy this time.

     With me still in my pajamas, the poop covered dog and I climbed into the shower. I washed and rinsed him three times. Afterwards I called the Vet’s office and made an appointment to take him in. We were going to need the big guns to settle his tummy.

     Gavin’s heart and lungs are in great shape, his teeth are not, nor are his claws. Yes, he actually let the vet open his mouth and look at his teeth.

     Good news, my new Crock Pot arrived yesterday. You all have a good one!