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You have got to be kidding me!

Another pharmacy run–wtf am I living there now? I’m beginning to think so either that or maybe they should pay me I’ve been there so much last week and this week.

So then the new Keurig coffee brewing system arrives and I celebrated. I brewed a lovely cup of coffee, did a happy dance, and was ready to live with the joy that was my new way of brewing coffee that was easier for The Curmudgeon.

Went to brew a second cup and it wouldn’t make me my coffee. Wasted several K-cups trying for another cup of what was pure ambrosia to no avail. Pissed off? Me? OH YEAH.

The expensive coffee brewing system I bought–commercial grade even–because I thought it would hold up to heavy use, is a piece of worthless metal and plastic. No coffee. No thank you.

I want coffee. I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with this shit. I called Keurig only to be told that they were fielding too many calls to talk to me and they would call me back.

Still waiting Keurig, call me. Seriously Keurig, I NEED MY COFFEE!!!!

I feel like the homely girl after a first fuck waiting for him to call the next day.

hippo coffee

Kermit face

WTand F

Oh, hell no!

If I had a place to run to and an income to provide for me, I’d be outta here.

My day was

WTand F

Internet connection went to crap

I’ll be lucky if I can get this to post tonight. My internet connection was crap all day and most of tonight.

I can’t even get my Kindle to connect to my WiFi. Thank goodness I got the one with the 3G connection.

With everything fading in and out I’ll just shoot this off to you all and say good night.

the last wordMaybe this will do the trick.

I think I’ll go fishing again

Oops, I forgot to take my camera to the farmers market again. It’s not like I have a smart phone like most people. I don’t. I don’t even own an old cell phone. I’ve always hated the connected 24/7 aspect of them.

If I am not at home, I am unreachable. I like it that way. One should be allowed one’s privacy and time to oneself. One should be aware of one’s surroundings at all times.

A person shouldn’t be nose first into the screen of a phone all the time. Put them down and walk away. Teach your children to do the same.

Take that time to look at each other, talk, learn to enjoy human company again. It’s not too late and may be the best thing you ever did.

You all have a good one.



Cell phone crazy

     I know I’ve said it before, but I hate cell phones.  I do not want to be connected to the entire world 24/7.  However, with The Curmudgeon’s health I am beginning to think I have to get one.  Looked at ZTE Awe N800 (Virgin Mobile)…Thoughts?

     I will use it so seldom that even paying monthly seems silly to me.  Although I am beginning to see it as a necessary evil.

     I find all the phone models and crazy expensive plans frustrating.  My last cell phone I used so seldom and forgot to buy more minutes for so long, they shut it down.

     The phone store clerks are no help at all since they are most likely on commission and want to sell me the most expensive phone and plan as possible.

     Honestly, if I could find a phone plan where I could get what I want for super cheap, I be doing cartwheels.  No, The Curmudgeon has a flip phone with the data shut off, does that answer your question?

     You all have a good one.  I think I need someone with me who knows the ropes…

English: New Mobile Cell Phone Technology

English: New Mobile Cell Phone Technology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back away from the trash can…

     While in the check out line at Bed Bath and Beyond, I glanced at a shelf in front of me and almost collapsed laughing.

     G asked me what was so funny and I pointed to the garbage can that had the sensor that automatically opened the can for you.

     “Could you picture that with my dogs?”

     She giggled at the thought.

     I about fell on the floor laughing.  Finally, I  gasped out, “OMG, they’d have the sensor worn out in less than a day and you’d find me sitting in a corner pulling my hair out while repeatedly mumbling ‘leave the trash can alone.'”

     You all have a good one!

English: Bed Bath & Beyond

English: Bed Bath & Beyond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Put the phone down and back away…

Texting on a qwerty keypad phone

     The age of information has become the age of rude behavior and apathy.  Noses angle down and eyes glued to small phone screens. 

     Texting has taken the place of human interaction.  Conversations have gone the way of the stagecoach.  People would rather take pictures of violence and be the first to post them than try to help the victims.

     If you don’t look at the world around you because your eyes focus on that little screen, you miss the world and all its wonders. 

     If it is important, they will call back or leave a message.  Your phone doesn’t NEED to be on all the time.  Get out, put the phone down, and enjoy this wonderful world.

     You all have a good one!

New printer…again

     Target had an all in one printer on sale cheap.  I bought one.  I am so tired of the battle with the old one since the change from one wireless box to another put the old printer into a complete snit.

     The new one is not wireless and is working very well.  I even managed to scan a couple of pictures and post them on my FB page.


     You all have a good one.

HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One Printer - J410a

He says he’ll program all the numbers in…

     Just when you think your bank account can have a bit of break, things start to fall apart.  I knew we needed to replace our house phones, but yesterday was the kicker when the downstairs one died during a five-minute conversation.

     I ordered a new phone.  A cordless with three handsets, two charging units, and one base unit.  This time, with the third handset, The Curmudgeon will have one in his man cave.

     You all have a good one!

Another cute flashdrive? Gimme!

     I’m addicted to cute flash drives.  There, I said it.  I have quite a collection of them and use them all the time.  I’ve backed up the back ups of my backed up back ups.

     Why?  Well, I lost an entire book once because I’d neglected to back up my files.  I swore then it’ll never happen to me again.

     I cracked up The Curmudgeon at Staples when he caught me drooling over the racks of novelty flash drives.  I saw a dozen or so more I’d add to my collection.  I’d kill for a bull terrier one.  LOL!

     You all have a good one!  And don’t forget to back up those files!  😀

A USB flash drive in the shape of a piece of i...

A USB flash drive in the shape of a piece of ikura (salmon roe) sushi. Photo taken by Tokugawapants using Konica-Minolta Maxxum 5d with Minolta AF 100mm Macro lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New monitor

     I finally got off my butt and went to buy the new monitor I needed.  The curmudgeon grumped at me as soon as I got downstairs yesterday.

     “Took me 40 tries to get that damned thing going today.”  (Speaking about how we have to turn the old monitor on and off many times before it works.)

     “Let me have some coffee and then we’ll go get the new one.”  I wandered into the kitchen in search of sustenance. 

     After an infusion of caffeine, I got him and his walker loaded into the car and off we went in search of a new monitor.

     We went to Staples where a sweet young man practically pounced on us as soon as we entered the door.  “May I help you find anything?”

     “Monitors.”  I replied.

     He led us to an area where they had several set up, none of which were any that I’d seen in their online store.

     “Um, you had a Viewsonic and a Gateway online that I was looking at.  I don’t see any Viewsonics here at all.”

     “Sorry, but the online store often has things we don’t have.”

     Now I was fixing to whine.  ‘But I want to see the product in person before I buy it.’  That is until I spotted a couple of real nice ones that were cheaper and bigger.

     “Show me these, and do you have a measuring tape?”

     “Um, what do you need a measuring tape for?”

     “I forgot mine and I want to see if these will fit in the desk opening.”

     Meanwhile the Curmudgeon was looking at some I knew were too large for the space.  After I found one that I liked both the size and price, The Curmudgeon pointed out a larger, cheaper one that had a lovely picture.

     “I think you should get this one.”

     “You serious?”

     He nodded.

     “Hey, kid.  Go get me one of these.”

     You all have a good one!

A Picture of an Staples, Inc. easy button

Help wanted: Shopping for a new computer monitor…

     Okay all you electronics wizards tell me now, which brand computer monitor would you buy and why?  LCD or LED?  It cannot be any wider than 20.5 inches and no higher than 19 inches.  That is the space into which it must fit.  Plus, I do not have boatloads of cash.

     I’ve been looking at two at Staples:  A Gateway FHX2152L and a Viewsonic VA2212M-LED.

     My Xerox LCD monitor is beginning to crap out.  It has worked liked a dream for years.  Now we have to turn it on and off twenty times before it will start-up.

     You all have a good one.