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HPIM4188Daddy, she was just kidding about making me into witch’s brew…wasn’t she?

HPIM4189Dis is just for photography purposes right?

HPIM4187Momma has to build her prop tomorrow. Right after she staples the background to a board so it doesn’t fly about.

Pictures can you guess what items are out year round?














The back drop is up

HPIM4184I ran out of get up and go and had to stop. It’s amazing how warm it was under that porch roof.

HPIM4183We found last year’s doggie costumes. I’m not sure how Lucy felt about that.

HPIM4175Gavin didn’t seem thrilled.

HPIM4179But dang they were so cute.

HPIM4176Really Ma? Pink bats?

It’s a race to the finish!

My kitchen table, stacked high with Halloween decorations for the porch, groans under the load. Two giant cauldrons are in the living room all filled with more stuff. Later, one will brim over with candy and glow in the dark bracelets.

A roll of chicken wire is on the back porch ready to become the giant-sized Audrey 2.

We are 1 day behind schedule so I will play catch up tomorrow and Wednesday after my appointment with my cardiologist.

I’ve reserved Thursday for cooking and final prepping the porch for Friday. The main decorations don’t go up until Friday, we had thefts in the early years and learned our lesson.

All day Friday, we’ll decorate and finish Audrey 2, hoping fervently we finish in time for trick or treating.

Tomorrow, the hanging of the landscaping fabric begins.


Fall dinner–home made ham and bean soup

Saturday, G and I went to the farmers market. I bought a very smoked ham hock. Sunday’s dinner was fresh ham and bean soup. Super smoky and delicious. I tend to use the simple recipe on the bag of navy beans. It never fails.



I am playing with dolls…

My sanity is slipping away.

“This is why we can’t have nice things. Not the dogs, not me, YOU, you are the reason.”

This I said after The Curmudgeon managed to ruin one of our fairly new rugs. No, not the smaller of the two either. Death rays poured from my eyes and I came so very, very close to losing it permanently.


6 days to go!

The foam and spray glue arrived. I can stuff the Audrey 2 hand puppet so it fits on my hand and arm. We begin the big build Sunday with the back drop going up first. Oh joy, I get to climb a ladder all afternoon.

The back drop worked so well last year that I am looking forward to using it for our design this year.




He’s up again. Silly old boy.

Gavin was shopping. All you could hear was him rattling around in the toy box. HPIM4152

When he finished, you could tell he’d been busy.

HPIM4153These two didn’t satisfy.

HPIM4154Nor did these two.

HPIM4155Ditto with these.

Next, Miss Lucy will tidy up by putting all of them into her bed. Wish she’d put them into the toy box, but at least she does pick up after herself and Gavin.

What’s gotten into him?

Gavin, my can’t-stay-awake-past-7 p.m. dog has suddenly become a night owl. It seems he is now in competition with Lucy as to who can stay up the latest.


It was so much easier when he slept and she got cuddles. Now they both want to be on my lap all the time.

LOL. And to top that off I think The Curmudgeon is getting jealous that they both want me.

HPIM1802Arrrr, da Mumma is mine!

HPIM3977Nope, she be mine!

Hehehe… Lucy doesn’t like to be repeated.

HPIM4149This is one of our new toys.

It repeats what you say or, in Lucy’s case, what you bark.

Lucy was not amused.

However, we were quite amused.

Guess what arrived yesterday?

HPIM4145But, but…I want to open it!

HPIM4147Whoo hoo In case we don’t get the big one made, we do have a little one!

HPIM4146Feed me, Seymour!

Yay for Trick or Treat night on Halloween for a change!

G’s new neighbors will be coming over Trick or Treat night and joining in on the fun.

I Invited our other new neighbors to come over for the after trick or treat dinner. They have been fairly warned that last year we had 300 Trick or Treaters show up. Their son is having his second birthday this coming weekend so we’ll add a little something special for him.

How do we top these?


The graveyard birthday cake

The graveyard birthday cake