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Added to my collection

Oh, yes I did!

I added to my Tee shirt collection!

I also added to The Curmudgeon’s

Jay's shirt2

And Lucy got a new blanket.

Lucy's new blanket

And they’re out of here

There’s a huge box of men’s coats, thermal vests, and lined hunting pants ready to go to people who need them to stay warm this winter.

Sometime today I hope to find someone who will pick them up.

It is amazing how much brighter my basement is with all of those coats down off the steel clothesline that held them for so long.

This is only the beginning. Little does The Curmudgeon know that there are so many more things that will exit this house over the winter. By spring we should be a lot lighter in clutter and stuff we no longer need or want.

I’m sorting through my clothes and getting bags ready to go to women’s shelters.

Now if only I can get the house cleaned….

meme from Two Women and a Hoe™

meme from Two Women and a Hoe™

If my words offend thee–look elsewhere.

     Okay, I will probably offend anyone in the nursing profession.  So if you like me, and you are or were in the nursing profession, don’t read today’s post.

     We were forced to have a ‘nurse’ visit us yesterday.  The Curmudgeon’s insurance company sent her.  First, she was to arrive between 2 and 3 that was fine with me that’s when I am at my best.  Then, she called asking if she could come earlier (between 12:30 and 1) because she had a couple of cancellations and we were her last appointment.  Translation: She wanted to get this done early so she could go goof off the rest of the day.

     Upon her early arrival before noon, she came in asking for his medication list, blasted questions at him so fast he missed them and I made her repeat the questions.  She didn’t like that.  Tough.

     I then at one point asked her exactly how many MS patients she’d  seen in her short life.  (Yes, she was very young…and dumb.)  She hadn’t seen more than one or two.  Did she know that MS was different in almost every patient?  What did she know about the medications he is on for his MS? 

     She wasn’t very bright and she didn’t think well on her feet at all.  Sort of reminded me of another nurse…. I hope they don’t send her back for any reason or for that matter I hope they don’t ever send any other nurses who have no idea what MS is like.

     You all have a good one.

Pictures today.

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You want drama? Take my yesterday, please!

     The Curmudgeon collapsed on the back porch yesterday.  For the life of me, I couldn’t get him on his feet.  I ran over and got two of my neighbors to help him.  This was all before my first cup of coffee, therefore I was cranky.  I hate being cranky with him.  I know it’s not his fault that these things happen.

     I spent the rest of the day running back and forth doing whatever he needed to have done.  If I cussed and babbled it was because of fear.  I also apologized to him for doing so.  It seemed as though I didn’t get a minute to rest when I’d be hopping up again to get something for him.  He knows I love him but I’m sure I made him feel awful a couple of times where I was so tired I felt as though I couldn’t catch my breath.  Better I cuss a bit than bottle all that fear and frustration inside.

     I curse all those MS agencies and societies that claim they help.  They don’t.  If they did, I might have a few solutions on how to better deal with days like this.  I’d have help for his bad days so I don’t end up back in the hospital.  It seems that once MS goes into Secondary Progressive even the doctors tend to back away.  Don’t give me sympathetic looks, don’t roll your eyes at me when I ask what’s available in the way of help, we aren’t a research project we are human beings at the ends our ropes.

     Once The Curmudgeon settled into bed for the night, I poured a glass of Chocovine.  It was a long chase but I finally caught my breath.

     You all have a good one!  I’m going to try.


     It was one of those nights where things got away from me.  I almost forgot to get in here and post.  Yeah, I’m not the brightest light in the harbor at this time.  My thoughts are scattered in all sorts of directions.  

     I wish I could say that Elena was out of the hospital but I can’t.  She is still on target to get her breathing tube removed sometime today.  Let’s hope that is the beginning of her quick recovery.  I do miss her comments in here.

     She’d be delighted to hear you all have been rooting for her.  Let’s keep it up.

     You all take care, keep well, and have a good one.

It’s a man thing?

     Ages ago I told DH about the zinc in his denture adhesive and how the constant use of it could mimic a  demyelinating disease…like his MS…um, making his symptoms worse?  He ignored me.

     The other day he decided he needed to change his denture adhesive immediately because the zinc in it might be making his MS symptoms worse.   Hmmm, where did I hear that before?

     Don’t tug on Superman’s cape, don’t spit into the wind….

Movie day


     G and I finally went to see the last Harry Potter movie.  We had a good time.  There were only a few other people in the theater with us.  That’s why we wait so long to go to these.  We both hate crowded theaters.  Naturally, I forgot to bring my denim shirt to cover my arms and didn’t wear sneakers and socks.  I froze and my feet felt like blocks of ice when we left.  G wore sandals but had the sense to bring a sweater.  Only her feet froze.

     We’d both read all the books and with the time constraints of a movie we think they did it well.

     The Smurf movie and ‘Aliens and Cowboys’ were doing a brisk business on their first day of release.  We were so glad not to be in those theaters since they were loaded with children-type people.

I will stop giggling later


     I had my laugh for the night at around two-thirty in the morning.  Some idiot was racing his not-so-quiet motorcycle up and down the street.  He forgot one thing…Roads, which have been dry for a long time and are suddenly wet, are slippery.  He made a u-turn in front of my yard, the motorcycle went one way, and he went another.  I saw him land on his feet as the motorcycle jumped out from under him and landed on its side.

     I couldn’t stop laughing and I had to rush Patty inside before I collapsed.  Then, while trying to keep a straight face, I went out the front door and asked Mr. Keneival if he was okay.  He was.  I went back inside and giggled like a fool for a while. 

     If he’d been injured, I would’ve called for aid.  As it was, he was more embarrassed knowing someone had seen the incident than anything else.

     I wish I had it on video—it was priceless.

A few more steps and we are out of the tunnel!


     G and I filled my van again.  This time we had two stops to make with all the stuff.  The first one was to a local rehab hospital to donate the MIL’s wheelchair, walkers, and other items.  They were delighted to see us come in with the load. 

     Our second stop was at Goodwill to empty out the rest of the items from the back of my van.  This time we left them 15 boxes and 14 household items.  Last time they got 25 boxes and a dozen household items.

     The house is almost empty now much to our relief.  We have one more trip to Goodwill to make on Sunday where we’ll drop off the sewing machine in the cabinet and some other things we couldn’t fit in the van this time.

     After that, the only thing left for me to do is to get some help to load and bring home the armoire and dresser.  Then I can call the painters for an estimate.  Our roofer checked the roofs and he’s working up an estimate now.  We are two steps closer to finishing this. 

If it isn’t one thing…


     As wonderful as having the much-needed rain arrive was, we had a problem.  Our roof leaked again.  Yesterday I caught our roofer outside and told him.  (His business is two doors down from us.) He did an actual double take.  He was shocked.  Three minutes later, he had his helper on the roof looking for the leak. 

     They think they found it.  It seems that when the next-door neighbors had their new roof put on years ago the idiot that did it nailed their shingles through our slates.  He didn’t nail them to the roof divider.  Thus, we have a leak. 

     Our roofer thinks they have solved that problem now.  The next problem is we really need to replace the flat roof.  He says there are two roofs on there and that they both should be removed and a new one installed.  I told him when we sell the MIL’s house, we‘d have him do it.  It’d be nice to be certain of no leakage in the next twenty years.

     The other day he inspected the MIL’s roof.  The news wasn’t great.  He confirmed that we’d have to replace the garage roof.  Oh.  What fun.

Bringing you up to date


     Yesterday we didn’t go over to the MIL’s house as we’d planned to because Neither G nor I felt up to working in this heat.  We hope the break in the weather we’re supposed to get will make it easier to work on Wednesday.

     We still have many small items to pack and remove along with books to take to recycling.  Don’t worry I removed all the good books.  There weren’t many, the MIL wasn’t big on reading anything.  The books left are an assortment of ‘miracle cure’ books and piles of ‘How to’ books she left in boxes in the cellar where they got wet and moldy. 

     Sunday, was a good day to stay home and catch up on some housework.  It was too hot to work outside so a few neglected indoor chores took precedence.