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Too too cold!

Dear Readers,

I would not go out last night for my last out without my hoodie and hat. It was too cold! I could’ve frost bited my ears, tail, and feeties!

I plunked my butt down in the kitchen and barked at Mommy when she tried to get me to go out nekkid. I would not let her take me to the back porch without my hoodie and hat.

I should have some warm booties. Momma and Daddy have warm booties. It’s not fair.

I protest this mistreatment of my princess self. I should not have to go pee and poop out in the cold, with that white stuff.


Lucy, Princess extraordinaire.


Dear Readers,

My sister is an idiot. Yes, it was windy and cold but I went out without a coat and my hat.



HPIM4281This hat is ridiculous.

When is it going to stop?

Momma looked out the window and she says it is snowing again. NOOOOOO! This cannot be!


It is no fair! I say it should warm up and the sunshine be tickling my behind as I roll in the grass. Stupid white stuff falling from sky is not nice.

I told Momma she has to get me some boots like hers so I can walk in the white stuff without my feeties getting frozen. My name is not Elsa it is Lucy!

Stupid white stuffs. This be Lucy signing off!


HPIM4293*Wink* My sister is an idiot.



Attack of the killer dust bunnies!

I thought I’d attempt to clean my desk. It’s been a while and the dust bunnies running races across the surface and diving under the computer monitor were my first clue that it was time.

Any cleaning done around here is attempted cleaning. Why? Well, I have two dogs and a husband that all think I am their slave. I am subject to their demands from the time I get up until they all are down for the night.

And you people wonder why I am up until the wee hours of the morning and sleep in so late. Ha!

As it was, I spent most of the time clearing and cleaning off my desk while dodging around Lucy who felt she had to be the center of it all.

Three times she took of with my Swiffer duster. She felt real smart having invented a new game of chase me!

Tomorrow, after everyone is off to bed, I will attempt to clean the book cases.

HPIM4349You all have a good one. Lucy sure is.

More cold and snow

I beg you please wish for the Momma to win the lottery. I do not like dis weather. She sez if we winz, we go lives on a warm beach.

Daddy took a little tumble on the porch this morning and I couldn’t wait for him and I didn’t want to go out in the cold and white stuff so I peed in front of the door before he could open it. Daddy sez I am a bad girl. I don’t like the white cold stuff, I’m not bad. You believes me don’t you?

*Whispers* I heard Momma tell Daddy that she was going to replace the rug runners there in the spring anyway.

HPIM4364Lubs you all!


HPIM4346My sister is an idiot. She should just chew on these toys and go out when she’s supposed to.


I will hold it til I ‘splode.

Are you kidding me? I not going out there.

HPIM4270Wait! You forgot my hat!

HPIM4271Is you sure about this?

HPIM4273Two steps into the yard. Momma, I need boots!




No! Da Momma sez more snow coming!

This cannot be true! Two more days of snow coming and making it deep. I don’t even like it deep enough to cover my toes!

HPIM4363I am going to hibernate until Spring.

*Spot the Bully expert level.*

The princess wouldn’t pee.

I told the Momma that I do not like that white stuff and she needs to take care of that.



When they took me outside without my hoodie and hat I balked and would not pee. The next time I had to go out I went to where they put my hoodie and hat and barked to have them put on me. They did. I still did not want to go into the white stuff so I peed on the sidewalk and ran back in.

The Momma said I am going to have to go out into the snow sooner or later. I don’t know what she means by that but I say I do not have to go into the cold white stuff no matter what she calls it.

I think I’ll stay right here.



HPIM4348My sister is an idiot.



Hot dog…No, I really mean the dog is hot.

The two crate cushions I ordered arrived today. I put one in Gavin’s crate right away.

We soon discovered that Gavin prefers his crate without a cushion. He wants his fuzzy blankets that he can shove into a corner and lie on the bare crate bottom. He gets too warm otherwise.

This means Lucy has two crate cushions we can rotate them or save one until she destroys the other.

Knowing her, we probably should save one.

HPIM4316I dis da face ob sombuddy who ‘splodes soft beds?

You betcha!

More snow? Dang it!

I am happy to report that most of the snow we had melted off yesterday.

Unfortunately, later on, we have more snow predicted to arrive here. Yes, those are tears falling.

I have to laugh, while the snow fell, Lucy wouldn’t go out without her hoodie and hat on, what a spoiled little princess!

Gavin doesn’t care, he’ll go out in any weather.

You all have a good one. I’ll be snuggled on the couch with the pups.



Oh no, SNOW!

Stop snowingYep. I am not enjoying it. I was happy with the rain and a few flakes here and there. An accumulation? No thanks.

I am so looking forward to spring. Both dogs are too.


Happy Birthday G!

G’s birthday is Friday, she has eleven years on me. She wasn’t going to be home and most of her week is full of appointments. Therefore I snagged her yesterday and took her out to lunch.

Her choice of where to go and what to eat. Last year I took her to Lily’s Sushi. This year she was hungry for a good steak. She chose Applebees.

She had a lovely meal.

As did I.–pepper-crusted-sirloin—whole-grains

We also had a great time as we usually do when we go out together. For over 41 years we’ve been friends–more like sisters. Well, that’s not right either since I’m so very much closer to her than I am to my idiot sister.


I was going to…then I wanted to…but I did…

I don’t understand why I can’t get anything done around here.

That is until The Curmudgeon begins asking me to do things for him. The dogs want out every ten minutes, and every single time my butt hits a seat cushion, I have to pop up to do something else.

Constant distractions make me have to retrace my steps at least a dozen times a day.

Am I writing? Nope. Wish I was.

meme from Two Women and a Hoe™

meme from Two Women and a Hoe™