Monthly Archives: June 2020

Grouting has begun.

As I type this Spence and Elizabeth are grouting the finished floor on the sun porch.


The tile is coming…the tile is coming!

They are working on installing a tile floor in my sun porch today. Lucy is delighted her friends Spence and Elizabeth are here, but is not happy that she needs to be in her crate. A. Lot.

I am looking forward to having an easy to clean tile floor on the sun porch. Rough cement is not conducive to easy cleaning. I am also looking forward to the new look for the floor.

Once they finish the porch it is on to the master bath where they will remove the old bathtub, enclosure, and floor, replacing it with a fully tiled shower with a bench and a glass door along with all new floor.

So for now, my house is topsy-turvy while the porch contents take up space in my living room and all the supplies are stacked on my front porch.

Lucy is not happy about being in her crate all day with frequent potty breaks out front.

I am doing my best to stay out of the way. It’s not easy since I did tiling for several years and I hear the sounds of them cutting things away in preparation…