Monthly Archives: July 2018


Instead of working outside I spent my day on the new couch reading.

My back made the decision for me as to what I was going to do.

I have to say that last night I slept like the dead. From the time my head hit the pillow until Lucy woke me to go out. After I took her out, we went back to sleep until my alarm went off.

Still need the coffee but a few more nights of sleep like this and I’ll be at normal human levels and out of the bitch from the depths of hell range.

Weather and back permitting…

Weather and back permitting I hope to get some yard work done. I still need to chain saw a couple of large magnolia branches off the tree and into sections I can put in the barrels.

I see some giant weeds taking over the side and back gardens that I hope I can cut down and trash. Then there’s the weed eater project where the pond used to be.

I wish I could afford to have our lawn mower guy take care of it all but after paying for Lucy’s allergy medications and not sure what the hospital run is going to cost…looks like my work is cut out for me. At least the chairs are gone.



Test drive of the new couch…

I got a chance to test drive the new couch in the afternoon. The Curmudgeon got the hint that I was beyond exhausted after sleeping in the chair for a few nights.

I grabbed my pillow and curled up on the new couch with Lucy and we both passed out for several hours.

Yep, this is going to work fine. My back is already a bit less sore tonight.

Ah, sleep.

Strange things can happen

After an ambulance run for me in the wee hours of the morning, I was released in time to get Lucy to her vet appointment.

I’m fine–a touch of food poisoning. The medication they gave me has things under control.

Lucy had a fun visit with her vet and all the techs she could find. She got to meet a new tech today and he has joined the I love Lucy cult. LOL This little girl sure is a charmer.


Looking forward to the arrival of the new couch…

I am so looking forward to the new couch arriving. Sleeping on the chair with the ottoman is not very comfortable. Lucy gave up trying to share the tight space and took to The Curmudgeon’s lounge chair.

Not real thrilled with the 4 hour time slot they have me in. 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. That’s my prime sleeping time. Guess who won’t bother trying to sleep?

My chore for tomorrow is giving the living room a good dusting and mopping.

I’m sure that will thrill The Curmudgeon…NOT.


I should have remembered… Craigslist!

Within an hour of posting the couch on Craigslist, it had a home. I should have thought of that sooner. LOL

So now I am looking at all sorts of things I could get rid of and have less clutter as a result.

G also has some stuff she’d like to get rid of these days.

One man’s junk…

Well, Habitat for Humanity was a big fail…

The two guys who came to pick up our couch were not happy that we couldn’t have it outside for them. Well gee, we had no one to help me do that. AND there was no way The Curmudgeon could help at all.

The one was willing to try to get the backs off the other just wanted to leave without even trying to get the couch out of here.

Finally I told him, “Fine just leave.”

Hours later, after my temper had cooled and I was staring at the couch, I called Raymour and Flanigan and asked how to get the backs off. They told me, and I coaxed The Curmudgeon into trying to help me. He stretched out on the floor behind it and pried the flanges open as I lifted the backs. We did it! There was no way I would’ve been able to do it on my own.

Later, still desperate to rid us of this albatross of a couch, I put it up on my FB page and on Craigslist. Within an hour I had someone from Craigslist who wanted it.

YAY!!! It leaves after 5 tomorrow.


Bye bye old couch…

So my couch leaves Tuesday afternoon. I’ll be couchless until Saturday. Lucy and I will either try to sleep upstairs and pray The curmudgeon doesn’t fall during the night, or we’ll pull the ottoman in front of the chair and try sleeping there.

Thank you Habitat for Humanity for accepting our couch and coming to get it.


The Omaha based pharmacy called about the Raizer…

Friday they called and gave us the price. $3,000.00 and no, his insurance won’t cover it.

It was a good idea but not a practical one. Not when I have other bills to pay.

Oh yeah, in case someone feels they need to mention the new couch that replaces the uncomfortable one where I sleep every night. The new couch cost me a good deal less than 1/3 of that. At least that might help my back feel a bit better.



I wasn’t intending to go…

I was not dressed for a trip to the mall but we went anyway.

I’d called G to ask her if she needed anything from the CVS since I had to go and pick up two of the 4 scripts The Curmudgeon was supposed to get. Of course they didn’t have all 4 ready, that would be too easy on me.

Once we were out we decided that we should get a nice lunch to celebrate my anniversary since he won’t go out anywhere.

We headed for one of the local malls. As we pulled into the parking lot I decided we’d go to Red Lobster. We hadn’t gone there in a while. We had a lovely “lunch” of a shrimp and lobster pizza that we shared and we both got a tasting plate of Yucatan shrimp–Wonderful! We even topped it off with a yummy dessert of warm apple crostada with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Then to the mall to walk off some of the calories. I found two nice shirts on sale very cheap.

Finally, as we were pulling out I decided to go to Bob’s furniture and remeasure that couch I liked so much. It will fit through the door. I put it on the charge.

So since no one wanted the couch with the lounge chair ends, Habitat for Humanity is picking it up Tuesday and my new couch gets here Saturday. Looks like Lucy and I will be sleeping in chairs.


Happy Anniversary?

45 years ago tomorrow I married The Curmudgeon.


He used to smile, make me laugh, do things, go places and share the work around here.

You see that face?

Yeah. Every. day.



There are times I wonder what happened to her…

It saddens me when, once in a long while, Lucy shows a little sign of the ill treatment that lead to her being on the streets and to her eventual rescue and placement with us.

Like tonight when out of a sound sleep she woke with a start and retreated to her crate to hide in the back. It took quite a bit of coaxing and a couple of cookies to bring her out and back to her normal ease.

I am glad these incidents happen so seldom.