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Hehehe…It’s that time of year again

So G and I went to Target. we bought a few things we needed and then there was this costume for Lucy that I couldn’t resist buying.


I wish I could find my enthusiasm

Usually by this time each year I am almost giddy with excitement over Halloween’s approach.

No so much this year.

I’m not even looking forward to trick or treat night yet, much less decorating.


Enabled at the Target Halloween shop

Each year I add at least one new prop. Yes, usually with G enabling me. I easily could have spent more and I haven’t even hit Spirit Halloween yet.


Trick or treat 2015

No fog machine this year. I thought we had fog juice but for the life if me I couldn’t find it.

Thanks to Annie’s husband we had music! They came over and he fixed all the wiring.

I realized almost too late that I had a horrible lack of batteries. G and I made an emergency run to Walgreens. Not good to arrive at a Halloween clearance sale with my enabler. I came home with yet another prop–but I did get it at half price.

We finished decorating the porch and putting batteries in props just in time for the arrival of the first group of kids.

Great time! We had hordes of kids and lots of fun.

The after party was a quiet one with one of the best lasagnas I’ve ever made and G’s most wonderful pumpkin cheesecake.

Once the weather gets cooler...Lasagna!!!

Once the weather gets cooler…Lasagna!!!

Nothing more to lose

There are days where I feel lonelier than I ever thought possible. More depressed than I ever knew I could become. Lost as if in a forest deep.

So angry at the man I should have the most compassion for and in more of a panic than I ever could believe a person could panic.

If only there were some way to escape other than the sleep I try so hard to get each day.

A woman should always have enough money set aside to give her a new beginning if need be. I, unfortunately, do not have such a thing.

I don’t even have the advantage of social security since I had to quit jobs to help care for my baby sister, then her kids for a short time, and finally The Curmudgeon.

I stopped writing because the stress of taking care of him plundered my concentration and imagination. I live in a harsh reality.

Now, I have no escape, no hope, and nothing more to lose.


Oh crap, I’m not ready!

It’s the first of October already. I haven’t even started on my porch design!

Dang it.

I have a great idea, but I need someone with more artistic talent than I to do a couple of silhouettes to make this work…

Any volunteers?

HPIM4179Halp, she’s starting already. Someone sabe me fwom da cwazy lady!

Keep Momma away from Halloween stuff sales.

OMD! The Momma should never be allowed to go shopping without supervision!

HPIM4199Sir. Yes, you sir. I need to inspect your candy.

HPIM4200Show me the candy and no one gets hurt.

HPIM4201Such a serious paw shaker.

HPIM4202Yes, little one. I see it.

So windy!

I hadn’t planned to take down the background yet. However, with the winds we had, the background almost took itself down. The furring strip I’d stapled it to was standing on end and wedged between roof and porch floor.

Yep, I took it all down. Then I brought all the fabric inside and folded it to put away in one of the large storage containers with the rest of the Halloween things. I even dragged the bins down to the living room.

There you have it, the decorations were going to stay up a few more days because I am basically a lazy person. Now, due to the weather, most of them are ready to pack away. I’m not sure if I should thank the weather gods or not. *Giggle*



HPIM4188Daddy, she was just kidding about making me into witch’s brew…wasn’t she?

HPIM4189Dis is just for photography purposes right?

HPIM4187Momma has to build her prop tomorrow. Right after she staples the background to a board so it doesn’t fly about.

Pictures can you guess what items are out year round?














The back drop is up

HPIM4184I ran out of get up and go and had to stop. It’s amazing how warm it was under that porch roof.

HPIM4183We found last year’s doggie costumes. I’m not sure how Lucy felt about that.

HPIM4175Gavin didn’t seem thrilled.

HPIM4179But dang they were so cute.

HPIM4176Really Ma? Pink bats?

It’s a race to the finish!

My kitchen table, stacked high with Halloween decorations for the porch, groans under the load. Two giant cauldrons are in the living room all filled with more stuff. Later, one will brim over with candy and glow in the dark bracelets.

A roll of chicken wire is on the back porch ready to become the giant-sized Audrey 2.

We are 1 day behind schedule so I will play catch up tomorrow and Wednesday after my appointment with my cardiologist.

I’ve reserved Thursday for cooking and final prepping the porch for Friday. The main decorations don’t go up until Friday, we had thefts in the early years and learned our lesson.

All day Friday, we’ll decorate and finish Audrey 2, hoping fervently we finish in time for trick or treating.

Tomorrow, the hanging of the landscaping fabric begins.