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Have a Happy New Year!


Adventures at the farmers market

G and I braved the way-too-cold-for-humans-dogs-and-all-living-creatures temperatures yesterday to make a farmers market run.

I wanted the sauerkraut that the Clyde Weaver stand had. Once a year they have it and it’s a treat. Thus the trip in the cold.

The Curmudgeon wanted more of his raspberry whole wheat cookie bars.

G and I both wanted to pick up a sushi lunch to bring home.

I cashed in my lottery tickets and picked up more with the winnings.

Persimmons were down in price they had a three for going so I bought 3 and gave one to G.


We headed home, ready to nosh on our sushi.

Y’all have a good day!

The New Year will soon be upon us

As the new year approaches rapidly, I am fearful as to where we are going.

I fear the rift that has grown between our people over a Moron who should never have been sworn in to the highest office in our land.

I fear the religious zealots of all faiths who have forgotten compassion, kindness, and their humanity.

I fear the greed of this administration and those who worship at its altar.

I fear the spread of violence.

I feel we need to, above all else, remember our humanity.

We must remember how to be kind, generous, caring, compassionate and giving.

We must remember our manners.

We must remember to listen more and talk less.

We are running out of time folks.

my watch

Memes…Lucy made me do it

Books, the breath of life

When he has a bad day it affects both of us.

He’s having more bad days than good these days.

I have to admit my patience is on a short leash. I try hard to be patient but I swear he tries twice as hard to be a royal pain.

My way to cope when he sends me ’round the bend is I retreat into books. If only to keep a piece of sanity. I ignore chores that need doing to dive into a new adventure, an escape.

His shirt

Jay's shirt



Nothing like a quiet, stay in the PJs all day sort of day.

Spent it curled up on the couch with Lucy and a good book.

My kind of day.

Not alone

We set out the treats…the crackers, caviar, creme fraiche, cream cheese, smoked salmon,  cheeses, and special Italian cold meat tray.

I open a bottle of Muscato and fill two glasses.

Every year since Barry died, G and I have our own Christmas eve celebration, I do it  for her. She’ll never be alone on Christmas eve as long as I am around.

We watch a movie or two and just enjoy each other’s company. This year we watched The Wizard of OZ.

The Curmudgeon goes to bed early and leaves us alone.

This year I forgot to take pictures of our spread.

Instead, after we finished, we shared the leftovers with her neighbors.



The wishing of a Merry Christmas

I don’t celebrate Christmas. I really don’t.

However, if someone takes the time out from their day to wish me a merry one I don’t get all in a huff about it, I smile and tell them, “back at ya!” or “You too.”

It doesn’t bother me.


Because someone actually took the time to wish me well. They took the time to say something kind, to share their joy.

Why would I resent that?

I feel the same way if someone wishes me a Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa,  Joyful Solstice, Merry Yule or Happy Holidays.

I am glad they took the time to share their joy in their holiday with me.

For whichever holiday you enjoy, I wish you a very merry, happy, and joyous one!


Kitchen sink chicken soup

Oh so good! I started with two leftover roasted chicken carcasses, boiled them, strained the bones and meat out of the broth, and added two containers of frozen broth from said chickens’ roasting.  I cooled down the chickens so I could remove the bones and put the meat into the soup. I added 4 boneless skinless cubed chicken breasts.

I added two bags of frozen soup veggies, 1/2 a bag of frozen pearl onions I had left from my lamb stew, turmeric, sage, salt, pepper, and barley. Let it simmer for 30 minutes and then added some orzo and Ditalini pastas.

The Curmudgeon can’t eat thin soups because of his swallowing problems caused by his MS. So I must thicken the soups I make. They still taste good but they are more like a stew. He enjoyed his soup.

Now I have four containers in the freezer and a small one set aside for G.


It is new chair!

1222170007 (2)

I ordered the chair on Tuesday 12/19 and it arrived on Thursday 12/22.

The old falling apart chair is out on the curb for the garbage pick up.

We are effing screwed.

Yep, our government has totally fucked us.

Mid term elections are coming…and you good old boys are looking at the end of your jobs as you know it.

Maybe some enterprising young lawyer will tie your free time up with a civil suit or a thousand…

For now, to #45 and all the republicans I say…

bird is flipped

The scary word list