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Mary clotheslined     On one of many sojourns into the wilds of Alaska, I snapped a picture of  my baby sister Mary clowning around.  I came across this in a box of old photos I found in the attic.

     You all have a good one!

How many ways can you say ‘have sex’ and keep it, uh, clean?

Since I still get many hits on this post, I thought I’d reblog it today.



     As writers, we have to come up with various ways to say ‘having sex’ without delving into the use of that four letter word.  I mean we COULD use that word BUT then you get editors and readers who don’t like the word and stop reading.  We don’t want that!  Many of us use that word—I include myself in there, but we use it sparingly in our writing, if at all.

      At the May Pennwriters conference, the subject came up when I asked Dave, after reading his works for years, just exactly how many ways he could say it.  (Actually, I think I said, “Holy crap, Dave you can write F___ in more ways than anyone I know.  Have you ever written them all down in a list?  We could have some fun by asking everyone what euphemisms they use.)  He often surprises me with his euphemisms. …

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Iris are in bloom.

HPIM3013 HPIM3009 HPIM3010 HPIM3011 HPIM3012

Did you BBQ?

     Yesterday, we didn’t barbecue as we normally would have.  I didn’t dare run the grill because I knew for sure, with my luck, I’d run out of gas before the food cooked properly.  The Curmudgeon forgot to get the bottles filled/exchanged.


     We did, however, have some lovely potato salad I made.  I also pulled some turkey tenderloin cutlets out of the freezer, thawed them, pounded them flat, breaded and quick seared them in my new non-stick pan.  Heavenly.  Tender, juicy, and flavorful morsels that made The Curmudgeon quite happy.


     How did you celebrate Memorial Day?


English: fresh potato salad

English: fresh potato salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Almost ready for summer.

     Wow, a sunny but cool day.  I managed to get some more yard work done yesterday.  Trimmed several small, low hanging branches from the magnolia tree so The Curmudgeon can walk under it without banging his head.

     I’ve run out of yard waste barrel space so have to wait until after recycling pick up to clear out more. 

     Enjoyed watching the two frogs bask in the sun on a slab of slate beside my Pan fountain.  They would sit there for a while then dive into the pond and go back to the slab.  Sounds like something I should have been doing…Maybe… if had been warmer.

     I dragged the picnic table out of the shed and put the legs on it.  Put the end table out by the bench too so the yard is getting there.  Next, I tackle the hammock stand and hammock. 

     I still need to clear out the vines from the back corner of the yard and next to the shed.  Then I need to spray weed killer outside the fence.

     You all have a good one.


Too bad we didn’t get things done before his MS got so bad.

     I feel bad for The Curmudgeon on the days where I wish a project could be done around here, when he says he can do it, and I know he can’t.  I know I shouldn’t but I tell him all the ways he can’t do it. 

     Afterwards I know I should kick myself for doing it, but I KNOW how much he can and cannot do. 

     There is no way he can put up drywall in the kitchen, new lighting, and (fake) tin ceiling.  I’d kill to get it done.  I have a lovely floor in there and the rest of the kitchen, other than the cabinets, looks a wreck.

     The master bedroom still needs drywall on walls and ceiling too.  Never going to get done, I need to resign myself to that fact.

     It is depressing to say the least…However, I will do what I can do and to heck with what I can’t.

     You all have a good one.

English: Drywall Self-owned, released to PDI wish my kitchen looked like this, mine  has paneling and it sucks.  If I could get the kitchen and bedroom this far, I can paint!!!

Stranger Spring than last year’s.

HPIM2999My new mouse.  The only Ferrari I’ll ever own.  LOL!

     Yes, I know I’m weird but you must have fun where you can get it. 

     I can’t believe how chilly it got yesterday.  I wore my hoodie to take the dogs out and they weren’t eager to stay outside for long.  Nope, they wanted to snuggle with me on the couch.  It makes me glad I haven’t planted anything yet.  Here I was worrying about that, not anymore!

     At least the cool air had The Curmudgeon feeling fairly chipper, for him that is, his chipper is someone else’s not so good.

     Time for me to go snuggle with the pups again.  You all have a good one!

I will be weeding forever…

HPIM3000This is before almost killing myself…

HPIM3001This is part of the after…And I still have tons to do!

HPIM3003Any volunteers?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.


HPIM3005     You all have a good one!

Goliath has returned!

     I am enjoying the new look on my blog.  Several people have told me that they like it too. 

     I have two frogs in my pond.  Yes, the pond is still there since we haven’t a clue as to how we’re going to fill it in yet. 

     I was outside talking to my next door neighbor when he told me he heard my frog earlier.  I told him I accidentally discovered that I have two frogs. 

     I thought we only had the one until I was pulling aggressively growing mint from the little river between the waterfall and the pond.  I startled a familiar looking large bullfrog, and he was not the one I knew we had who  I could see sitting on a nearby rock.

     I am enjoying the frog songs.

     You all have a good one!

Goliath the bullfrog

Goliath the bullfrog

New look!

     I felt the page needed a change.  I hope you enjoy the fresh paint.

     Oklahoma needs plenty of good vibes from us all.  Light a candle, say a prayer, do whatever you do to send them.  

     The people there need kindness now.  I’m sure there are many clothing drives and other things we can donate to, to help out. 

     Skip your expensive coffees this week and send what you’d spend to the Red Cross, ear marked for Oklahoma tornado victims.  Every little bit helps. 

      Or you could donate your coffee money to the animal rescues who are trying to reunite victims with their beloved pets.

     Be kind, be generous, do for them as you would want done for you in a similar situation.  Remember, it could have been you.

     You all have a good one. 


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Picture day Tuesday

HPIM2987Supervising the making of the toast.

HPIM2989Bow, bark, bow…”Sissy play with me!!!”

HPIM2991“Come on…PLAY!”

HPIM2992“You asked for it!”


HPIM2994“No napping, let’s play some more!”

HPIM2995“Grrrr, I gonna chew yer neck!”


HPIM2990ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ next to Mom’s desk chair.

That’s a wrap!

     Had a good time with Annie at the Holistic Expo and came home with a gorgeous silver and amber ring, and a lovely amethyst geode. 

     When we left there, we were starved since we hadn’t had any lunch.  We headed to one place nearby that always has good food at a great prices but they were closed.  Dang, I forgot they weren’t open on a Sunday. 

     Decided to make a mall run then since we knew all the restaurants out there were open and I had promised her a decent lunch.  Albeit a late one.

     Found some new flip-flops on sale…silly ones, with pink flamingos on the straps.  Skelemingos would’ve been more fun but they’d never have that.

     You all have a good one!

flip flops

flip-flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)