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Bahhing the humbug.

Yes, I do I really do Bah Humbug out this year. I get sick of Christmas carols playing from before Thanksgiving until the end of December.

People who have no sense and rush out to do inane shopping for things for people who are so greedy they demand expensive stuff and don’t appreciate anything drive me completely up a wall.

Rude kids and even ruder adults I can do without and this time of year brings them out in hordes.

Yep, Bah Humbug. You can keep it.

Happy and Blessed Winter Solstice to you all.


Our hearts are with Boston


You can run, but you can’t hide.  You will be found and punished for what you did. 

It’s Trick or Treat nite here!

  Decorations up?  Almost done.  Vampire teeth, skulls, and bones ice cubes made?  Check.  Candy?  Check.  Lasagna ready?  Check.  Fancy Halloween cupcakes ready to go?  Check.  Wine and drinks ready?  Check.

Well then, LET’S PARTY!!!!

I ordered these cookie cutters


     I couldn’t resist them. 


      Maybe I shouldn’t sit here alone and watch scary movies.  That’s an activity best done with company.  Especially on garbage night when all sorts of noises come from the street as scroungers try to hit all the cans before the four different trucks come through and do their pick ups.

     Yes, four pick ups here on a Monday night.  Recycling-cans and bottles by one truck and cardboard and paper by another.  Then there’s the yard waste recycling, which is almost done for the year, and the fourth pick up is regular garbage.  The creepy movie did not go well with spooky noises outside.

     After one bone chilling movie it was certainly a good idea to switch to something lighter.  Comedy channel here I come.

     You all have a good one!

New treats for Halloween…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

     Couldn’t resist buying these today.  One is from Yankee Candles and the other is from Hot Topic.

      You all have a good one!

Break is over

     I probably should’ve taken a longer break but I promised I’d be back today and so I am. 

     My dear, dear friend Elena is in the hospital and they put a pacemaker in yesterday.  Please keep her in your thoughts for the next few days.  I understand they will release her on Wednesday.  I have a candle burning for her.

     I am feeling a slow release of anxieties.   It will take a little while, but that huge weight of stress that sat on my shoulders for so long is already beginning to lighten.  I know that once I get all the bills caught up and we send off the final few checks on the MIL’s bills, I will feel much lighter.

     It’s a one step at a time process.

     You all have a good one!

Reading the spam is a riot

     I am glad that even though Akismet marks something as spam, I still get a chance to read it.

     You know it is spam when:

     Someone comments that my page for comments on the Doggonedmysteries series has been an invaluable resource for their research.  You know they didn’t read or even look at the post.

     Someone writes that my post was brilliantly written, marvelously articulate and they are talking about a slide show, they didn’t look at the post.

     Then there are the ones that go in the other direction and thoroughly insult you and your work.  Most are poorly written and are easily spotted as ‘English is not even their third language.’

     I find it disappointing when I check my page and there is no spam to read and give me a laugh.  Yeah, I am weird.

     You all have a good one!

Me buy clothes alone? Never!

So, I admit it.  I’m a real fashion disaster.  That’s why I never go shopping for clothes alone.  Friends never let the fashion impaired shop alone.

     The other day I dragged G and Annie to the mall to help me buy jeans.  Yes, I am even helpless in buying myself decent jeans.  They were a great help because I came home with a pair of jeans and a pair of crop jeans. 

     Later I helped them both spend some money on themselves.  Turn about is fair play, right?

     You all have a good one!

Belling the cat doesn’t always work…

     Many years ago we had a Siamese cat who should’ve been named Diana for her hunting skills.  However, she was named Snoopy because she couldn’t resist checking everything out from her first day with us.   She wore a bell and yet continued to gift us with many a dead animal.  Snoopy did learn that killing birds brought nothing but disapproval from us so she restricted her hunting to small furry creatures.

     When she stalked her prey you never heard that bell ring.  Fagin’s juvenile crew of pick pockets had nothing on her keep-the-bell-from-ringing skill.  That little seven pound cat could run like hell and keep the bell silent.  You only heard that bell of hers if she wanted you to hear it.

     I often observed her stalking some creature with the bell as silent as if she’d had a fifth paw to hold over it.  Then when I’d call her she come running with bell making all sorts of noise as if we hadn’t seen her silent sneak.  Once The Curmudgeon and I married, she came with me and became a house cat.  That never stopped her from hunting–she kept our house mouse free until she died at a little over twenty years of age.

     You all have a good one!


     I’ve almost finished packing.  Going through my check list.  Wine packed?  Yes.  Corkscrew packed?  Yes.  Chocolate packed?  Yes.  Okay, that takes care of the important things…

      I hope all my friends will keep an eye on The Curmudgeon while I’m gone.

      See you all Monday!  I’m out of here!

Mother’s day

 My beautiful Mother.  She’s gone five years now.  Mom, I love you, I miss you and I wish you were here.

My father took this picture of her in the Philippines sometime in the early 50’s.

Five years…it doesn’t seem that long. 

My phone number hasn’t changed in 38 years…and yet…

Well, those of you who know…

Know that my Mom and Dad are spinning in their graves.