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One of these days my back will stop hurting…

Trying to get things done when your back is completely screwed up is not easy.

I get a minimum done and have to stop and rest my back because the pain is too much.

Seems that just when my back was feeling better, The Curmudgeon fell down (he falls all the time and does it with skill so he seldom gets hurt) And he insisted I help him up.

Like a damned fool, I did, and out went my back again, this time worse than usual.

dust bunnies killed the cleaning fairy

Best friends

My best friend scared me the other day.

I was outside lending an air pump to a neighbor when her eldest son hailed me.

As I walked over to him, he told me she was in the hospital!

I screeched “What?!”

He explained what happened. Tachycardia. Well, she’s had that before.

The next thing he said cracked me up.

He told me, “She said, darn, I didn’t beat my record.”

Her record is 222 beats a minute. This time she only hit 200.

I talked to her on the phone, she said she call me when I could come get her–they were planning to release her the same day.

However, I got antsy. I called her back and told her I was coming out and would sit with her until they sent her home.

And I did.

Priceless (2)

Opting out of all those e-mails loading my in box

Yes, I’ll sign your petition for equal rights, for justice, for anything I agree with these days.

However, I cannot donate even a thin dime to all your causes so please when I opt out of your e-mails, I am opting out because all you do is ask for money.

I still believe in your cause, I just can’t afford you.


I could comment on the shootings in Alexandria, VA, during Republican Congressional baseball practice but it has been rehashed a million times.

All I’ll say is that the man who did it was another domestic abuser nutjob. You can find them in any political affiliation, unfortunately.

Instead I’m going to talk about the lack of respect shown to Senator Kamala Harris. Sorry guys, but you need to treat her with the same respect you expect to get. In fact y’all need to treat ALL women with the same respect you want to be treated with.


Yay for warm weather

To relax on the porch with a glass of wine…divine!

I love that an entire small bottle of Clover Hill chocolate cherry Chamborcin fit into one large wine glass.

Read a few chapters of a new book.

Today’s T-shirt

sip coffee and pet my dog


So many projects that he never finished or even started.

All of which he is incapable of doing now.

I look at what needs doing and my back clenches in pain.

The clearing out, the painting, the building of things, and fixing up things.

The indoor projects the outdoor projects.

The clean up, the repairs…



Some days are tiring.

Believe it or not I actually hoped a package we were expecting would come late in the day so I could blow off going anywhere.

Didn’t happen.

His package arrived before noon.

Therefore, I had to load him in the car, make a stop at the local CVS to pick up his medications, then run him out to get a haircut.

While he got the haircut I ran over to the grocery store and picked up a few items.

Once we got home I had to unload the car, put away groceries, and take Lucy out before I could sit down and take the pressure off my back.

An hour later I was cooking dinner.

Today’s shirt

world revolves

Dang it!

Five minutes into clearing the tall grasses and weeds on the pond bump in the yard and my battery powered weed wacker went dead. Completely, totally DEAD. I switched batteries and it was still dead.

I ordered a corded one that will arrive on Friday. No more batteries dying on me and no heavy gas trimmer to lug around.

Now if only my aching back and the weather will cooperate I should have everything trimmed by Sunday for sure. And it will look like this:


I managed to plant the petunias in the rocking chair pot.


Lucy has completely recovered from her ordeal with the kitchen drawer.

I had to order new hardware because none of the big box stores had what I needed. The handles had to measure 3.5 inches from screw to screw. They had everything but. We settled on this. We needed 30.

new cabinet hardware

Time to buy new hardware for the kitchen cabinets…

I had Lucy out for a bit, came in, sent her ahead of me while I got garbage together on the back porch.

A loud crashing, skittering, and banging came from the kitchen.

I ran to the half door in time to see Lucy ducking and crashing into things while dragging a kitchen drawer along attached to her collar by the drawer pull.

I have ALWAYS hated these pulls.

The edges stick out, are sharp, and catch on everything!

Hate them.

Going to replace them with something like this:


Got that mammogram out of the way

Nothing like having to pay to have someone painfully squash your boobies between two plates, top to bottom and then side to side. Yes, pay for it. I have a co-pay.

Well at least I do for now.

If the Republicans/religious nut cases have their way, I probably won’t be able to afford another one.

You know, all that pre-existing condition crap they’re so eager to impose on us.

My baby sister Mary, born 11/7/1957

Diagnosed in 1989 with breast cancer

Two mastectomies, many chemos, radiation treatments, and two bone marrow transplants.

Died of metastatic breast to bone cancer 4/13/2001

Mary a

Losing my mind in bits and pieces

Having so much on my mind, so many things to remember, has made me the absent minded professor.

Also there’s The Curmudgeon who gets great joy out of pushing my buttons, making me angry enough that my brain stutters.

I would love some peace and quiet. A place to escape to but at the rate we’re going that will never happen.

Dont make me adult Lucy