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1 day 1 night running

The dehumidifier has run for a full day and over night. There is a noticeable difference in how humid the basement is.

It is about half of what it was.

I’m actually able to tolerate it down there enough to get laundry done.


suck it up buttercup

Sometimes running errands is a good thing

It gets me out of the house before I strangle him.

Had to run to his pain management office to pick up a prescription, Also CVS called before my alarm went off to tell me he had a script ready.  That made two I needed to pick up.

Went over to G’s and asked her if she wanted to run errands with me. I winked and said, “we can stop for lunch too.”

A little while later we were off to make the first stop at pain management.

From there we stopped at a favored diner on our way back to town to CVS. Thought to take a picture of my spinach quiche and fruit salad after I’d started to eat.


CVS pharmacy stop, I had to drop a script there and we had a 30 minute wait for it.

We decided to kill some time by taking a walk at Lake Muhlenburg. I got three poor pictures of the swan. I hope to one day catch it up close and not during a grooming session like today.


We walked for a while then headed back to the pharmacy. Scripts were ready, no line, we were quickly on our way home.

The moth wars

I still battle the moths that invaded my home with things the Curmudgeon brought home from his mother’s house.

This is a battle, that had I seen them early on, I might have won.

Clothing moths are invasive and tiny and not really seen until you have a full scale infestation of them.

I started my battle with sticky, baited with pheromones, traps and caught lots of them. I am allergic to cedar so can’t use that in my closets, I use a mix of rosemary and mint.

Mothballs are out of the question as the chemicals in them are dangerous.

Then a few weeks ago I came across a spray, Maggie’s Farm flying insect spray. It uses natural oils in a water based spray.

It is working.

Today’s Tee

suck it up buttercup.jpg


It seemed to be a quiet day…

In actuality, it was a busy day.

Lucy had me up early. Twice.

Our Five Star Home Foods guy, Joe showed up to take our order. Sadly, he’s retiring. We will miss him.

The Curmudgeon’s truck was across town getting an inspection. Wouldn’t you know they’d call right before food guy got here?  And it was G to the rescue. She ran The Curmudgeon to get his truck while I started working on our food order with Joe.

The Curmudgeon got back in time to  sign paperwork and say good bye to Joe. 

We’ve been customers for years and years. I highly recommend them.

Today’s Tee.



One of ‘those’ days

You know how sometimes you want to kill him, but you aren’t some sort of sociopath, so you just yell at him?

Yeah. One of THOSE days.

After the yelling I didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day, for my sake not his.

I did it to lower my stress level. Not his. He has no stress level, he just sits and watches his TV.

After he went to bed I noticed a complete drop in my stress level.

When he came wandering down later he managed to jack it right back to the top all over again.

I swear it does stupid stuff to set me off and it amuses him.

I, however, am not amused.

leave a mess for me

Cool nights

For the last few nights we’ve had cool weather. It is so very nice to turn off the AC and open the house, too bad I cannot use the whole house fan in the attic and pull the cool air through faster and more efficiently.

To use the fan, I need to get the attic cleaned of the mess left behind by the not so great of a roofer who did our roof. He, knowing what a mess removing a slate roof incurs never bothered to tell us to tarp everything or do it himself.

I cannot even walk through the attic now without running into insulation that has dropped down from the weight of slate crap on it. Or crunching across the floor…ew  I hate that.

What I have to find is someone who is willing and able to clean the attic, redo insulation properly, and figure out how to ‘screen out’ critters when the fan is off. The fan is so strong it blew our window screen to ribbons.


Added to my collection

Oh, yes I did!

I added to my Tee shirt collection!

I also added to The Curmudgeon’s

Jay's shirt2

And Lucy got a new blanket.

Lucy's new blanket

They’re not going to believe it

Back on July 19th I wrote about how the guys at the car dealer’s were shocked at the low mileage on my van.

Yesterday I got a note from my insurance company wanting to update a few things. 2 questions is all.

  1. How many miles did I expect to drive in the upcoming year? Um, if I drive a lot maybe 80 miles?
  2. What is the current mileage on my 2012 van? You’re not going to believe it…okay, here goes… 4063 miles.

I sent it back today. Can’t wait to hear from them, and I’m sure we will. LOL

I shih tzu not

The aches and pains of growing older…suck.

With the wet weather we’ve had, the horrible weight gain I’ve had over the last few years, and the damages done lifting The Curmudgeon from floor far too many times, my back and knees are shot.

To top that off my Achilles tendons are screaming in pain all the time, and my feet are constantly cramping up.

It sucks to get older.


Well, it’s officially 44 years now…

Yep, we tied the knot 44 years ago. Lately that knot feels more like a noose than anything.

Tell you the truth, if I knew then what I know now, I never would have married him.

If I’d known he had MS and how our lives would change so drastically because of it, yeah …second thoughts, third thoughts, never doing it, or doing it differently.

Plans, we would have had better plans.

Home improvements done early on, house sold, and the move made to a single floor dwelling done many years ago.

Staying in PA all these years, probably not.

So when I say MEH in response to all those ‘Oh, happy anniversary’ wishes from people. You know why.

I do love him, it’s just most days, I don’t like him very much.

He took away my best friend when he retired on disability and replaced him with an old Curmudgeon who sits in a chair and drives me crazy.



So the guy at the car dealer…

So the guy at the car dealer, where I get free inspections for the life of my car since I bought it there, laughed when he saw the mileage on my van. Yes, he laughed.

I admit it, I don’t get out much. My 2012 van has a mere 4,060 miles on it.

Poor girl is dirty and I haven’t the energy to wash her properly. With a good wash and wax and a vacuuming out I’d bet she’d look brand spanking new too.

The dealership is literally drooling over her wanting me to trade her in. However, I don’t have the money to make car payments and she’s free and clear.HPIM2439

Dang it!

Somehow managed to schedule my car’s inspection and our food order at almost the same time.

Food order at 1 and car at 2.

I hope our 5 Star Home Foods rep can get done fast so I can get to inspection at 2. Otherwise I’ll be leaving while he’s still here.

facepalm mummy