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Easy day…where?

Warmer weather, melting snow, and plenty of mud to track into the kitchen. The dogs are in their glory.

Too much to do this week to worry about things like mopping the kitchen floor, grocery shopping, taking G for her PT at 10 a.m., Lucy to the vet for a check up and shot Thursday evening, and hoping to squeeze in getting some laundry done somewhere in there.

I already started the week with getting my glasses fixed, picking up medication for Gavin, and a pharmacy run for The Curmudgeon.

Twisted my knee tripping over Gavin which put off everything I wanted to get done yesterday. Fun. Not.



Happy birthday to me…yeah sure.

Woke on my birthday with a lovely stomach virus.

If I wasn’t in the bathroom, all I wanted to do was sleep.

Still had to take dogs out every time I got comfortable.

Still had to do stuff for The Curmudgeon every single time I got comfortable.

Absolutely insisted I was NOT cooking dinner on my birthday…he ordered Chinese food. He gets points for that.

Still had to dish it up and do dishes afterwards.

No cake… as has been the norm for 40+ years.

At least there should have been cake…

birthday cake

We need sun and warmth

salt and icegreat idea for snowmenHPIM4453cincoffee

Well, that train jumped the track

I can’t remember what I’d planned to write about.


Because WordPress screwed with the *write page again and completely threw me for a loop.

Thanks a lot guys.

The last *improvement* was not an improvement and you’ve made it worse.

I hug my bull terrier

The edge of 63

As a young woman, it never occurred to me that I’d have so much to worry about when I got older. Hell, 63 years of age to me was OLD and an age I’d probably not reach.

Well, here I am, teetering on the edge of 63.

Now, I worry about our Social Security getting raped by the Republicans, not to mention the pillaging of Medicare, affordable healthcare, and so many other things.

Seems the Republicans enjoy playing reverse Robin Hood and they steal from the poor to line the pockets of the rich.

When I was young, I didn’t have health problems and a need for life saving drugs.

When I was young, my husband hadn’t yet been diagnosed with MS. (Need I mention ALL the drugs he needs to make it through a day?)

When I was young, I quit my job on more than one occasion to go 2,000 miles away from my husband (who was still in good health) to care for my baby sister, not worrying about hours needed for medicare and time lost with a healthy husband.


Yay, a quiet day.

Gavin had a nice, quiet day.

G had plenty of brotherly help today so I wasn’t needed.

Other than some of his normal whining, The Curmudgeon wasn’t too much of a handful.

Chilly outside so neither dog was too anxious to go out every five minutes like on warm days.

Dinner was simple and tasty so no complaints there.

We had snow flurries arrive in the afternoon.



Another recovery day

This one is not only Gavin’s but I picked up G and brought her home from where she had her second knee surgery.

Once I got her home, her eldest son and her youngest brother took over her care.

Now my BFF has two fake knees. 😉 Six weeks until she’s allowed to drive again. She’s already wishing the time was over.

We’ll celebrate when the doctor releases her to back to normal living.

midnight margaritas



One of THOSE days


Oh crap, that means I actually have to clean…

We got a call from our life insurance agent and The Curmudgeon let HER make an appointment with us.

Crap, just what I need.

Someone who would not be happy with white dog hair on their pants from sitting on the couch that Lucy and I share. I’ll have to switch out the cover.

Someone who would look at the dust on everything and recoil in horror. I dust once in a while but it is not something that is at the top of my to do list. Not when I have so much other stuff to do around here.

Someone who will judge me on my housekeeping skills. Someone who has no idea what life as a wife/caregiver for an MS patient is like.

Sigh. You think I should hang this sign up?



I have pipe dreams

There’s that one about being able to find simple help when I need it.

What do I mean by simple help?

Here are two examples:

One of our smoke alarms, the one for the second floor, died a very noisy death a week or so ago. The Curmudgeon could barely get it down and there’s no way he can put the new one up. I can’t put the new one up because with my bad shoulders I can’t work above my head. Therefore, I have a brand new smoke and CO2 detector that is still in the box.

I have a new doorbell to put up and, oh yeah, same problem.

Simple help…

Today’s Tee shirt

I hug my bull terrier



Is it just me or…

Why is it, that the more your back aches, the heavier the laundry baskets?

The more you want to sleep, the more things keep you awake?

The less social you are feeling, the more people show up at your door?

Have you any more to add?

Today’s Tee shirt


I swear it’s a conspiracy

There are days where the world conspires to keep me from getting enough sleep.

It started with Lucy deciding to climb all over me (before my alarm went off at 10 a.m.) and bark in my face. Yeah, she had to pee although I’d taken her out at 4 a.m.

Got the dogs done, The Curmudgeon had his breakfast, dogs went out for a second time and I climbed back onto the couch to try for a bit more sleep.

That didn’t happen. After the 6th nonsense phone call–whatever happened to that list we’re supposedly on? I was ready to cry. So, so tired.

I no sooner started to doze off again when the mailman rang our doorbell, which is directly above the couch…it is loud Westminster chimes… LOUD. CHIMES. Peel me off the ceiling LOUD.

I do have a new, quieter doorbell sitting in the kitchen still in the box. Where it’s been for almost two years waiting for someone to install it.

Volunteers? Yeah, that’s why it is still in the box.

Today’s Tee shirt