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Nope my dogs won’t be eating Pork Chomps.

I saw them advertised during an episode of Dr. Pol.

I thought they sounded good.

Then I saw they were manufactured in China.

With so many dog treats manufactured in China proven to be what has poisoned so many US dogs, I will never buy a treat for mine that is manufactured there.

Sorry Lucy and Gavin. You’ve done without them so far…


Got the pictures back


So very lovely in their frames!



Face book diet… :)

I’ve cut back to twice a day and I find it refreshing. I find that I don’t miss spending time on Face book.

Although, it still hasn’t helped me get more things done around here, it has knocked down my stress levels a bit.

It’s amazing how easily one can get hooked on a social media.

Today’s Tee shirt

sip coffee and pet my dog

Crock pot cookery

A while ago my cousin sent me some stuff from New Mexico.

Included was a packet of seasoning for pork–Desert Gardens Carne Adovada Mix.

Well, we seldom get pork at the price of it around here and the seasonings sat for a long while.

Nine in the morning I put a boneless leg of lamb into the crock pot, after it sat for hours in the seasoning, and set it on low to cook for eight hours.

Eight hours later … pure heaven.Carne Adovada Mix 

I love their dips and soups too.

Attached to my hip

Yes, Lucy is a like a big white tumor on my hip whenever I sit on the couch.

She can’t get close enough.

HPIM4690I love my little nut ball.

Okay, so both are done for a year…

The Curmudgeon had to get his truck over for inspection.

I couldn’t go along because our Five star Home Foods guy was coming to take our order at the same time.

Thank goodness for G. She followed him over and brought him home.

Thank goodness for his ice vest too, it kept him cool in this brutal heat.

Today’s Tee shirt

I dream while awake


Things they don’t tell you about MS

Cognitive troubles.

No fun at all.

They don’t tell you how they creep up and then BAM! They hit you with their best shot.

There are days when I wish I could leave, but who would take care of him then?

Would they know when his brain was not all there?

I am tired of telling him to speak up, he does a lot of mumbling and sometimes speaks barely above a whisper and yet I am supposed to hear him.

Right …hear him over the blasting TV that he has to blast to hear because the rude neighbors across the street play music so loud it shakes the house.

They don’t tell you how mean spirited a person can get.

It’s frustrating, heartbreaking, and way more stressful than anyone should have to put up with.

I am one lottery win away from running.

Today’s Tee shirt

Writer reality

Picture day 7/24

Gavin 9 weeksGavin at 9 weeks


I’ve been framed!

Finally took all the stuff over to get framed.

Had to bring some of it back home to wait for a later date.

Yep, it isn’t cheap to get a bunch of things framed right.

I’m down to having 5 prints and two cloth items still needing frames. I hope to do that soon.

I will have four prints and a Heather Galler original all framed and home by mid-week next week. Can’t wait!

Patty's Galler originalHeather Galler original painting of Patty

Three Heather Galler prints

Heather Galler 1

Heather Galler 2

Heather Galler 3

Tea poster

tea poster

So, yesterday we celebrated our 43rd anniversary…

Yeah, we went to Saint Luke’s Hospital West for The Curmudgeon to get a battery of blood tests he’d forgotten to get done.

Then we stopped at Red Robin’s for lunch. Oh, that was pleasant…The Curmudgeon griped through the entire lunch.

I should have gone out for a nice dinner with G instead. I would have had more fun.

43 years. You don’t get that for murder in this state.


Time to serously cut back

When your Facebook feed gives you stress.

When you decide that over half of your ‘friends’ have gone round the bend.

When there’s almost four months remaining until the election.

It is time to leave the social networking to those who do not care so much.

Kiss my athame

Oh yeah, and happy anniversary to The Curmudgeon. 43 years. Whoopee do.

Too good to be true

Well, at least we had two blissful days of peace. Ugh. He’s back.

Can anyone explain to me why, when I listen to Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s lovely voice, my cheeks always become wet? I do wish he was still among the living. I cried when I heard him sing while he was alive too, so it’s not his death that causes the tears.

Is it a primal longing for the islands (I was too little to know when we were there) tugging on my heart?

The Curmudgeon is truly sick of seeing me cry when I wear my ear buds.