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Oh wow, out of the house and for fun!

I did something yesterday that I haven’t done in a very long time.

G and I went to a movie.

Actually, we went out to lunch and then to a movie. We do go out to lunch at least twice a month but it’s been ages since we’ve gone to a movie.

We went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and had a blast.  If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing it, make sure you sit through all of the credits, there’s a surprise at the very end.

They’ve redone the multiplex theater we usually go to (yes, we’ve not gone there in a long while.) The theater we were in only seats 61 people and the seats are so comfortable I wanted to bring them home.

Jack Sparrow YUM


Jack Sparrow

Cooped up itis

Sometimes there’s no escaping it.

You can’t go anywhere for one reason or another.

The weather prevents you from even enjoying your yard or a walk around the block.

Try as you might to escape into a book, your spouse or roommate has no concept of “I’m reading, leave me alone.”

Even a blunt “shut up” doesn’t phase them, they keep talking.

Today’s T-shirt

shut up and let me read

Lost in a book

I finally surfaced from the depths of my book only to realize that midnight had passed by a while ago. Caught up in magic, dragons, dwarfs, magicians, unicorns and such, I lost track of time and place.

Found a good one in this freebie Kindle book, actually two books so far in this series. You can find the first one here but it is no longer a freebie.

I’m on book two of the series.

You all have a good one. I’m diving back in.

what makes your soul happy

Repeats of repeats of repeats of….you get the idea.

I cannot watch one more old episode of Criminal Minds without going crazy. I swear he’s watched each one a dozen times. I still watch the new ones, he hasn’t ruined the show for me yet.

Why? Why do we have to watch them? He did the same thing with all the Law and Order shows, now I can’t stand any of them.

Is this a man thing? One must watch good shows repeatedly until your wife (who at one time loved the shows) can no longer stand to even listen to them?

We have dozens of new movies stacked up waiting, nay begging, for us to watch them. I am all for a nightly movie through dinner. There’s not a thing on TV that interests me at that time of day.

Well, last night I blew a gasket and told him to put a movie on. What does he do? He puts on one I wouldn’t watch on my worst day–bought it for him to watch when I was in bed in the mornings. So then he put in one we’d seen.

“What do you mean you haven’t seen this? We watched it together.”

“I don’t remember.”

“Man, I wish I had MS brain and could forget things all the time. We watched this. There’s a huge stack of movies there that we haven’t watched…”

He pouted.

I gave in but was mean enough to tell him what was going to happen throughout.

“Oh, oh! Wait for it…Great line coming…”

He has a brand new, just bought it Tuesday last, movie in the DVD player for tomorrow.

HPIM4053What we watching?

Superbowl? Nope. Books!

     Nope, I didn’t watch the football game.  I read two books.  When I get the chance to read without The Curmudgeon yapping at me I can actually zip through two books in a day.

     Getting that opportunity is a rare thing.  I take full advantage of it when I do get it.

     One large paperback and a heavy-duty hard cover book later, I am a happy camper.

Library room

See you later, I’m reading…

     Ever since I first discovered Piers Anthony’s Xanth books I’ve been hooked.  Yesterday his newest paperback showed up in my mailbox.

     Never guess where I’ve been since it arrived.  Well, maybe you will.  Yes!  I’ve been off into the land of Xanth.  I’ll be back there when I finish writing my post and an E-mail to my dear friend E.

     If you’ve never read the books, you can start with, ‘A Spell For Chameleon,’ and take your first journey into the land of living puns and adventure.

Cover of "A Spell for Chameleon (Xanth, B...

     Bye-bye, I am diving back in between the covers of ‘Luck of the Draw.”  You all have a good one!

Genre fiction, what is your favorite?

     Lately, I’ve been reading a variety of genres.  I am still not fond of Romances, I find that life is never what you wish for, it has rough patches, and romance is seldom anything like one reads in books. 

     I am enjoying some of the new fantasies out there and, of course, most mysteries.  I’ve never liked spy/espionage books.  Don’t know why, but neither the books nor the films intrigue me in the least.  Tried to read a couple, and still don’t like them.

     Not a big fan of hard sci-fi either.  I can’t help it, it’s how I am.

     Now it’s your turn, what do like to read?

O’Henry still holds up today

     I couldn’t tell you how or why the subject came up but at one point last night I looked up and read O’Henry’s The Ransom of Red Chief to The Curmudgeon.

     It is one of my favorite short stories of all times.  If you’ve never read it, or want to read it again go to the following link.

     You all have a good one!

Thank you Charlaine Harris

     I have enjoyed reading all your books but The Curmudgeon can’t read much because his vision is screwed up for close things.  He couldn’t get how much I enjoyed them.  Then you sold the rights to HBO and Trueblood was born.

     I bought the first season and The Curmudgeon watched it with me.  He got hooked.  We bought seasons two and three.  I even pre-ordered season four.  According to, season four should arrive here on Thursday.

Sherlock Holmes; a game of shadows

Sherlock Holmes

     G and I went to see it yesterday.  We both loved, loved, loved it!  We are looking forward to more.  I may have bruised G’s arm poking her with my elbow when the bull terrier appeared on-screen.  Yay, for bullies!

     We are also looking forward to Men In Black 3 the trailers looked like great fun!

     For my birthday in March we are going to make sure we go to see John Carter.

John Carter Movie YAY!!

     One of my favorite book series has always been Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter series.  So you can imagine my excitement to hear that FINALLY someone is making a John Carter movie.

     Yay!  I will be in line for tickets the day it opens here.  And, if it is true enough to the books, I will buy the DVD when it comes out too. 

     Read the books if you haven’t, they are great.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread them over the years.