Monthly Archives: May 2020

Things I miss…

There are things I miss, most I have missed long before Covid19 rained on our parade.

Hugs, I miss hugs. I can’t remember when Jay had stopped hugging me but it was a long time ago.

Dancing, we danced together since my Jr year of high school. However, once his MS began to mess with his balance all bets were off. Now I dance alone.

Music, and I am making up on that lack since I got Alexa installed. He was always watching TV and would gripe if I played music. Couldn’t use my headphones because he’d bitch I couldn’t hear him, as if he ever talked to me any more other than to give orders, the last several years.

I miss going out to lunch. I don’t leave the house these days.

I really miss socializing. Being with a bunch of people–listening to several conversations at once, especially if they are writers. There’s nothing better.

Stay safe  Wash your hands and keep your distance. We can do this.