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Arresting developments

I hope Monday was the beginning of the end for #45. How lovely to see arrests made. I look forward to many more leading to the end of this administration and all of the corruption that has infected our government.

The end of this corrupt government means We The People can sleep at night without fear. Dream of a future filled with hope, clean air, water, and ALL of the other things they screwed up put back to good.

In the future, We The People demand a transparent government, one that abides by the constitution and has term limits.


Another vet run…

This time not for fun. Poor Lucy started digging her ears late Friday night, and I gave her some prednisone, cleaned her ears–they weren’t dirty but just in case, and a Benedryl all so she could sleep, she couldn’t before then.

I continued to treat her for the rest of the weekend so she could go to our vet on Monday.

We got a 7p.m. appointment with Dr. Pinola–the new vet in the office Lucy met on her Trick or Treat run there last week. Lucy, of course, charmed everyone. Dr. Pinola diagnosed yeasty ears. Now Lucy has the proper meds for it. And there is sleep.


A PJ sort of day.

Lots of rain, chilly temperatures, just plain dreary day.

I decided to stay in my PJs and spend the day snoozing, reading, and snuggling Lucy on the couch.

She had no complaints.


Wow, time for the tens machine again.

Having to get The Curmudgeon to sit upright in his chair so I could put a clean, dry pants and shirt on him after he spilled his entire 24 oz drink down his front, all this before I called G to help me and for the ambulance, he managed to wretch my back again.

Cleaning up after a spill of his ‘honey thick’ liquids is not pleasant the drink is slimy and doesn’t want to come off wherever it is spilled.

After that incident and then Trick or Treat night Saturday night, my back is a total wreck. Again.

Time to charge up and use the tens.

tens machine


Trick or Treat!

G and I took Lucy to go pick up her allergy meds. Before we went inside the vet’s office, we dressed her in her costume.


She had them all in the giggles in no time. She also got to meet and love on the new vet in the group. Lucy was a big hit. She posed for pictures and had a blast.

After that we stopped at the liquor store to pick up more Buttershots for my caramel apple drinks. ( Caramel apple drink: one shot of Buttershots in a glass of apple cider.) Yummy!

Our last stop was at the beauty salon for Lucy to visit the gals and show off her costume.  She had a great time and posed for pictures there too.

Spent the rest of the day getting the porch ready–sorry forgot to take pictures. My back was killing me, has been since having to move The Curmudgeon on Friday before the ambulance got there.

Trick or Treaters arrived a few at a time then we hit a long lull, I had cauldron full of candy–this cauldron:

HPIM4189Boy, was I worried that we’d have a TON of candy left over.

Then the hordes arrived and almost completely cleaned us out of candy. Yay! By 8:00 this is all I had left.1028170312aPorch cleared after 8:00 and dinner was served. we all enjoyed the lasagna and G’s lovely cupcakes. 1028170318

The few pictures I took:


And we have a winner!

G and I play the PA lottery every week. If we win, we plan to split the win in half. She also plays another game just for her and I will buy a couple scratch offs a month.

Last week I won $2.00 on a $2.00 ticket. So I bought another one with the win. I lost, but that ticket gets entered in a VIP drawing. (Yep, I joined their VIP club, it’s free.)

I also bought a $5.00 ticket and won $10.00 on it. LOL!

Never the big bucks, but just enough to make me buy another one or two next month.



Friday is Trick or Treat night in our town. They’ve shortened the hours, how disappointing!

I’ve put together our lasagna and have it baking. I’ll refrigerate it when it is done and we’ll only have to heat it up on Friday.

I learned a long time ago it’s best to do it this way. Makes for a more relaxed evening. LOL


Once the weather gets cooler…Lasagna!!!

Why do I do it?

I wish when they would send him home they’d make him walk around a lot first. I swear his walking is worse after several days in bed and he makes no effort to do any exercises to help himself. I am so sick of trying to get him to do them.

If he refuses to help himself, why do I bother?

Today’s Tee

front bull terrier mom

back bull terrier mom

Home again…

They never did manage to get the last MRI and sent him home today with instructions to call and make an appointment for one.

We have…no answers. Again.

WTand F

Day 3

Still in hospital. Last I heard he was waiting for MRI to be done. They have since rescheduled that for tomorrow/today.

Tentative release sometime 10/23.


Day 2

Went to visit The Curmudgeon, he was not thrilled to be in the hospital but I have hopes that they will figure something out.

Spent the rest of my day dozing on the couch with Lucy. Guess I was more tired than I thought.


He’s in the hospital again

G and I had gone out to do a little shopping and have a nice lunch. When we got home, we found The Curmudgeon not doing real well.

He was running another fever. He felt warm, his speech was slurred, he couldn’t bend his legs, he couldn’t sit himself up, walking was beyond him.

We called an ambulance and after running multiple tests at the hospital, they admitted him. They can’t figure it out. I hope they keep him long enough to find what has been causing these fevers to pop up and wipe him out so badly.