Hoping to end the year with 50,000 hits



     With only a few weeks left to this year, I’m afraid I won’t reach my 50,000 hits goal.  (More would be even better.)  Well, so far it looks as though I won’t make it, at least, not without your help.  Hurry dear readers; tell your family, friends, and blog buddies to pop in for a peek.  Bribe them, sweet-talk them, and lie to them if you must.  I have a bet with Dear Hubby, there’s a dinner out riding on this.  Help me please—we don’t get out much. 

     How can I induce you?  Cuter dog pictures?  More talks with the editor on my shoulder?  More serious discussions on writing?  Arguments with my muse?  More dog stories?  Life with Dear Hubby and his MS stories?  Stories of me the super klutz and life with two BTs?  Have you any suggestions?  

     There are only two things I refuse to comment on—religion and politics.  I’ll leave that to other people since I created this blog for fun and I consider both subjects private.

About doggonedmysteries

Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. Just passing by from Crone and Bear it. I hope this contributes to your hit list.

  2. More, more, more you need more visitors – I’m going to Twitter you so you get more hits. Is this fun or what?

  3. Hi it’s Cronie here coming to you from the laptop of Devoted Spouse – hope you are getting lots and lots of hits. I’m leaving my post up another day just in case someone drops by and can come visit you – I posted a link to your blog on Twitter and I hope a few visited. DS doesn’t know I’m on his laptop — he would definitely side with your hubby! LOL Hugs!

    • Yes, like Dave siding with DH, the brat.

      Geez, guys, I cook his dinner every night, serve it, and I do the dishes–no dishwasher here except me. What’s the harm in one dinner out where someone else cooks, serves, and does the dishes? 🙄

      So far I’ve had 105 hits today…YIPPEE!

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