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Thank goodness for clown dogs

I am so glad we have clowns for dogs. Though they do drive me to distraction most days, they also manage to make me laugh.

I have so many days where I feel exhausted and mentally drained beyond all possibility. Days where I am one thin thread from losing it altogether.

Then one of these two nut balls does something so totally off the wall that it gives me a good giggle, or better yet, there are those moments when they go for the belly laugh.


Darkness returns

Some days even good company and fun at the mall can’t chase away the darkness.

The Curmudgeon worried me last night. He’d taken his bed time medications and remained downstairs for a half hour afterwards.

I don’t like when he does that. He gets a bit incoherent and slurs his speech. Of course, that’s when he wants to carry on a conversation and gets frustrated with me for not understanding him.

I repeatedly tell him to go to bed.

Once he goes up, well..that’s when the tears start. I mourn him every day and each day it gets harder to watch him fall apart a little more.


Not to be outdone…Lucy scared her own squirrel

The squirrel didn’t hear me open the door.

Busy digging under the far side of the magnolia tree we were under his radar.

However, Lucy spotted his tail moving and dove out the back door all bark and bluster.

The tomato and eggplant stealing, fuzzy-tailed tree rat jumped straight up into the air about 3 feet and sprinted up the trunk of the tree with Lucy hot on his heels…until she realized she can’t climb a tree and she back flipped to the grass.

Never a dull moment around here.

Sleepy girl had a busy day.


Gavin the great white squirrel scarer

Yesterday afternoon old Gavin decided to make a vocal round of the yard.

He barked for the sake of barking at each corner of the yard.

When he got to the front, alley side corner he didn’t see the squirrel sitting on the fence, and the squirrel, as is his want, paid no attention to us.

That is until Gavin let loose with a couple of barks at the corner.

The squirrel, startled and panicked, scrambled up the tulip poplar and out of sight in record time.

I laughed so hard I almost fell down.

“Serves you right you tomato and eggplant stealing squirrel!”

Gavin enjoyed all the praise even though he had no idea why I would make such a fuss.


To boldly go where no…okay, not really…

I boldly go nowhere. I spend far too much time at home.


What if things sounded like this:

I boldly go to the basement and do laundry.

I boldly enter the grocery store and as I subsequently leave, breathe a sigh of relief if I spend less than one hundred dollars.

I boldly take the dogs out.

Yeah, that will never fly.

old gals still rock


Yeah, the person who didn’t want a cell phone…

Has embraced it.

My car is set up so I can use my phone hands free when needed.

I just, last night, downloaded a grocery list app because the last time G and I went to the grocery store, I forgot my list. Shopping by memory doesn’t always work. I missed several items.

The app I am using is a simple grocery list app and, so far, I like it. We’ll see how it works when I actually use it to shop next week.

I am, however, totally addicted to my Zen Koi game.

air_native_share_media my phone case

What would you like for dinner?

Have you ever felt like you’ve run dry on the ‘what’s for dinner’ front?

Yeah, I feel like that far too often these days.

Of course, The Curmudgeon is no help what-so-ever.

“What would you like for dinner?”

“I don’t know.”

“How about, would you like beef, chicken, turkey, pork, maybe a veggie and rice dish?”

“I don’t know.”

“I guess I’ll make chicken then.”

“No. We had that the other night.”

“We’ve had beef, turkey, and pork too. If I can’t fix chicken, what then?”

“I don’t know.”

“ARGH!!!”  Screamed in frustration.

“You’re getting chicken. The first complaint I hear and the dogs get your dinner.”

HPIM4908We would like your dinner.

Great sleeping weather.

When one gets a good night’s sleep one is a more pleasant person…mostly.

Can I help getting a bit upset when given notice an hour before that The Curmudgeon had a neurologist appointment he’d long forgotten to have me put on my reminder list?

Hell no!

I have to take him.

I had plans.

So much for my plans. Screwed again.

Nothing new. I’m always last.

Today’s Tee shirt

sip coffee and pet my dog

Fabulous break in the weather

Cool enough last night to turn off the AC, turn on the whole house fan, and open the windows.

Even nicer tonight. Down to 63 degrees–great sleeping weather. This is like the Pennsylvania weather we used to have.

We’re supposed to enjoy this until Tuesday of next week where it will pop back up into the 90s.

Today’s Tee shirt


I find it amazing….

That I can accomplish absolutely nothing on a daily basis.

Yet, I don’t sit more than a few minutes at a time.

I am constantly on the move.

I only get about 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night.

Exhaustion is my constant companion.

Today, the laundry basket made it to the top of the basement steps…never did get it down to the washer.

Nope, because as I headed for the basement door, Gavin decided he needed to go out. When I brought him in, Lucy had to go.

Then, The Curmudgeon needed this and wanted that, and by the time I thought about taking the laundry down to the basement to wash it, it was time to get started on dinner.

Most days are another version of this.

Sigh… A beach, some peace and quiet, all alone even if only for a few days…


Lazy picture day











Good eats

It’s always a pleasure to discover, or in this case, rediscover a good place to eat.

G and I have been watching, what used to be a dive bar, get a facelift, and gain an entirely new and good reputation.

We decided to have lunch there today after hearing so many good things about the place.

We were pleased to find it lived up to all the good reviews. We had some delicious calamari as a starter. G had a steak sandwich and I had a Cubano. Find some recipes here:

The food was delicious. The service excellent, and the facelift amazing.

Today’s Tee shirt

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