Monthly Archives: March 2018

Taxes are done!

My favorite thing to get out of the way.

Our taxes are done, filed, finished!

So glad that is over with.


A year already….

It’s hard to believe that I found my new doctor a year ago already.

I had my first official appointment of this year with her. She ordered my yearly mammogram and some bloodwork and, barring illness, I won’t see her again until July.


This dreary is getting to be too much

No sun again.

Plenty of dreary though.

Spatterings of rain made Miss Lucy unhappy. OMG she’ll melt for sure. Poor Miss Sugar Butt.

She did get to go visiting at the vet’s (she was almost out of her allergy pills.)


Rain again.

Are we ever going to have more than a single day of sunshine in a week?

I am so tired of grey skies, of rain or snow, and cold.

Yeah, I could do without the cold.

I’m tired of having to wear a jacket to go outside.

Tired of a soggy, muddy yard.

Tired of cleaning muddy paw prints off the kitchen floor.

bear arms

I may be a baby boomer but..

I’m not old and biased.

I am a liberal, progressive, forward thinking, forward looking person who is a registered democrat.

I am a feminist. I have fought for, will continue to fight for, and will die still fighting for women’s rights.

I stand with the Parkland kids.

I will always fight against racism, bigotry, and misogyny. And in case you need to know this: “The main difference between racist and bigot is that fact that racism discriminates on the basis of race, whereas a bigot discriminates on the basis of his personal opinion, which can include race, gender, religion or beliefs.”

no drama


Never more proud

All those marches, all those young people letting our government and the NRA know that we aren’t going to take it anymore.

I was with you all in spirit.




Out for a spin….

G and I went out and a trip to Bed, bath and Beyond turned into a lunch out and stops at all sorts of stores just for the fun of it.

Had a lovely lunch at the new Chilis, they tore down the old one and built an all new place. Food was great! We each got a sandwich and traded halves so we could get a taste of both. The buffalo chicken sandwich on the right was the best. The chicken, bacon, cheese, avocado one was nowhere near as good. Excellent fries.


Came home with a cute bird house for our wrens to try out.


The Curmudgeon about died laughing at it.


It’s melting…

But nowhere near fast enough to suit me.

It is only 37 degrees this morning and even though the snow is melting away, I do wish it were more like 60 degrees and a much faster melt going on.

This is still not spring to me. Especially when they are calling for more snow later this week.

I can’t wait for the decent weather to get here.

Stop snowing

Well crap, what TF happened to spring?

There’s a box in my kitchen…

It is catching all the odds and ends I am pulling from my cabinets.

Things I haven’t used in years, tin glasses, an over abundance of coffee mugs, pots and pans are all finding places in the to go box.

I’ve cleaned out a lot of stuff so far but have so much to to do yet.

The Curmudgeon has tried to retrieve a few things from the box but I asked him when was the last time we used the items? He couldn’t tell me and put them back in the box. He gets my point.

I need dis

Too sleepy to post…

I don’t cook dinner on my birthday…

The Curmudgeon knows this and yet he had no desire to go out to dinner. He never wants to go anywhere.

Therefore I made an early call for a 5:00 delivery of Dominos sandwiches and we also had a free pizza coming to us so I ordered my favorite one. Sandwiches: mine buffalo chicken. His Philly cheese steak. They were yummy.

Unfortunately my pizza arrived all slid over to one side and impossible to remove from the box without making a mess. The Curmudgeon called Dominos and told them about it. We are good customers and we tip well.


They replaced it. How nice of them! So now I have the new pizza in my freezer which is what I planned to do with the messed up one.