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They’ll never earn my respect…

For eight years the republicans and that POS #45 treated President Obama with a complete lack of respect.

An honorable, intelligent, articulate, kind man was treated with a total lack of respect.

Let that sink in.

I’ll wait.

They want me to treat #45 and the republicans with respect.

Not going to happen.

Respect must be earned.

So far they are batting zero.



Cooking ahead…

Lately my crock pot has been getting a work out. I’ve been cooking meats in it in portions large enough to freeze a couple of cooked meals each time.

Those meals will serve me well on days I have no time to cook or when The Curmudgeon is having a particularly bad day.

My freezer is well stocked with meals that I can pop in the microwave and have ready in minutes.

Today it is chicken thighs simmering away in the pot that perfumes the house.



Pretty pictures

By myself…well, not really…but…

There are times when the loneliness I feel takes on a drab color that drapes over my entire world.

It becomes a deep pain that runs through my entire being.

It removes any and all joy I might feel.

It steals my laughter.

You can be lonely in a crowd, with a mate, anywhere.

I feel invisible, ignored, and so very alone.



I wonder when I’ll have a fence…



Chased three cats out the yard tonight. I really need my fence back.

There’s a new place on our food delivery list…

The other day we got a menu from a different Chinese food restaurant than the one we’ve used for years.

This place has an online menu and ordering plus they take a charge card. Our old place had neither and lately we don’t keep any cash around. Therefore, it’s been a long time since we had Chinese food.

I decided to give the new place a try, if only for the convenience.

The place we used to use had good food, but we had to have enough cash on hand to pay for it.

This new place has better food. It was a pleasure to be able to order it early in the day, set a time for delivery, and pay by card-tip and all.

Chopsticks II has new customers.



When you go shopping with great expectations….

When you go shopping with great expectations….And they crash on you.

G and I went to Target to pick up a space saver cupboard for over the toilet because I need extra storage wherever we can get it.

They didn’t have any in stock.


However, we didn’t waste the trip since I found a much-needed folding table for us to use on the front porch and picked up garbage bags for the dog poop can (I put the last bag in today.)

Later I made a vet run with Lucy and she had a great time loving on everyone there.


The Moron in the White House

Well, now that the Moron in the White House has rolled back air pollution regulations along with water regulations, we have so many things for which to be thankful.

Things like children as young as less than a year old showing signs of early Alzheimers.

All praise the mighty tiny-handed MORON.

Yeah, we don’t need things like air to breathe, clean water, and unpolluted land to grow our food or have our cattle and sheep graze upon.

All praise the cowardly congress and senate for allowing #45 and his traitorous cronies to send us back at least 50 years.

It’s time to dust off the gallows and take care of our problems the right way.


Retractable leashes…

I use one to take Lucy out in our fenced in yard. I never use it anywhere else.

I use it in the yard because she likes to eat things she shouldn’t, because some days I don’t want to go out all the way out the door with her and want to make sure she comes in when called.

I never use it on a walk because one does not have any control over one’s dog when the dog is on a retractable leash.

I wouldn’t dream of using the retractable leash to take my dog to a vet’s office…because one does not have any control over one’s dog on a retractable leash.

If I take Lucy for a walk in a park, she’s on a regular six foot lead. She’s under control.

I have seen dogs injured by other dogs who were on retractable leashes or worse yet allowed to run loose.

Hello irresponsible dog owner.

Please go take your dog to obedience classes so you can learn how to be a responsible dog owner.

Don’t get me started on the people who don’t clean up after their dogs….


My lottery life

Spent $12.00 on scratch offs.


Won $16.00.




Pictures of sleep



A day out

Boy, did I need a day away.

I overslept. Had to scramble to get Lucy fed, out, and get myself dressed and ready to go but I did it.

I was ready to go when G got here.

We went from the center of town, to the far east of town, and then to the far west of town and finally back home in the center.

In order…we dropped books at a charity book sale, stopped at The Christmas Tree Shop (, headed west…stopped to get G’s blood test done, went to lunch at Red Robin’s, back towards center stopped at Wegman’s, stopped at Giant…then home.

This guy jumped in my cart at The Christmas Tree Shop and insisted he go home with me. I think he’s adorable!