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Is it cold enough?

So my not old enough to be doing this refrigerator is acting up. Thank goodness we have a second one I can use. Yeah, we have two.

Mainly because the minuscule space his parents allotted for a refrigerator when they (cough, cough) ‘designed’ the kitchen only allows for a small one with little space in it.

We were given a fairly new white one when a neighbor moved away that fit actually in the space. It looked better than the old coppertone one we had. We moved the old one to the back porch and put the ‘new’ white one in its place. One problem, the new one given to us died about a year later. We decided to buy another white one rather than drag the coppertone one back inside.

(Confused yet?)

Not long ago, we bought another ‘second’ refrigerator after our ancient one on the back porch died. We were used to having two by then. The new one went on the back porch because we had no size constraints on what we could put there.

So here goes…the one inside is slightly older than the one on the back porch but both are not old. Right now, the one on the back porch is jammed full because the one in the kitchen is acting weird.

We emptied it and unplugged it for a while hoping that maybe a compressor froze up. We’ll see if it stays cold for a couple of days, then I’ll move things back.

suck it up buttercup


Oh no, there’s no global warming…

Usually at this time of year I am making a lot of soups, stews, and other tasty cool weather meals.

We’ve had temperatures in the mid 80s the last couple days.

Neither one of us wants those cool weather meals.

Global warming?

What say you?

Vegas a sign of troubling times

The horror of the Las Vegas shooting could have been prevented with stricter gun laws. Wake up and smell the gun powder. Things need to change!

From Newsweek:

Nevada has some of the most relaxed gun laws in the country, a legislative condition that is sure to come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history on Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Nevada law does not require firearms owners to have licenses or register their weapons, nor does it limit the number of firearms an individual posses. Automatic assault weapons and machine guns are also legal in the state as long as they are registered and possessed in adherence to federal law, according to the National Rifle Association.

Nevada does not prohibit the transfer or possession of assault weapons, 50-caliber rifles or large-capacity ammunition magazines. Local law enforcement issues concealed handgun licenses. Open carry is legal without a permit.

Let’s stop the hate.


We’re down to seasonable temperatures

The Curmudgeon is more comfortable and so is Lucy. In fact, she’s downright happy over the cooler weather.

We turned off the AC and it got chilly enough that I had to go around and close the windows.

Today’s Tee

Born in March

Open letter to Lowe’s

Dear Lowe’s,

I do believe your staff is under trained. I keep hearing about how so many of your staff will ignore a woman who is shopping only to ask a nearby male (adult, teen, or whatever) if they need help.

Believe me, when I am shopping with my husband in tow, he’s there merely for pretty.  I do the work around here or I hire someone to do it.

This is not the 1950s.

Women do electrical work, plumbing, dry walling, tile setting, and any other job a man can do.

More women do yard and home repair work than ever before mainly because we’re our husband’s caregivers, we’re single mothers, we are widows. We outlive our men.

Train your staff. teach them that a woman will spend as much or more in the store as a man especially when treated like an equal and not like a 1950s trophy wife.

Also remember that women talk about places that treat us like second class citizens. We tend to avoid those businesses and tell our friends to avoid them too.


Me and every other woman who is tired of this crap.



What is taking so long?!

#45 is still in office and has once again gone off the deep end. Of course that’s a daily thing for him.

The fact that he is not helping Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands is beyond disgraceful. The fact the Hillary had to push him into sending the hospital ship is proof that he is, most definitely, the wrong person in the office.

The longer he remains in office the more damage he does to this country.

Come on Mueller hurry up and get him out of there!

I shih tzu not

Dusted off the grill pan…

Since I don’t have gas for the grill, I dusted off the grill pan and used it to cook our dinner.

I’d marinated a lovely London broil in McCormick’s Brazilian Steakhouse Marinade for me and seasoned The Curmudgeon’s hamburger steak with the marinade .


I grilled his first since I have to cut his meat up and I hate to have a cold dinner unless it is specifically a cold dinner.

After I served him his dinner I grilled my steak. Yum, to perfection.

I served our dinners with birds-eye-steamfresh-superfood-blends-quinoa-spinach. I loved this …The Curmudgeon…not so much.

We have that Orange guy sitting in the White House who tweets about bullshit and ignores the plight of our people in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Island.

His Russian connections and insane expenditures on himself should be enough to enrage the average American.

However, when he denigrates Athletes for a calm and quiet protest over excessive police violence and racial inequality repeatedly on social media to direct attention away from the fact that he is being investigated for treasonous acts…(I get so angry) the sooner that man is impeached and jailed, the better.

Once he and all his cronies are impeached and jailed for treasonous acts we can work on healing America from his (cough cough) greatness.

Once we clean out the roach motels otherwise known as congress and the senate and put decent well-meaning people in office that are of the people by the people and for the people then maybe the healing of our country can begin.

We are not this country these sleazeballs make us out to be. We are far better than that.

Stand tall or take a knee just remember this is our country and we need to clean it up and get back to the business of moving forward into a bright future not dragging us back to a dark past.

Today’s Tee



Hot day

The temperature climbed past 90 degrees. The Curmudgeon, like a damned fool, went out to check his truck after the incident with the DB.

Only a few minutes in the driveway resulted in him struggling to get back in the house and spending the rest of the day in a very weakened condition.

I hate MS.

The Curmudgeon’s shirt for the day

Jay's shirt.png

The body in the driveway…

Yes, a neighbor banged on our door to tell us there was a dead body in our driveway.

This was not a Halloween type prank. There really was a dead human being in our driveway.

She was about 30 years old. She had blond hair.

According to sources in the police department, they believe she was with her husband when she collapsed from a drug overdose. He took off and left her there.

Drug addicts more often think of themselves and what would happen if they called for help and were found stoned. They do not think that maybe if they call for help the person who is dying could be helped.

So we watched the long, slow process of them collecting evidence, taking pictures, and measurements, and doing all the things they need to do before they could take her away.

The Curmudgeon stayed out on the porch for as long as he could but had to go inside because the heat was getting to him.

We talked about how sad it was. How frightening to happen here in our neighborhood. Worse, how we heard nothing. How he never stopped to ask for help for her.

Police tape kept the crowds at a distance. Hopefully, enough to give her some dignity. After all she is human and does deserve some dignity.

Cop cars leaving



Getting out of the house

It is extremely important that I get out of the house once in a while.

So G and I went on an outing to Target. The Curmudgeon wanted a DVD (Wonder Woman), I needed more Flonase and Claritin, and G and I needed to go out to lunch.

We met a nice gal our age in Target and spent quite a bit of time engaging her in a lively conversation. It was fun.

After Target we went to Applebees for lunch. We had a lovely lunch combo of fire roasted chicken salad wraps and Thai salads.

Now I get to spend the rest of the week shut in with The Curmudgeon.

I can see my sanity from here


Not a great start…

Went grocery shopping and, although I had pared my list down, all that good for me food my weight doctor wants me to use cost us three times as much. I swear I walked over 5 miles while shopping, having to hunt things down.

Is there any wonder there’s an obesity epidemic in the US?

Now with certain Governors dropping their state’s minimum wages to below poverty level, I’m sure we’ll see even more.

The Republican Congress and Senate wants to kill off as many of us as they can any way they can.

Then there’s that orange idiot in charge who, in actuality, hates all people and hates you even more if you aren’t lily white. His only love is of himself.

And all of them are telling us we need to:

suck it up buttercup