Monthly Archives: February 2023

Not a great day for me.

Popping in to update

Had my left eye done in December. Wow, with the second cataract gone my vision without glasses is 20/25. I’ll still be wearing glasses especially for reading but dang it’s been a miracle.

Penny is officially staying. She’s Lucy sister from another mother, of that there is no doubt. They love each other.

They often nap together unner da bed. Penny comes out of her safe house more often each day. She comes to find me when she needs to go out rather than wait for me to come looking for her.

Penny is an eager eater and mealtime is a hoot. She dances for her meals and often yodels too.

She still hides from people when I have visitors but I think she’ll eventually get over it. I am not pushing her on anything, she’ll get there in her own time.

Take care of yourselves. Be kind to each other.

I’ll be back soon.