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Two Paypal charges on my credit card on the 30th for amounts I didn’t authorize!!!

Lucy had a sick day

Poor Lucy was not feeling well tonight. She brought up her whole dinner. I have no idea why, she’s fine now.

It took quite a while for her stomach to settle.

Here’s betting she’ll be screaming for her breakfast in the morning.


There are days…

I didn’t care enough to change out of my PJs yesterday.

I stayed in them all day.

I spent most of the day reading with Lucy snuggled at my side.

I cared so little that dinner was leftovers dragged out of the freezer.

I don’t care…

adult bed bedroom breakfast

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Spewing hatred unacceptable…

So, another hate-filled, racist, anti Semite person went on a shooting spree. This time in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh. People died, people were injured, and we haven’t managed to stop the spread of this evil.

We need to stop the hate.

When you hear someone spewing hatred, let them know this is not acceptable. Do not allow them to continue. Shut them down.

The more we let people know this is unacceptable behavior the sooner we’ll bring back a more civilized society. Let’s stop this growth of evil that began with that racist bastard squatting in the White House.



So damned cute!

We had a lot of trick or treaters tonight. We ran out of candy at closing time.

Many little Spidermen, Ninja turtles, Wonder Women, and others. However, in all of the kids who showed up there was one stand out.

2 years old, tiny, dark haired gorgeous little girl in a red tutu and a multicolored top. Talking a blue streak and sweet as she was cute. She melted our hearts completely. I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of her–we were swamped by a large group as they were walking away.

She made our night.

G and I had a good time handing out a cauldron full of candy.

Picture below was taken in 2017 …See that cauldron? We filled it almost to the top with candy this year and it is all gone. I got a single Twixt and a Crunch bar. That was all I had left.


Not the usual…

Trick or treat night is here…well, will be here Friday night.

The Curmudgeon claims he’s not up for our usual get together. So, I’m not making my huge lasagna this time.

We’re going to have pizza and we’ll have it before the trick or treating begins–on the porch while G and I are decorating the porch.

Anyone wishing to party later is welcome to join us on the porch for cheese and cold meat cubes. If you are of legal age there’s wine too.

I have CRS.

This morning I had it all figured out as to what I was going to write here tonight.

I should have written it down.

As it is, I can’t remember the topic for the life of me.

Yep, I suffer from that dread disease of Can’t Remember Shit.



Lucy has rearranged the blanket on The Curmudgeon’s chair numerous time tonight. While doing so she flipped open both arm rests. (They have storage in them.)

This was after rearranging her blanket and the blanket covering the couch.

Now she’s snoring, maybe she’s done?


Holy effing OW!

I did The Curmudgeon’s wash yesterday. Yay me. :\

I also managed to jam my pinky as I was loading the washing machine.

Yep, pain has a color.


Dang that doorbell!

Well, it’s started. The political door knockers have rung our doorbell every day this week, always after The Curmudgeon has gone up for his nap.

We have this incredibly loud Westminster door chime I would love to replace, but I am not fond of doing electrical work while on a ladder.

Forget The Curmudgeon doing it. That will never happen.

I put a sign up today in hopes the doorbell ringers will leave us alone.

do not disturb election

Running all day

I thought I could actually have a day of nothing to do but relax.


I spent the day running up and down two flights of stairs doing laundry-mine (which I will continue to do tomorrow-his.)

I do ours separately because his clothes wouldn’t go over big with him smelling like my patchouli laundry soap.

Between trips Lucy wanted extreme attention. Seems she thinks she’s being neglected when I have to be out of her sight for any length of time.


A stair lift…

After The Curmudgeon’s fall down the stairs, his neurologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist all have told us to get one.

Not as easy as it sounds.

He’s fighting it tooth and nail although he, over the last week or so, has begun to admit maybe he needs one.

I gave him my opinion a long time ago and he wouldn’t listen so for this one, he’s on his own.

I’ve left it up to him to take care of it or not.