Monthly Archives: November 2018

So I took him to the eye doctor today…

He’s been bitching about his glasses almost from the day he got them. One year later we’re back getting his eyes checked and new glasses.

Final cost for him–over $800.00 and that’s with AARP discount and a sale on his lenses.

I put my appointment off for over a year because I knew he was going to cost us a fortune again.

I go in March. I will not feel guilty buying a slightly more expensive than usual frame since I tried on frames today that I loved. Titanium, super light, super strong looked nice. I’m pretty sure I’ll get those come March.

The need for something to relax me…

Spent the day listening to him moan, groan, hack and cough.

No he’s not sick. This is a daily thing.

And there are days when it drives me up the proverbial wall.

I decided early on that I was probably going to need a drink tonight so I didn’t take the one pill that says not to drink while taking it.




Last night, during my sleep, I bit my tongue so hard it woke me up.

I bit it so badly that there was blood, plenty of blood.

It seemed to take forever to get it to stop.

Do yourself a favor, don’t bite your tongue. LOL

I hate this time of year…

This is my father, he died 11/27/1995.

This is my Mom she died 1/1/2007


I miss them.

I haven’t had a real hug in at least three years.

He stopped hugging me longer ago than that.

How sad is that?


Snuggling with Lucy on the couch.


Listening to the rain hit the AC.

Drinking some Chai latte and enjoying the lovely scent and flavor.


Lately, I seek it out more than I ever have before.

I find that after being shut up with The Curmudgeon for more than a couple days straight, I am ready to scream.

Those are the days I long for a place where I can be alone, undisturbed, have some peace and quiet.

OMG it’s cold!

Neither Lucy nor I want to go out. Heck, I don’t even want to go out to the back porch. It’s 16 degrees and the porch is not heated.

She actually is asking for her sweater or hoodie to be put on before she goes out.

The heat is kicking on a lot.

I hate cold weather. I’d rather swelter in the heat.

I just want to say….

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.

Drive safely if you are traveling.

Hug your family as if they won’t be there tomorrow because sometimes they’re not.

Blessings on you!


Social networks….

Social networks and why I am limiting my time on them lately.

I stopped using most of them.

I am down to FB and even then I have begun to only go there maybe twice a day.


I find certain people in their ignorance tend to really piss me off and that is NOT a good thing.

I need some calm in my stressful life.

Therefore, I am reading more and socializing less.



Every year about this time…



Putting off the grocery shopping …

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, I’ve decided my trip for groceries is going to wait until next week. I will not join the madhouse which is every grocery store this week.

From Thanksgiving to Xmas I hate doing any shopping because of the hordes in every freaking store no matter what time you go.

I hate grocery shopping as it is. That’s why we get our meats and some other things from Five Star Home Foods  If I didn’t NEED certain other groceries I’d not go until January.