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A variety of tidbits

Yes, the decorations are beginning to make their way to various locations in the house.

There’s been no progress on Audrey 2, don’t ask. I need to find a starting point.

Needed my Tens unit again yesterday, my back was acting up a bit. I love my Tens, it makes the pain go away so easily.

Gavin and Lucy tired each other out so bad yesterday, that Gavin crawled into his crate, barked to have the door closed and cover dropped, and was out for hours afterwards. Lucy looked like a dead critter on the couch she was so sound asleep.

You all have a good one! I’m going out to lunch today. Whoohoo Red Lobster! G’s treat. Pity The Curmudgeon, he’s not going.

HPIM3348Agatha is back in her spot.


Note to spammers

I don’t buy discounted Louis Vuitton handbags. My handbags consist of one well-made leather, black with metal beads and skulls, it will last longer than any discounted designer bag.

I may write on this blog, but I didn’t design the page nor have I any control over the design other than choosing pictures and posting on it. If there are some programming errors, do tell WordPress, not me.

I don’t read or write in any language but English so please translate before posting your spam comment.

Those are my most common spammers. 🙂

You all have a good one!

amuse me

Pictures…playing with black and white and one sepia







You know it’s Fall when….

I took down my hammock. At times, I wish I lived where it could stay up all the time. Better yet, I should hit the lottery so I can have a summer home and a winter home.

This is when I usually cuss my head off about not having enough money to buy new front and back doors and a storm door for the back, again. What I really need, in addition to the money, is someone who can go get them and install them for me.

Another sign is that I am working on my large prop for trick or treat night. I think I need to buy more chicken wire.

I cleaned out part of the shed. Anyone need a large gas-powered weed eater? It is way too heavy for me and I could use a few extra bucks to put towards new doors. Heck, I have a lot of yard and garden power tools that he bought and they are too much for me to work with.

I did find the little electric chain saw that I will make use of trimming some larger, too low-hanging, branches off the magnolia tree.

You all have a good one!


The bliss that is the fuzzy blanket

We haven’t turned our heat on yet and yesterday was a bit chilly. That plus the fact that little Lucy wasn’t up to par (*whispers so as not to embarrass her* “She had the runs.”) She made the use of the fuzzy blanket, a new thing for her. She likes it. She wanted back under it later too.

I bought the fuzzy throw for The Curmudgeon but he didn’t like it. Patty and Gavin took it over, so I am not surprised that Lucy loves it too.

HPIM3581Patty and Gavin with the fuzzy blanket

HPIM4114Yeah, Lucy is snoring. LOUD.

Big weather heading our way

Watching the weather forecast for today and I’m sure we’re going to have two bored and, at times, very wet dogs.

Thank goodness we have the attic and back porch windows closed and almost ready for winterization. That will come a bit later, for now we’ll go with closed, and the porch windows will reopen every warm day we have left.

With the rains comes mud. Makes me glad I hadn’t got around to mopping the kitchen and living room floors yet.

I did get more of the porch cleaned yesterday. Still have some to go if only I could get rid of a certain rocking chair that I don’t need.



No vacuum on the horizen yet.

I really hate hearing that something is back ordered. Yep, my vacuum is back ordered. TBD. Oh? TBD? WTF?

I will soon wear out my broom.

2 short-haired shedding constantly dogs will bury us in fur and dander before long.

Please Shark, ship my vacuum. Surprise me.

HPIM4101I de pwincezz Lucy wantz cwean fwoors!

She only wants him for his cookies…

Lucy is a mercenary little girl, but then aren’t all bull terriers? If her Daddy has a cookie, she will give him her undivided attention. However, as soon as he is empty-handed, she’s on my lap. 😀

If she spots her boyfriend, her crush of the century, no one else exists. She’s cute. She gets away with it.

HPIM4100Allergies are acting up a bit. Time for the Benedryl.


Odds and ends again

I spent the day cleaning out the junk filled back porch. I am over halfway done. I managed to reorganize the storage shelves and throw out a lot of crap.

(SHHHHH! we don’t speak of that to The Curmudgeon. He goes garbage diving to see what he can rescue. None of that crap is coming back in if I can help it.)

Any of my friends need a man’s size 10 waders? He has admitted he won’t be using them again. I have a lovely croquet set too.

Unfortunately I found that my fog machine was back there and somehow managed to break. Guess who needs to buy a new one? Again.

I still need to find a home for the antique rocker.

Anyone see my airbrush? I can’t find it. You know if I buy another one, my old one will suddenly reappear.


Lazy Boy furniture … not what it used to be.

The Curmudgeon had to call Raymour and Flanagan about his Lazy Boy lounge chair. It has a lifetime guarantee on the mechanism and his is not working properly. Again. This will be the second replacement.

The first time they replaced it was within the first week we had it. He’s used this one now for a couple of years and it has crapped out.

I hope they bring him a new one that works and lasts this time. They just aren’t making them as well as they used to.


Did you talk like a pirate yesterday?

HPIM1802“Arrrr,” Gavin says.

Yesterday was talk like a pirate day.

Did you join in the fun?

We did.

Nothing funnier than answering the phone talking like a pirate and scaring the crap out of idiot phone salespeople.

You all have a good one!

Catch up time.

So I ordered my new vacuum cleaner tonight. I need a new one fast, with two dogs, the hair is rapidly taking over. Thank goodness for brooms.

Once the Shark arrives we’ll see if it is as good as the reviews say. My house is an acid test for any vacuum cleaner. We’ve burned out many of them over the years.

Using my Tens unit spared me a trip to the doctor and physical therapy after my fall. I feel great today.

The 20 feet of garland I bought on sale to make Audrey 2’s tendrils arrived yesterday. This is going to be interesting. After the farmers market today, G and I will begin construction. Anyone wishing to donate super huge fake (silk) leaves to the project is welcome. I need to play around with my airbrush, it’s been a while since I’ve used it.