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It seemed to be a quiet day…

In actuality, it was a busy day.

Lucy had me up early. Twice.

Our Five Star Home Foods guy, Joe showed up to take our order. Sadly, he’s retiring. We will miss him.

The Curmudgeon’s truck was across town getting an inspection. Wouldn’t you know they’d call right before food guy got here?  And it was G to the rescue. She ran The Curmudgeon to get his truck while I started working on our food order with Joe.

The Curmudgeon got back in time to  sign paperwork and say good bye to Joe. 

We’ve been customers for years and years. I highly recommend them.

Today’s Tee.



I think I watch too many cooking shows

What’s for dinner?

Three words I hate hearing the most.

Last night I pulled some boneless chicken breasts out of the freezer and thawed them.

What to do?

Remembered seeing someone soak the chicken in (smoked paprika and Adobo) seasoned milk…so I did that. Then they dipped the chicken in (smoked paprika, Adobo, and rosemary) seasoned flour, back in the milk, and into the flour again…I did that too.

Heated some oil in my non stick pan and dropped that chicken in there.

Cooked for four minutes a side and dang, they were good!

Sorry, I forgot to get a picture of it.

Therefore, I’m putting The Curmudgeon’s Tee shirt of the day up.

Jay's shirt

A Pooh Bear sort of lunch

So I called G yesterday morning and asked her if she’d like to make a Target run with me.

She was game so off we went.

After making our purchases at Target, we headed over to the farmers market.

By the time we left the farmers market we were both starved and set our sights on our new favorite restaurant, Wrangler’s Roost.

As usual we ordered the same thing, a Southern fried chicken sandwich. It comes with either BBQ sauce or honey for dipping. We chose the honey.

The right choice! Absolutely delicious but very sticky. We were the image of Winnie The Pooh in the honey pot. 🙂

Today’s Tee shirt

world revolves

What would you like for dinner?

Have you ever felt like you’ve run dry on the ‘what’s for dinner’ front?

Yeah, I feel like that far too often these days.

Of course, The Curmudgeon is no help what-so-ever.

“What would you like for dinner?”

“I don’t know.”

“How about, would you like beef, chicken, turkey, pork, maybe a veggie and rice dish?”

“I don’t know.”

“I guess I’ll make chicken then.”

“No. We had that the other night.”

“We’ve had beef, turkey, and pork too. If I can’t fix chicken, what then?”

“I don’t know.”

“ARGH!!!”  Screamed in frustration.

“You’re getting chicken. The first complaint I hear and the dogs get your dinner.”

HPIM4908We would like your dinner.

Good eats

It’s always a pleasure to discover, or in this case, rediscover a good place to eat.

G and I have been watching, what used to be a dive bar, get a facelift, and gain an entirely new and good reputation.

We decided to have lunch there today after hearing so many good things about the place.

We were pleased to find it lived up to all the good reviews. We had some delicious calamari as a starter. G had a steak sandwich and I had a Cubano. Find some recipes here:

The food was delicious. The service excellent, and the facelift amazing.

Today’s Tee shirt

Writer reality

Best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

The Curmudgeon tends to hold my cooking in high regard. Especially when I take some bits and bobs from the freezer and cupboard and come up with a tasty meal.

No, I’m not a pro, I have no desire to be one. I just like good food.

I’d love to not have to cook but if not me, who?

Yeah. You see?

Today’s Tee shirt


Crock pot cookery

A while ago my cousin sent me some stuff from New Mexico.

Included was a packet of seasoning for pork–Desert Gardens Carne Adovada Mix.

Well, we seldom get pork at the price of it around here and the seasonings sat for a long while.

Nine in the morning I put a boneless leg of lamb into the crock pot, after it sat for hours in the seasoning, and set it on low to cook for eight hours.

Eight hours later … pure heaven.Carne Adovada Mix 

I love their dips and soups too.

Getting out of the house for the day really pays off

12/8/15 and my blood pressure…112/66.

I left the house at 11 a.m. with G. We stopped at the vet’s office to pick up the pups’ heart worm medications.

Then we went to Target and wandered around there for a while. Lunched at Applebees the Loaded Brisket Enchiladas are delicious this is the second time we had them.

Next we headed out to the malls. Beginning with a stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond–we left there empty-handed. Boscov’s netted us several gift items for her youngest grand-daughter and some things for me.

Out in the mall we snagged another gift for her other grand-daughter and some water for both of us. Shopping is dry work.

4:00 and time to head home. I reluctantly started my car and left retail therapy for home.

579x441_LoadedBrisketEnchiladas_HalfBeer_0715LUNCH! Delicious!!!

The day before he gets home

12/2/2015 8:30 p.m. blood pressure is 116/64.

Rain all day. It rained hard enough that the dogs were not as willing to go out as they were in yesterday’s. Poor babies.

Made ham and bean soup for The Curmudgeon’s first dinner at home. One of his favorites. It’s cooled and ready for the fridge.

I used a ham hock from our farmers market. A heavily smoked, huge, ham hock that had the dogs going ape shit over the fragrance.

You all have a good one.


Best soup I ever tasted
Twenty minutes to heaven.
Even The Curmudgeon (not a big fan of soups) liked it.Here's to you

What’s for dinner?

Three words I hate to hear.

Am I the only one who struggles to think of what to cook for dinners?

I always have a freezer full of meats because we order through a company called Five Star Foods and they deliver and fill our freezer every six months.

However, this does not mean I have any idea what I am going to cook each night. Often times, thanks to a microwave and its defrost capacity, I don’t know until five minutes before I start cooking what I am going to make for dinner.

Are you a menu planner or a by the seat of your pants cook like me?

HPIM2599Last night we had ribs.

Stress and heat levels rise… not good for MS

The Curmudgeon is already showing signs of the no medication downhill spiral. His legs are weak. His walking is crap again. I do believe he’ll be back to his walker tomorrow.

Of course his being taken off the medication was bad enough, but now we have the addition of extreme heat to give him a real face plant.

So glad G and I took our young neighbor along with us to our favorite sushi joint. We enjoyed watching him dig in and relish the wonderful items on the menu. It was a bright spot in the day that will have to last me for a while as The Curmudgeon goes into his spiral.

Now I think I’ll kick back and have a tall one of these…