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He rattles from all those damned pills

I know I take a lot of pills. Mine are for my blood pressure, heart, and the rest are vitamins.

However, what The Curmudgeon takes in a single day, is almost double what I take in total for a week.  His are a combination of mostly medications for his MS, a few for his arthritis, and a few vitamins.

It takes me an hour to put together 8 days worth of his pills in containers.

If I put the entire month together in the holder (not always possible because of the way they prescribe the drugs) it takes me two to three hours.

Yep, he should sound like a rattle.

pill caddy


Yep, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer…

You can see the squirrels laugh at her.

Lucy tries.

She just doesn’t get it.

She doesn’t understand that squirrels go up trees.

They love it. They race across the grass in front of her, go around to the back of the tree and go up.

She can’t figure it out.

Princess Lucy

Kiss my princess patooty!


Whew! Another stinker of a day.

We hit 96 according to my car thermometer and the humidity was pretty bad.

In other words my asthma was having a field day and my inhaler got a work out today. Wheeze!

G and I made a Target run so I could pick up a couple movies The Curmudgeon wanted and get my phone plan paid for for the upcoming year.

The Curmudgeon was under strict orders when I left to stay indoors and not to even think of going on the back porch which was like a sauna.

He decided his time was best spent taking his afternoon nap. LOL

Lucy spent her time snoozing in her crate in front of the AC.


I am NOT pouting!

The heat is back

So, of course, he just had to go get a hair cut today.

I dropped him at the Holiday and popped over to the bagel shop for quick lunch of a fresh from the oven everything bagel with lox and cream cheese for an early lunch.

By the time I finished he was paying for his hair cut.

Off for home we went.

The heat got to him by the time we got in the house he was not able to walk much more and barely made it to his chair. (His shirt today)

Jay's shirt


Every morning I wait to see if he comes down the stairs able to walk well enough to get to his chair and maybe get his own breakfast.

Or will I have to call 911 to get him back to his bed again or for an ambulance to take him to the hospital?


Oh yeah. Plenty.




Lucy day 2

Lucy was back to her barky perky self.

She heard me talking to Kevin from next door this morning and was tin cupping her crate door to get out and go see him when I came in so of course she got to go.

Later it was saying HI! to Carlos and Viviana through the fence out back.

Leaping on The Curmudgeon’s lap for attention.

Wild bully runs slamming the couch into the radiator.

Scolding me for cookies and outs off and on all day–yeah, she’s BAAAAACK!

0815181557 (2)

What is this thing you call personal spaze?


Allergy shot #3

Lucy got to mingle with her adoring fans at ABE Veterinary today. She went for her third allergy shot. The second one lasted longer than the first since she only just began to get itchy again the last couple of days.

However, at 4 a.m. this morning she was feeling a bit under the weather so if we hadn’t already had the vet appointment I would have been making one for her.

It’s not that she was ‘SICK’ sick, she was more like feeling a tad puny, was desperate to go out at 4 a.m. and had a softer than normal stool with a mucosy covering. I know for those of you who aren’t doggy people that is a bit too much information–forgive me. That to me denotes an upcoming problem and since it was FRIDAY, you dog people know darned well if I had ignored that, by Saturday she would have been deathly ill.

So, along with her allergy shot it’s antibiotics and probiotics for the girl and she’s already feeling better tonight.

Hi eberyone I iz heah!

Nice to get out to lunch…

Even if I had to top it off with grocery shopping.

G and I went to Sumo’s for Lunch before we went to Giant for my few but pricey groceries.  Kitchen lunch Bento Tempura Soft shelled crab, Salmon roll.


Any time is a good time to read

It’s 2 a.m. and the house is quiet.

I’ve paid a few bills.

Written a couple e-mails.

Played on Facebook for a bit.

I hear my book calling me…

Time to go read.

My neighbor is building an ark…

We’ve had one day of rain after another.

The ground is so saturated we all dread any winds over a whisper. Anything of any power will take out all the trees around in here in one fell swoop.

We have water in the basement again. Glad I have boots.



The breaking of America

It didn’t take much did it?

All it took was a racist, misogynistic, ignorant, greedy, pig of a man backed by even greedier men of means who all lack compassion and morals.

They managed to inflame the long sleeping racists who now think it is okay to voice their nauseating, inflammatory, idiotic Nazi driven drivel.

My father and the men and women of his generation fought hard to keep those people from crawling out from under the rocks where they managed to hide after the war drove them under and under those rocks they should remain.

We are a country based on diversity we only grow and become the best we can be by accepting each other for who we are, not for what race we are or how much money we have in our pockets.

Only when we as people look beyond race, religion, and sexual orientation and hold fast to each other as a nation of a whole will we ever be the country we once were.

Only when we as a people unite as one to take care of each other, single payer healthcare, to guarantee a superior education for all (let’s do away with ignorance), when we uphold our constitution, to guarantee equal rights for all citizens will we be equal to what we should be.



His days are more often bad than good.

Once again I had call upon the neighbors for help to get The Curmudgeon into his bed. He was down and couldn’t get up and I cannot, will not lift him.

He demanded I lift him, I refused and went looking for help. I really didn’t want to call 911 again.

Thank goodness for the young men next door!

They got him safely into his bed.

Then Lucy had to say hi to both of them–she’s spoiled that way.