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Addicted to coffee? You betcha.

My ICoffee machine is definitely feeding my addiction these days. It’s far too easy and yummy to have a good cup of coffee in my hand. It comes with its own reusable pod that I haven’t tried yet.

Why is that?

I found variety packs of pods on Amazon. I am enjoying trying all the different coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and even hot ciders.

Once I narrow things down to some favorites I know which ones to buy regularly.

Still feeling yucky and Lucy is insistent on being my nurse. She’s such a cutie.


Can’t I sleep in yet?

I am not a morning person. I am not a morning person. I am not…you get the idea.

The dogs don’t.

I want to sleep in my bed.

I want to sleep in my bed my normal hours.

I hate sleeping on the couch.

I am not a morning person. I am not a morning person.

hippo coffee

They are keeping him

For how long? I have no idea.

He has a chest tube in and they are closely monitoring him.

I had to postpone Gavin’s vet appointment, call the dentist and tell them to put his dentures on hold until he’s out of the hospital, and cooked dinner for G and me.

I am hanging on by the barest of threads with very little sleep.

Coffee or caffeine in any form is welcome.

Dont make me adult Lucy

For sale: one Curmudgeon, comes with his own lounge chair…

What part about “Don’t throw any crap at me until after I have had my coffee” is difficult to understand after almost 42 years?


Sometimes it pays to do a bit of desk cleaning

Some days it pays to tidy your desk. I found a $15.00 Starbucks gift card I forgot I had. I went online to check and see the balance and it is all there and available.

Dang, had I’d known this the other day G and I would’ve enjoyed a nice cappuccino.

Now we have this to look forward to next time we go to Target or the mall again. Whoohoo!

G pointed out this pillow to me when we were in a little store in the mall. Yes, it had to come home with me.



You all have a good one and I hope you get a pleasant surprise today too.


No coffee?!!! Crap!

     Anyone who knows me, knows that until I have my cup of coffee when I first get up, I am not there.  Unfortunately, I should have skipped that coffee today.

     I completely forgot that I can’t have any coffee before my blood test.  Well, as I said, my brains don’t function without the coffee.  It wasn’t until after I had a cup of coffee that I remembered I shouldn’t have had the coffee.

     Therefore, my day screwed the pooch before it even started.  Now the rest of my week is a day off on what I had planned.  (Sigh)  I should know better than to make any plans.

     You all have a good one!

coffee gimme


That downward spiral that is MS

     It would be so nice to be able to write that The Curmudgeon had a great day.  I do not see that coming down the pike any time soon.

     If anyone tells you that watching a loved one go downhill due to an ailment of some sort, isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, they are full of shit. 

     I’ve watched The Curmudgeon trudge that downward spiral for years and the last few have been the worst.  I dread waking up and going downstairs each day.  I fear what I’ll find.  Is he having an okay day or is he having another bad day?  Far too often the bad days outnumber the good. 

    The strong man I married is no longer who I see.  I see a stranger.  I see his frustration, his bitterness, and his flagging spirit.  He lashes out at me on occasion.  I lash out at him too.   It’s on days like that where I need to find someplace to escape to so we both can decompress. 

     I lost my weekly Border’s decompression when they closed their store.  The gym just doesn’t cut it for me, it is not a place where I am at ease.  Starbucks here is a little stand at a mall.  It seems to me there are no more comfortable places for a writer to go around here.  Don’t suggest the local library, they don’t like it when you come in to hang out and there’s no coffee.

coffee gimme


Old habits die hard…

This is the cup I use every day.

HPIM3165This is my new cup.  We’ll see how long it takes for me to go back to my old Harry Potter Cup.


 The lettering came off when I washed the cup.  Nowhere on the cup or packaging did it warn that this was hand painted and not for daily use.  I do not have a dishwasher so this was hand washed.  I am so sorry I spent the money to have what I thought was a fun cup to use.  Fortunately, the owner of Revell House will refund my money.  However, it’s still back to my Harry Potter cup for me.

Is my coffee ready?

     Some days you wonder why you bothered to get out of bed and other days you know why…for the coffee.

     The Curmudgeon is well-trained after all these years, and there’s always a full pot of coffee waiting for me when I get up.  Smart man.  I am very crabby without coffee.

     I can tell he’s having a good day by if he pours a cup for me or not when he knows I’m up.  If there’s a cup on the counter top all fixed and waiting for me, he’s having a good day.  If there isn’t, he’s having a bad day.

     Not that I mind fixing my own coffee but I do have to admit I find it very sweet when he has a cup ready for me.  Got to love the man!

     You all have a good one!

Coffee cup icon

Coffee cup icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday is over isn’t it?

     Not my favorite thing to hear when I first wake up is The Curmudgeon moaning and groaning.  This is a sign of a very bad day.  I trudged down the stairs to find him on his hands and knees wiping the floor and cabinets with a paper towel

     “What happened?”

     “The coffee pot is leaking all over the place.”  He replied.

     I walked over to the sink and picked up the pot.  When I did I spotted a hole in it.  “Um, maybe because there’s a hole in the pot.  I’m betting you banged it…”  I looked in the sink and sure enough I found some chips of glass.  “Put a hole in it.  Lovely.  I’m guessing this means there’s no coffee?”

     Those who know me know that this is me without coffee…

     Therefore I walked over to G’s house to mooch a cup of coffee, but no one answered the door.  ACK! 

     Then I decided to waste no more time and go buy a replacement carafe at Target.  They didn’t have any, in fact I was told that the company no longer makes this particular carafe.  Yikes!!!!  I looked at all the coffee makers they had to offer and made a decision.  I now have a new coffee maker that has an insulated stainless steel unbreakable coffee carafe.

     I hugged my precious cargo to my chest and fled for the check out counter directly across from the Starbucks stand.  As I swiped my charge card I yelled across the aisle to the Starbucks clerk, “Give me the largest darkest one you have, I’ll be right there!”

  I left Target with a new coffee maker while happily sipping on a large cup of coffee.  The day suddenly seemed brighter.  Instead of heading directly home I stopped at the camera shop and picked up my CD of wedding pictures!!!  Yes, the day improved rapidly.

     You all have a good one!

Slow minutes vs. fast minutes


     We all know what these are.  We’ve all suffered through the slow ones and wondered where the time has gone on the fast ones.  Off the top of my head, here are some examples.

     Waiting for a school bell to ring signaling the end of a school day—slow minutes.  Watching the clock at the end of a workday—slow minutes.  Isn’t this day ever going to end? Waiting for the coffee to heat in the microwave—slow minutes.  Coffee, I need coffee.

     Watching a well-acted and exciting movie—fast minutes.  Is it over already?  You sit down to read an interesting book and before you know it a voice asks, “Are you cooking dinner any time soon tonight?”  —fast minutes.  Oops.

     You sit in an emergency room waiting for news, good or bad—slow minutes. 

     Taking a test, filling in all those little circles before a voice says, “close your books”—fast minutes.

     A child trying to fall to sleep on Christmas Eve—very slow minutes.

     How about it, can you think of more?

Look what we found…


     Since the MIL is never going to go back home from the nursing home, we have to clean out the house.  While cleaning some things out of the MIL’s house today G and I came across these items.  There are two of those lamps.  I tried to find out what the items were worth online but had no luck at all.  I guess this means a trip to an antique shop now and hope the owner is honest.

     I plan to keep one of the beaded bags.  I have no use for three of them since I seldom have a need to dress up. 

     One thing we found in abundance everywhere we looked was pennies.  The in-laws were penny hoarders of the first rank.  OMG I never saw so many.  They are going to love me at the sorting machine, LOL!

     The MIL was a QVC jewelry nut.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with all the rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  I do know that I will get some use out of the several fancy watches she had that she never wore once.  They still had the protective plastic on the faces and backs and holding the stem out.

     We only cleared one dresser, two closet bottoms, two freezers, and two refrigerators today and we were both beat when we left.