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Worrisome times these…

As #45 suppresses freedom of speech and punishes critics we need to worry. Nay, we need to be angry, to rise up and insist that he go down.

We stand on the brink of destruction of all we hold dear as Americans.

Rise up!

Stand for freedom! Kneel for injustice! Make some noise!

Support the free press, the whistle blowers, those who resist this strange turn of our government to tyranny.

Rise up!

Criticize the corrupt politics–it is our constitutional right to do so.

Do not stand silent and allow a minority of racist bigots and misogynists to ride roughshod over us.I_Voted_Sticker


Will the rain never stop?

I truly wish we could send all this rain to the western states where it is sorely needed.

Lucy is completely disgusted with it too.

Today I went to take her out for a pee break and she was about 3 steps into the yard when thundered rumbled…

Lucy, “Fuck no!” Races back inside.1225171323

What happened to old fashioned values…

Things like leaving an area in better shape than how you found it? We were taught to clean up anyone’s trash we’d find while out hiking or fishing. We were taught to never litter when out camping or when at home. We had respect for other people and their properties.

Having respect for other people’s property? Yeah, where did that whole idea go? I would never dare sit on a stranger’s porch without an invitation.  Got startled one day going out my front door and someone was sitting on my porch bench. WTF?

Treating people with dignity and respect? I see such a lack of respect everywhere these days.

Cleaning up after yourself and not leaving a mess for someone else to clean? Not just outdoors but indoors. That food court has places for you to put your trash, do it. The same goes for many eateries.

The importance of a real education? Please, if you don’t have a high school diploma or a college degree Do Not attempt to ‘educate’ me.


Vocal little nutball…

Out of all the Bull Terriers we’ve had, Lucy is the most vocal.

Most of the time she barks to go out instead of ringing the bells and that’s just to the kitchen door. She’ll then bark again at the porch door.

When she comes in she’s barking to let us know she wants her cookie. LOL

She always barks when she wants what The Curmudgeon is snacking on no matter what.

She screams for her meals. Then it is all she can do to sit and stay until I give her the okay to eat. She usually does it well but then there are days…

Dont make me adult Lucy

Thunder boomers…

We had several heavy duty thunder storms pass through here during the day.

Poor Lucy was not thrilled. In fact, she hid in her crate and insisted I close her door. It must be horrible to be so frightened of loud noises.


Total cost so far…

If we didn’t have the insurance we do have, my little couple of hours visit to the ER would have cost me over $5,600.00. As it is I owe a hell of a lot less than that. We’re lucky.

I know this because my insurance company notified me as to what they paid and what I owe.

Next bill will be for the ambulance ride.

Love our farmers market!

I always hate it when the farmers market is closed for The Great Allentown Fair week. The fair isn’t anything to write home about and the food there lately has been sub-par.

I used to like to go just for the food. The last few times I went I was terribly disappointed. I’m hoping for some improvement this year.

I keep finding new ones…

I’m glad I have my Amazon music on my lap top. I keep finding new groups and singers I enjoy.

With the HD in my car I no longer listen to the radio so I don’t hear new music unless I turn my Amazon music on and explore.


They flew the coop!


Right after I took this picture all four babies took off. Next time I saw them they were lined up on a wire with their Mom and Dad all of them chirping away at me. LOL!

Where did the day go?

It went out to lunch with G.

A walk around Target.

A much needed nap after The Curmudgeon woke me 2 hours into a deep sleep, “I smell smoke! Do you smell smoke?”

“No.” Now that I’m up I will search the entire house so you will shut the Eff up so I can get back to sleep after the adrenaline surge goes away.

2 hours later still awake. Dying to fall back to sleep.

Finally fall back to sleep …The Curmudgeon decides to come downstairs and make a lot of noise so I wake up.

Total amount of sleep? Maybe 3 hours.

Total sleep from afternoon nap? Less than an hour.

Dont make me adult Lucy


She’s spoiled rotten

Yes, Lucy admits it, she is spoiled rotten by the Momma, The Curmudgeon, and the AC.

Ah, the AC! She likes 72 degrees.

She doesn’t like hot and humid.

Then again, she doesn’t like cold and snow either.

Yep. Spoiled.

Fully fledged!

The egg pictures show only 3 eggs, the next day there were 4. All 4 hatched and now the babies are fully fledged and soon will leave the nest in my hanging flower pot.