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Eeny meany miny moe….

Now the deadly game of “where the heck do I hang the pictures?” begins.

Deadly because I’m scared to death of putting holes in the dry wall. And I realized I don’t have a stud finder.

So many pictures…..So little courage to put holes in the walls.

Wish I had some help on deciding where they go.

At least Lucy can romp on the front porch without me having to hold on to her  leash all the time now.

Spencer built a lovely gate for the front porch that matches the railings so Lucy can have free run of the porch when I have her out there.

20190718_191205 (2)


Stormy weather.

We had a heck of a thunderstorm pass through this evening. Poor Lucy hid in her crate until long after it passed. It took the sound of her food hitting her dish to draw her out.

Poor baby will never get used to fireworks and thunderstorms.

After the storm I managed to completely load my recycling bin with cardboard without touching all the crap in my entryway hall. Sigh. I’m never going to run out of things to stuff the bin with at this rate. I did run out of large garbage bags. I swear I’d packed a full box of them but haven’t come across them yet.

The mat for my rug got here today, if I’m lucky I’ll have help tomorrow to get it under the rug.

Lucy did battle with her first palmetto bug that tried to come in the back door as she was going out. She chased it clear off the back slab. Score is: Lucy 1   Palmetto bugs 0.

Personally, I think it creeped her out as much as they do me.



Getting there…

It’s amazing how wonderful and cathartic putting a new home together is. Progress is being made daily. Some days more than others.

I’m finding joy again. She’s been  hiding away for a very long time.

Lucy makes me laugh every day as she gets used to new routines, sounds, and a change in temperature. She sure does love the AC on the hot days.

She had a blast today while Spencer and Elizabeth put up shower curtain rods, towel racks and toilet roll holders, put my headboard on my bed, and put up some blinds. Through it all Lucy managed to be in the center.

Sorry I’ve been absent…

I had a good reason.

I bought a house in GA and left PA behind.

I am waiting for the PA house to sell, it’d be a big help to my finances–make for a much smaller mortgage payment for sure.

At the moment, I own 2 houses. Oh. Joy.

Lucy and I are still settling in to our new house. We sure do like it. No more stairs to climb or worry about. No more nightmares of himself falling down them.

Boxes are almost all emptied, things are almost all put away–at least as well as I can do without a dresser for me. I need to spend a day putting clothes on hangers and getting them hung in the closet–Yay, I have an actual closet–well, 4 closets and a pantry.

I even have a laundry room–no more basement dwelling for me.


Hives finally gone….

Well, most of them anyway.

Having to dose myself with Benedryl every four hours for days made for a very non functional, sleepy person.

I have a couple of itchy spots yet, but for the most part, I am oh so much better.

Stopped the Benedryl so I can be clear headed, or as clear headed as I can be for the conference.

Many hits on the house where it is listed online but no bites yet. (Sigh)


The sign is up!

The for sale sign is up.

Sore, tired…and is that hives???

I am so sore I can barely walk.

The damp from yesterday’s ‘wonderful’ weather (we had rain all day) has made my back act up and my hip is killing me.

To top it all off, I had the worst case of hives show up yesterday, from the top of my head to my toes. Therefore, I was taking Benedryl every four hours and was a bit out of it (sleepy) for most of the day and night.

I’m still a bit itchy today but not like yesterday. Methinks it is another Benedryl straight

Came across something interesting…

While sifting through the tons of paper in this house I came across this today:

His Grandfather’s ‘International Brotherhood of Boiler Makers Iron Ship Builders and Helpers of America’ working card and dues . Circa 1913. Any collectors out there?

I think I passed exhausted…

I’m well on my way to holy crap I can’t move I’m so tired!

My back is complaining as are my knees.

Lucy was not happy with me even though I gave her the entire morning full of attention and throwitthrowitthrowit!

The book cases and my desk are empty of books.

The boxes are piling up in the cellar where they aren’t in the painter’s way.

The work is grueling and my back is making me pay for it.

Up early again…Lucy needs to stop this, except the painter will be early every day it takes him to finish. UGH! I do not do mornings well at all.

coffee zombie

Whew, another tiring day

I must have run up and down the stairs, and basement stairs a hundred times today.

Lucy had me up very early and two cups of coffee were like nothing to get me going.

We had a buyer here for little things, Rick and I were supposed to take the long guns to a dealer but the buyer after seeing the guns, asked us for two days, he’d give us a better price.

We had a painter come in to give us an estimate for a quick paint job and he says he’ll start on Monday.

This means we have to pack stuff and stash it so he can have access to all the downstairs walls.

Therefore, I spent the rest of my day taking down, cleaning, wrapping, and stacking all my framed art work on the table in the basement. Tomorrow I’ll be up and down a ladder removing all the picture hooks, nails, and screws.

Lucy was pretty good as long as I gave her frequent breaks from the crate and plenty of attention when I did.


Another day of hard work…

The attic looks amazing compared to what it was before. I worked in the back bedroom sifting through boxes of papers–shocking what all he hoarded up there. I swear he must’ve brought home boxes of old bills and things from his Mom’s house, I keep finding more.

I called the deputy coroner (who was the investigator we met in the room when Jay died) to ask him WTF was with all the things the insurance company needed to have sent to them along with the filled out forms. He told me to send what I had and put his name and number down as who they should contact. They were asking for things they didn’t need and he was shocked they’d asked for a second death certificate.

I was too tired to cook so I had a macaroni salad for my dinner.

I need cake.

shallow focus photography of chocolate cupcakes

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Project Move and Lucy’s day camp

I am exhausted but with Jevata’s crew and her help a major dent was made in the clear out of this house.

All of Jay’s clothes are now donated to the local men’s shelter. Which means not just what was in his room but the ton of clothes he had hanging in the basement.

Much of the attic has been sorted through into throw, sell, and keep items.

Two bedrooms have been mostly cleared.

There’s plenty more to do but at least we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. You don’t clear out 46 years worth of stuff in a few hours.

Lucy had a great time at her Uncle Rick’s doggie day camp. She came home all worn out. She sure does love that she can run around the circle of their house. All she gets to do at home is back and forth.