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Happy birthday TC

Yesterday was The Curmudgeon’s birthday. He shares it with MLK.

We didn’t do much for it since he hates to eat out these days.

I’ll pick up a lovely individual cake for him at the farmers market this week. (My favorite is an individual Dark Side of the Moon cake or a slice of Limoncello cake.)

An individual Dark Side of the Moon cake



Outside the box…always

Don’t put me in that ‘you’re a woman so I must mansplain everything to you’ box.

First of all, I probably know more about the subject than you do.

I’ve spent most of my life with my nose in a book.

I spent half of that time researching various subjects in every library I had access to from the time I was allowed to be in one.

After I discovered the internet, I began to research EVERYTHING! So much easier than dragging myself to the public library.

If I choose to post something that wasn’t Snope proofed it is probably because I thought the subject a. funny b. satirical or c. close to my opinion.

I am not someone to be pitied for my life with The Curmudgeon. Yes, it is rough, but I am strong and will survive it.

Yes, it can be depressing, maddening, and completely frustrating.

Again, I am a strong person. I will survive.

I have outlived all but one member of my family and who knows how that will turn out (she is older than me.)

I will likely outlive my husband.

I will kick ass and survive.

need glasses




Cold, but at least it froze the mud.

Wow, from 65 to 20 degrees. Not my idea of fun.

However, at least the mud outside the back door was frozen and Lucy didn’t track more in.

Yeah, my back yard is a frozen solid mud hole.


Rain, rain, and more rain

But wow, it hit 65 degrees here in JANUARY!

My yard is a complete mud hole.

I pray for a lottery win or some sort of windfall so I have someone come in and make the yard a much more pleasant place.

I quit enjoying the yard a few years ago when the heart attack caused me to neglect it and turn it into what it has become today.

I’d love to have it hardscaped with small grassy patches and raised beds to grow my flowers and veggies.

I want the mud gone.

Something like this would be nice…

Garden bench

#45 is at it again

As if the bloated, tiny handed, piece of shit in the oval office hasn’t embarrassed this country enough.

As if the racist, misogynist hadn’t gone way over the line in his first week in office.

He has once again gone leaps and bounds into the world of what-the-fuck.

He’s trampled over the borders of Are-you-fucking-kidding-me and has entered the realm of when the fuck will this babyman be ripped out of office and put in jail?

The only shithole around here is #45 and his administration.

Still cold in the basement but not as cold

10 a.m. I managed to locate, plug in, and start our old electric heater in the basement. It has run all day and the temperature by the washer and dryer has only just reached tolerable by 11 p.m.

So far four loads of wash are done and two more are waiting to go.

I might be done by 3 a.m.

new tshirt

My laundry is piling up

Normally I wash our clothes on a Monday or Tuesday but I didn’t do it last week and here it is past the next Tuesday and is Wednesday already. The laundry still isn’t done.

Part of the reason is I have to drag it down to the basement to do it and back up after it is done. The other part is the basement is COLD!!!! Damned COLD!!!

Seriously thinking if the job is going to get done I’ll have to plug in a space heater before I brave the cold down there for any length of time.

so damn cold

So it snowed again…

Not a lot but enough to be a pain in the ass.

I’m done with winter.

Isn’t it spring yet?

Stop snowing

What color band is which?

Exercise bands I’m talking about. I bought some and nowhere on the packaging, exercise instructions, or the bags the bands are in do they say, “this color=what.”

What color is the lowest resistance? The highest?

I have 5 colors, yellow, green, red, blue, and black.

I had to go into Amazon and find it there. LOL!

√ 1 green band (Light) – Thick 0.35mm Tension: 10-15LB
√ 1 blue band (Medium) – Thick 0.5mm Tension: 20-35LB
√ 1 yellow band (Heavy) – Thick 0.7mm Tension: 30-45LB
√ 1 red band (X-Heavy) – Thick 0.9mm Tension: 40-60LB
√ 1 black band (XX-Heavy) – Thick 1.1mm Tension: 50-70LB


So cold…how to take the chill off?

The house smells like lamb curry, one of The Curmudgeon’s favorites of the meals I make.

It sure did take the chill off. Although, I have had to cut back on the red pepper flakes lately for his sake.

Snuggled up on the couch with Lucy and her fuzzy, grey blanket. Sipping on a lovely cup of hot coffee while I finish reading another book.

All of these helped. It is now a mere 6 degrees and falling.

Isn’t it spring yet?

wintertime Lucy


Another appointment with the weight Dr.

So I had another appointment with the weight doctor yesterday and much to my delight I have dropped another 4 pounds.

Yay me!

find your center

Baby it’s cold outside!

Too damned cold.

Lucy practically flies to go out to pee and flies back in.

so damn cold