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Where are the raging people?

No, seriously, I have to ask this. Where are all the raging people that should be marching on DC screaming over The Orange Buffoon’s unconscionable too many days in office?

Where are the outraged people?

Where the 10 million men and women marching on DC to take back our government from the traitors who strip away all our hard work of the past decade?

This government means to kill those of us who are not of sound body, mind, economics, or their Hitler like ideal of what the people should be.

We are not slaves to the rich meant to subsist on little. We are the people for which this government was meant to be.

Resist! Revolt! Take it back!!!

bird is flipped



Not a great start…

Went grocery shopping and, although I had pared my list down, all that good for me food my weight doctor wants me to use cost us three times as much. I swear I walked over 5 miles while shopping, having to hunt things down.

Is there any wonder there’s an obesity epidemic in the US?

Now with certain Governors dropping their state’s minimum wages to below poverty level, I’m sure we’ll see even more.

The Republican Congress and Senate wants to kill off as many of us as they can any way they can.

Then there’s that orange idiot in charge who, in actuality, hates all people and hates you even more if you aren’t lily white. His only love is of himself.

And all of them are telling us we need to:

suck it up buttercup

Ew not good

After a diagnosis of strep throat.

Like the very next day.

I had what they are calling reactive airway disease with wheezing.

In other words…I couldn’t freaking breathe…I was moving no air through my lungs.

And I was scared silly.

Therefore I am armed with a rescue inhaler, am on antibiotics for the strep, and a tapering dose of prednisone.

Lucy has taken it upon herself to tell me I need my inhaler when I start wheezing and coughing in my sleep.

2 puffs every 4 hours. Yep, she has it down pretty well.

Copy (2) of HPIM4418

Enjoy this…

Down with strep throat. No post tonight.

Enjoy silly Lucy pictures instead.


Not much to write tonight.

so sleepy

bed sounds lovely….

Two down one to go

We have The Curmudgeon’s appointments out of the way.

His are a logistics nightmare. Making sure he is ready to go an hour before the appointment because he will invariably have to find at least ten things to do when we should be walking out the door. Then getting him to the van and loading him and his rollator into it.

Making sure I have all the paperwork he needs to have on hand to fill out all the paperwork they want filled out–yeah, paperless my Aunt Fanny.

Seems every single time we go to any of his doctors they have a mountain of paper work for him to fill out. Well, he can’t see that well and his writing is unreadable so can you guess who gets to fill everything out?

I often question the line “are you afraid of being hurt?”

If the caregiver is the one filling out the form and if they are abusive… how would they answer that one?

Must be the mystery writer in me.

I’m not making light of the importance of that question just the fact that I see so many caregivers are the ones filling out the questionnaires. Maybe they should have a couple of designated questionnaire writers for impaired patients because having the possible abuser filling them out defeats the purpose of the question.

Besides, I am so tired of filling those things out that I want to scream when they hand me a stack of papers.

Next appointment is mine. I go alone. I take my kindle. I am ready in plenty of time. I relax.

My newest Tee

Getting older



So who the hell bakes 4 cookies at 3 a.m.?

So who the hell bakes 4 cookies at 3 a.m.?

I did.

I am so glad I don’t order the cookies from 5 Star Home Foods each time we order.

Bad enough when they gift us a free bag of our choice of cookies. LOL

Today’s shirt


Before my back gave out…

Before my back gave out, I managed to fill three huge trash cans with vines, tree branches, and weeds.

Our over-grown jungle of a yard doesn’t look like I touched it at all.


Tomorrow begins the first of three days of doctor appointments in a row, two for him one for me.

I predict a few delivery meals this week.

The Curmudgeon is wearing this shirt to his neurologist appointment .

Jay's shirt2

While you go through your day, please pause, take some time, and remember…

Never forget… 9/11



Hurricanes blow…Fires burn

I hope all the people in the paths of these monster hurricanes manage to stay safe.

Please don’t forget our people who are in the firestorms.

We should all prepare to help in any way we can.

Let’s prove to the world that we are not as heartless as #45 and the Republicans.

Give what you can…be it money, supplies, or muscle.



Yummy tomato!


I let the tomato ripen a few more days. Sliced it and served with our 5 Star Home Foods Sole Filets–stuffed with crab meat, scallops, shrimp and lobster.

What a tasty dinner!

The eggplant was delicious


This time I breaded and pan fried the eggplant. Probably my favorite way to make it.

The Curmudgeon likes it best this way too.

Nope, didn’t get a picture of it. Sorry.


So glad I spotted him wandering through the yard long before I took Lucy out.

I’ve grown lax on checking the yard before sending her out.

Usually it’s skunks.

This time it was an opossum.