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Yesterday at this time…

It was 49 degrees.

Tonight it is more like November at 37.

Lucy isn’t sure if she likes it or not. I think she’s more like me, a warm, sunny weather dog.

Hey Mom,

I think it’s time to dig out my hoodie!

Maybe the hat too, don’t ya think?


What climate change?

Well, here it is the 19th of November and we’re at 49 degrees with lots of rain.

But according to #45 and his knuckle draggers, there’s no global warming going on here.

NOVEMBER 19th in PA and it is 49 degrees at 2:35 a.m.


I think I deserve a PJ day

I was so tired after all the shopping yesterday (Grocery and farmers market) that I fell asleep right after dinner and slept until midnight.



Seriously. Enough is enough!

Politicians on both sides need to stop all this crap.

They need to stop playing around with ridiculous tax bills that favor corporate America and the extremely wealthy. They need to stop with add ins designed to strip us of all we have worked so hard for in our lives.

This is all about our lives. Yes, our lives!

It’s not a freaking game.

It’s not about anything other than the survival of the middle class, the disabled, and the poor.

Wake up!

It is time to take our government back from the heartless, over-paid, and bloated wealthy.

Term limits! Impeachments! No more bribery and corruption!

Give us back our Nation of the people, for the people and by the people.



Cardiologist appointment went well

I had one of my every 6 months appointments with my cardiologist. Had a once yearly cardiogram done.

My doctor is very pleased with me. Blood pressure was good, heart sounded great, cardiogram was excellent, cholesterol levels were also excellent.

Everyone got a good laugh at my Tee

Getting older

So the weight management Dr. Is working for me…

Yes, after a constant weight gain after the heart attack, I found I was not eating enough calories in a day.

The Myfitnesspal app showed me that I was eating far too little calories. My body was storing fat because it thought I was starving.

By having to log my food and getting reminders if I don’t, I am eating the required 1200 calories (or less) daily.

I am drinking the correct amount of water.

And, I am losing weight.

10 lbs so far.

Yay me!



The Gaslighting of the American people

I was reading an article on the ’11 signs of Gaslighting in your relationship,’ and realized it describes #45 and the Republican party perfectly. Interesting read.

The mendacity of these people is increasing with each day.

For you who have no idea what that means:

noun: mendacity
  1. untruthfulness.
    “people publicly castigated for past mendacity”
    Today’s Tee

For me, being alone wouldn’t be a bad thing

I look forward to when he goes to bed. It is when I can finally take a breath.

I swear, I feel as though I spend each day holding my breath.

I feel as though I have to tip toe around him most days.

Lately, I don’t dare even run the vacuum when he’s downstairs for fear of setting him off on a rant about how he can’t hear the TV.

Most days we grate on each other’s nerves.

What I wouldn’t give for a place near the water…alone with my dog.

And yet I stay.

Today’s tee

Born in March


To all Veterans…

Thank you for your service.

I will continue to fight for you.

No Veteran should be without healthcare.

No Veteran should homeless.


I miss you, Dad.

Shame on you…

If you’ve molested a 14 year-old girl, shame on you. There’s no Biblical excuse for your criminal behavior. You are depraved.

If you vote for a criminally depraved person to be your senator, shame on you. You are stupid. I understand you can’t fix stupid. What a shame.

suck it up buttercup

Pizza bones

Lucy loves them!

If you don’t know what they are, they are the pizza crusts The Curmudgeon doesn’t eat. I eat mine. I happen to like the crusts.

Anyway, he will break his crusts down into small pieces for Lucy that we dole out like we normally do with her cookies. We keep them in the flipped over lid of her cookie jar and she knows exactly where they are.

Thank goodness they are out of her reach. But she tells us where they are as often as possible.

One of her nicknames is Miss Barky McBarkison.

newest collar


If you were here…

We would have celebrated your birthday, you and I. We would have raised a glass to honor Mom and Dad’s anniversary too.

Every day I miss you.

Every day I miss them.

If you were here, I wouldn’t be so lonely, so lost at times.

You always knew how to make me laugh when you knew I was deep in the dark of my soul. You always knew I had a deep dark in my soul.

We knew each other as only sisters can.

I wish you were with me. Every. Day.