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Winning the battle of the mouse invasion

Every year, we suffer an invasion of mice at least once a year. This is what happens when you live next door to an open field. In my case a large cemetery.

Now you may want me to live catch and set them free but if I do that they’ll just keep on coming back. (I really don’t like watching a mouse scamper across the floor in front of me.)

I am not so cruel as to use glue traps–to me they suffer much more and unnecessarily when you use them.

Nope, I use the old spring and bait trap which normally will kill them instantly. They don’t suffer like they do from poisons and glue traps.

However, I’d replaced my old worn out traps with new ones this year …a new bait holder made of plastic and the new traps weren’t catching them. It began to look as if it’d take a ten pound mouse to set the effers off.

Yes, they’d set them off but would be gone before the trap closed. All we’d get is a trap *snap* and no mouse.

I finally got them to set lighter…so far it’s mice/ 4 snaps empty traps…me/4 more snaps and 4 dead mice. I have ordered more traps in the older style and one electric one.

Looks like we might actually put a dent in the invaders this time. Sure do wish we could find where they are getting in.


My back isn’t thanking me…

Armed with an electric chain saw, loppers, and a Fiskars Pruning Stik, I cut down half a large magnolia tree branch. The rest I’ll do next weekend.

I cut that half a branch into manageable pieces and fully loaded three large trash cans. They’ll go out to the curb on Monday.

Unless I hire a tree company again this cutting down the low hanging branches is going to take me all summer to do.

I’m saving the tree company call for the tulip poplar, that’s going to cost us way more.

Ah, the joys of owning a home with property and trees.

I’d rather have a beach home with only sand to worry about.

Beach at noon


Stand up

Robert Reich

Rob Rogers, editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was fired Thursday because the publisher is pro-Trump and Rogers had been submitting cartoons critical of Trump. Memo to publisher: Freedom of speech and of the press includes cartooning. Memo to the good people of Pittsburgh: Cancel your subscriptions.

It has begun, the purge of people who speak out against #45.

I will stand up for Rob Rogers!

I will stand up for any cartoonist, journalist, writer, protester, man, woman, or child who speaks out against #45 and all of his cronies. They shine a light upon evil so we can see it with clarity.

Get this bastard (#45) out of office along with all who support his traitorous behavior in the highest office in this land. He insults the office. He insults our country. He insults us as a people.

His bigotry must have a light shined upon it for everyone to see it in all its ugliness.

His cowardice must have a light shined upon it for all to see its darkness and that the brave may shine as the brilliant lights they are.

His traitorous acts must have a light shined upon them so all can see him for what he truly is.

He is a bully, a con man, a liar, a bigot, a misogynist, and in his latest act he is an abuser of children.



If an author wrote this…

If an author wrote what is happening today in the US as a work of fiction…

  1. Anyone who read it would claim the plot was too far fetched to sell the book
  2. No agent would shop it out
  3. No publisher would buy it
white house

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Pockets lots of pockets!

My order from Duluth Trading Co. arrived today. I spent more than I wanted to but I couldn’t find overall shorts anywhere else that weren’t all ‘stylish’ with the rips and tears. Sorry, I’d rather put my own wear and tear on my clothes and have them actually last for a while.

I was pleased to find the ones I bought lightweight and comfortable–perfect for summer yard work.

I do wish they had them in more colors but light brown will have to do. But wow, the pockets!!!

New shorts

Even with 3 alarms set…

I still forget to take my pills.

If it’s not the morning ones, it’s the night ones I forget.

Three freaking alarms to remind me to take the damned things.

Can you say side tracked?

Interrupted on my way to take them and completely distracted.

Here are some forget-me-nots. Maybe they’ll remind me.


Two appointments this week…

The Curmudgeon has two appointments this week.

Pain management tomorrow/today. I plan to drop him off at the door and drive across the road to Target to pick up a couple of items we need.

This way I can kill two birds…etc.

Next one is Thursday and late enough that I can get to the farmers market before we go.

This needs to stop

The squatter in the WH needs to be removed from office now.

The cheese stands alone…

Our once proud nation is not what it was…We rip children from their mother’s arms and place them in what looks like dog kennels.

Our allies are no more.

Our friends no longer trust us.

We stand alone…like a large pile of stinky cheese.

How did that go?

Oh yeah…Heigh ho the derry oh the cheese stands alone.

board cheese close up dairy

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T many martunis?


We had two each.

I nailed the recipe!

We had fabulous key lime pie martinis!


Whew…we ran errands

G and I ran errands we’d put off because of the weather.

First stop was a garden shop where I bought 2 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants 4 okra plants, and two eggplants.

Next stop was out to lunch at Sumo. The hostess recognized us from our first visit. We got the luncheon bentos again but this time we both got soft shell crab, I got a salmon roll sushi, whereas she got the tuna roll. We both got shumai and rice as part of the plate, and, of course, it all began with miso soup and ginger salad.

Happily full, we then went to Giant for a few things and the pet store for Lucy’s chondroitan chewies.

Final stop on our trip was the farmers market where I snagged a bag of sweet peppers, and some potato salad to go with our leftover meatloaf for dinner. Then I got The Curmudgeon’s cookies. And finally some sweet hot pickles.

food healthy vegetables potatoes

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The right vet

You know you have the right vet when she calls two days later and asks, “How’s our girl doing?”