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Not enough coffee in the world…

I swear every day when I wake up–read that as *am rudely awakened by Lucy or the Curmudgeon*–there isn’t enough coffee in the world to get my brain functioning, my eyes opened, and make me civil.

Takes me two cups just to open my eyes.

Yet they expect me to be highly functioning on none.

My rules:

  1. Don’t talk to me until I’ve had at least one cup of coffee
  2. If you intend to talk to me before 2 cups have been imbibed, make sure you don’t include asking me questions.
  3. Questions may be asked after the 4th cup only.
  4. Do not get between me and my coffee. Ever.

Runaway watermelon!

I had a nice outing with G. We went to Target, then out to lunch at a new place, and stopped to pick up a few items at Giant.

I saw a bunch of marvelous looking watermelons. You know those small, round, sugar melons? I found one that knocked nicely ripe and put it in my cart.

At the check out they didn’t bother to put it in a bag. At my car, I did put it in a bag. Good thing too.

Back home I hit the button to open my rear door and that’s when it happened. The watermelon made a break for it!

I heard the rattle of the bag as it hit the driveway. I jumped out of my van and ran to the back in time to see the watermelon begin to roll down the driveway and head to the street with a car coming!

With no time to spare I reached it and snatched it into my arms. Melon rescued!

I checked it over and there was not even a tiny crack. Yay!

red water fruits green

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I have no idea what’s for dinner….

Am I the only one who is sick of having to come up with dinner ideas and cook them into reality?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who cringes and then boils with anger upon hearing those endearing words, “what’s for dinner?”

Lately my response of “FOOD” hasn’t been met with any joy.

At least Lucy is always excited for her dinner.

food healthy vegetables potatoes

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Damn it!

In a city where fireworks are illegal we have them going off all over the place.

Fireworks and thunder scare the crap out of poor Lucy.

I had to shut the doors, close the windows, and turn the AC on so she could relax.

WTF people, can’t you stop with the damned things? It’s after midnight!

bang blast celebration color

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Amazing what a visit did for him

We had company the other day. Friends of mine stopped by to deliver a basket from Pennwriters.

The Curmudgeon had never met them but he visibly brightened when they came in the house. He very much enjoyed the conversation.

Thanks Jack and Bonnie. You truly brightened his day.

I’m sure he gets tired of my company.

What a visit does for him:

  1. brightens his spirits
  2. helps him forget his pain for a bit
  3. stimulates his brain
  4. makes him feel less isolated
  5. Makes him easier to live with for a few days

Otherwise he sits in his chair and watches TV and drives me crazy talking about TV.


Will somebody please play with me?


A new experience at the Weight Management Center…

A new experience at the Weight Management Center today. They had me step on the TANITA body composition analyzer.

In addition to weighing you, this sucker measures your % of body fat, fat mass, fat free mass, muscle mass, total body water, bone mass, basal metabolic rate metabolic age, visceral fat rating, BMI, and physique rating.

It gives you a print out–looks like a store receipt. LOL

Then the nutritionist explains it all to you. Mine wasn’t too bad. However, there is room for improvement for sure.

Now I am considering buying a new scale, one that does some of this.

blue tape measuring on clear glass square weighing scale

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How bad is it when…

How bad is it when you’d rather be having a mammogram than be at home?

Yep, that was me today.

Am I crazy?

Close, he is driving me ’round the bend.


Rumblings of thunder…

Yep, you got it in one.

More effing rain.

This time with sound effects and a light show.

It would be easier…

There are days where I know it would be easier to be alone.

It’s exhausting living with him.

Constantly cleaning up after him.

Startled awake by him falling–sounding like he’s coming through the ceiling.

He’s had a few bad falls but most are more a hit to his dignity than any injury. They all scare me to death.

To be alone…on a beach…eight hours of sleep each night…Sigh.




How can any sane person who can read and is educated possibly go along with what the Republican party and #45 are doing to this country?

Shame on all of them for looting our treasury, raping our natural resources, ripping away all our hard-won freedoms and laws of protection and then gloating about it!

The idiocy vomited forth by so many of them grows more ludicrous by the minute. If they are the result of a public school education then we need to drastically improve all our schools. We need to remove the “constant mass testing” and make true education a greater concern. If from private schooling, OMG! For that sort of money they should be geniuses not total morons.

For Pete’s sake have the teachers teach not pound test scores into our children.

Educate them with real science, history, geography, math, civics, art, and music which is important for a developing brain.

Bring back a form of home economics that teaches things like cooking, banking, how to get a mortgage, and how to manage credit.

Teach a smart sex education class that has them wear pregnancy bellies (both boys and girls.) One that has them care for a realistic baby doll for several weeks. one that teaches birth control methods (I’ll get letters over this one) but better they know how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy than have another child fall victim to what is out there since legal abortions are becoming harder to come by.

Bring back shop classes to teach trades to those who have no desire to go to college. We need carpenters, auto mechanics, electricians, masons and more!

Look to countries who have brilliant education systems and emulate them.

Make us a proud, well-educated, country again. Not this cesspool created by #45 and his backers.

And still it rains…


The weeds and grass are almost waist high in some places–this is what happens when it rains for days and days.