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Really? More snow?

I can’t believe it, we have snow in the week’s forecast. When I took the dogs out at 4 a.m. yesterday it was snowing.

*Packing bags*

Stop snowing

We are seeing a warming trend…

We were above freezing yesterday even without the sun. Not by much, only two degrees, but it is better than below freezing.

Today 42 degrees, tomorrow 45, and it keeps getting better with 47 on Tuesday and 50 on Wednesday.

The basement is already flooding in the back so I can tell we are in for some interesting times. Yes, another reason I hate this house.

At least both dogs are going out willingly.

HPIM4402Really Mom? Really?

Enter…more snow.








And now we have rain…

As the temperature drops to 24 degrees overnight that rain will turn into snow. AGAIN.




Stop snowing

Die winter


Enough with the snow already.

Dear Mother Nature,

I know you enjoy winter sports and all but I do believe the rest of us have had enough winter.

Poor Lucy is not happy with all this snow and I’m afraid she’s holding her poop again. She does not want to go out in the snow and cold. I agree with her. I am not liking this winter in the least.

There is so much ice in the yard I’m afraid we won’t thaw out until April.

Please, may we have Spring start soon?


All of us at Casa Doggonedmysteries

amuse me

Wind up the week

The Curmudgeon enjoyed one of his favorite dinners last night, chicken and dumplings. He went to bed happy, full, and sleepy.

Gavin was particularly hungry and spent a good half an hour screaming off and on for his dinner. I finally gave in and fed the pups fifteen minutes early.

Lucy, still unhappy about the snow and cold, found out she has a March vet appointment for shots.


You all have a good one.

Princess Fluffy Butt’s dilemma.

I is supposed to go to da vet’s for shots. I is embarrassed to go because Da Momma says I am too fluffy and Da Dogtor is gonna make me go on a diet. I don’t know what a diet is but I do know that Da Momma hates them. I don’t know if I like this idea.

She’s been telling me how we are going to have to go for many walks when the weather breaks. I like that idea. I like to go for walks. Best thing is I get to have Aunties G and Annie along too! I loves them they give me cookies.

I hope the weather breaks soon. I didn’t want to go out and poop yesterday. I held my poop until almost eleben of da clock last night. I couldn’t hold da pee though and had to make many fast runs outside. I don’t like dis cold at all. I wishes Momma and Auntie G would hit dat lottery because they say we will go to a warm place to live foreber.



Phew, thank goodness for warrantees

The Curmudgeon’s truck wouldn’t start again. The battery, dead. Good thing it is warranted. The store where he got the battery over a year ago replaced and installed it free of charge. They also picked him up from the ground where he went down while there.

He’s happy he has his truck back. Not being able to depend on it this winter has made him crazy.

We had more snow last night. Not fun. Lucy is ready to run away from home and head to a southern beach. Believe I’ll pack her bags and mine and go with her. I am so sick of winter.

HPIM4406You all haves a good one!

I is staying warm and snuggling with da Momma as soon as she’s done typing.


Minus 2 degrees?!

Dats it Momma I iz relocating!

HPIM4403Pack my bags!

Psst dis was Da Momma today.Stop snowing

Dis will be her in da morning.


No! No more snow! I can’t take it!

Holy cats! Snow blew under the door and on the back porch! If you stand out there you can hear the wind howling like a banshee.

Gavin went out with no problem, no hat, no coat. He doesn’t care. He likes the cold. He’s from Nova Scotia.

Lucy, well she’s another story altogether. When I took her out she had her hat and hoodie on but still completely balked at the back door when I opened it and a wall of snowflakes slammed into us.

HPIM4404“No effing way Mom. I am not going out there.”

“Um, yes you are .” I booted her out the door. I don’t think I ever saw her squat and go so fast. one leap and she landed inside again.


I really hated forcing her to go out in this crap but better that than have her break her housebreaking. Poor girl.

Of course, once she got inside, she had to throw a guilt trip at me.HPIM4406Spot the bully. Level advanced…sort of.

No salt again…

I can’t believe with all the running around G and I did yesterday, that I, once again, forgot to pick up salt or some form of ice melt.*Headdesk*

What’s the weather prediction for today? Snow. And for the next day, lots of wind and extremely cold temperatures. Duh.

Cold enough the last couple of days that we had to jump both our vehicles.

HPIM4345Note from Lucy:

If you thinks you can get me out from under the fuzzy blanket, you is crazy!