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Sorry Charlie…or why I stopped eating Starkist tuna

It all comes down to where the tuna is ‘manufactured’ for me.

After reading the labels and deciding that tuna packed in China, Ecuador, or any other place outside of the US is not for me, I found that there is one last company that still operates in the US.

I don’t care how fancy you package it or how fancy you flavor it. You sent our jobs elsewhere.

I now buy only Chicken of the Sea tuna. Thank you for not leaving the country to manufacture our food.

I really do not trust having my food processed and manufactured in countries where the cleanliness regulations are nowhere near as stringent as ours.


Thus we come to the end of the month…

The Curmudgeon got his stitches out yesterday. All looks good there.

No more appointments for the rest of this month. Yippee, two whole days.

We begin October with my doctor appointment and go from there.

I need to go grocery shopping and I will be taking care of G’s cats while she’s on vacation.

I also need to squeeze a vet appointment in for Lucy–she needs her teeth cleaned and to see if they can do anything about her slightly leaky bladder, at night, when she’s sound asleep.

In truth it’s November that’s going to be the bitch. In the first week alone I have two appointments.

The Curmudgeon has two appointments the following week and one the week after that.

sip coffee and pet my dog


Patinum Guarantee

The Curmudgeon’s lounge chair is very important to him, it’s where he spends most of his time.

Therefore, we paid for a platinum guarantee on it when we bought it. So glad we did. So far they have replaced the chair twice and repaired it three times.

They are replacing it again. This time the foot rest mechanism broke.

Lazy Boy, they stand behind their products.

Gee, I wonder if they’ll pay me for this?



Bite me MS Society

So The Curmudgeon gets this MS society magazine every month. He didn’t subscribe to it, they just send it.

He never reads it, but once in a while I’ll skim through it.

Most of the articles are laughable in their ‘you can do it’ approach to life with MS.

When you are secondary progressive MS and have had MS as long as he has had it, there comes a time when no matter how much you want to, you can’t do it.

Then there are the ridiculous caregiver articles.

“Take care of yourself” Yeah, if I can find the time and energy. I do this all by myself. They don’t volunteer to come and clean my house, clear out the mess the roofer made of my attic, clear out my basement, change the wheels on his mobility cart, or clean up my yard.

I take care of him and two dogs. I have to sneak in my showers and going for groceries is a major production that I try to make it my day out with G.

That way I can hit the ground running and go until I drop.

I can’t even take care of the house. It continues to get dirtier by the day. I look at it and feel so overwhelmed all I want to do is curl up in a corner and cry.

But I can’t do that because I have to cook his dinner, feed the dogs, take them out, do the dishes…

Today’s Tee shirt

suck it up buttercup

I could easily become a hermit

There are days where having a bit of quiet can make your entire week bearable.

Too bad quiet is a foreign concept around here.

And so we begin another week.

love-him-or-shoot-himSo fitting …




I’m tired…so tired…

I swear this week took everything out of me.

I haven’t been this tired since The Curmudgeon was in the hospital.

Four days of 8:24 a.m. idiot phone calls, not getting back to a nice REM sleep afterwards, and the dogs deciding they wanted out and breakfasts. It all did me in.

There’s not enough coffee in the world.


30th anniversary of Labyrinth

I bought the anniversary DVD. I had to, it is one of my favorite movies.

Hard to believe it was 30 years ago that it came out.


Busy day

We started with a Target run. The Curmudgeon wanted me to stock up on coffee and I needed to pay on the charge.

He called me as I stood in line to pay my bill.

I forgot I had a hair appointment. Therefore our next stop was the salon. I ran in to profusely apologize for forgetting my appointment. She told me she’d cut it ‘now.’ So I ran out to car to tell G to come in. So glad it never takes long to cut my hair.

Next stop, I took G out to lunch at Ringer’s Roost again.

Then we went to the farmers market.

Now I am so tired I keep dozing off. However, I did remember to water the flowers on the porch tonight.

0919161131a 0919161131 0919161130a 0919161130

Look what the squirrels missed!

I kept it hidden in an onion bag as it grew. The bag even had onion skins in it.

They didn’t find it.

I picked it today.


An animal sort of day…

4:30 a.m. Lucy had to go out.

Next time I check the yard first.

We had a very close call with a certain black and white critter. Good thing the critter was young and dumb and it surprised Lucy and she was not looking for it.

Although she did give me a start when she was all ‘oh hey! Let’s play!’

So very glad young and dumb decided to run for the back and not stand his ground. We might have had a smelly time on our hands/paws.

I am glad I always take the dogs out on a leash. I hauled her butt in the door as fast as I could.

skunksAnd that began our day.

Later, around noon, I had to run The Curmudgeon to have his stitches checked.

To get to the doctor’s office, I drive past a local lake and always look for the swan. Got to see him!

Then just a bit further down the road I glanced up a tall embankment and got a real thrill. A red fox ran along the upper part of the bank. I haven’t seen a fox since we lived in Colorado back in the late 60s.



How good is the warranty?

Well, this will be the third or fourth time Raymour and Flanigan has come to fix or replace The Curmudgeon’s lounge chair.

They replaced it once and fixed it at least twice.

He’s hard on his chair because that’s where he is all day, every day, he is in his chair.

This time part of the mechanism for the foot rest sheared off and dropped to the floor, leaving him stranded with his feet up.

Sort of reminded me of a turtle on its back.

Finally got the foot rest down and hauled the ottoman over to his chair. Told him, “use this until they fix the chair.”

hpim2589Today’s Tee shirt–the black one.

Nothing like a night time ER run

So, Lucy and I were cuddling on the couch (read that as ‘we were dozing’) when a sudden *CRASH* from upstairs rattled the house.

With heart racing I dashed up the steps hollering, “are you okay? WTF happened?”

Found The Curmudgeon down, wedged between his bed and his walker.

Then I saw the blood.

You know how facial and scalp cuts bleed like crazy?


I ran for paper towels slapped them on the side of his face told him, “you know what to do…put pressure on it. You’re going to need stitches.” and ran to call our doctor’s ER to see how late they were open.

Then I got G over to help me get him into the car and to go along with us.

I was right.

Three stitches.

Alcohol suit up