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My day at the doctor

I really like this new doctor, she listens to me and doesn’t make assumptions.

We discussed all my test results and she’s quite pleased with them.

Last blood test indicates LDL level is very low…yay! And HDL level is at optimal high. Another Yay me.

No need for another colonoscopy for 10 years.

Pulmonary tests indicate I have an allergy related cough that we are controlling with Claritin and Flonase.

Now we are going to tackle the weight gain. She is sending me to a doctor who specializes in it.

Unless I get sick, I won’t see her until mid November.

*Update on Lucy: Lucy is doing very well.  She has become quite perky today.

Today’s Tee

old gals still rock

Lucy’s spa day

Yes, even with all that happened on her visit she still considers going to the vet’s a spa day.

Lucy had some skin tags removed and her teeth cleaned. She also had 3 teeth extracted. They even trimmed her nails while she was out. Then they spoiled her rotten.

Even with all the spoiling, she was ready to go home when I arrived. Except she had to stop at each one of her *ladies* and get a last pet, smooch, and hug before going home.

At the moment, she’s sound asleep and all rolled up in a fuzzy blanket.


The aches and pains of growing older…suck.

With the wet weather we’ve had, the horrible weight gain I’ve had over the last few years, and the damages done lifting The Curmudgeon from floor far too many times, my back and knees are shot.

To top that off my Achilles tendons are screaming in pain all the time, and my feet are constantly cramping up.

It sucks to get older.


Well, it’s officially 44 years now…

Yep, we tied the knot 44 years ago. Lately that knot feels more like a noose than anything.

Tell you the truth, if I knew then what I know now, I never would have married him.

If I’d known he had MS and how our lives would change so drastically because of it, yeah …second thoughts, third thoughts, never doing it, or doing it differently.

Plans, we would have had better plans.

Home improvements done early on, house sold, and the move made to a single floor dwelling done many years ago.

Staying in PA all these years, probably not.

So when I say MEH in response to all those ‘Oh, happy anniversary’ wishes from people. You know why.

I do love him, it’s just most days, I don’t like him very much.

He took away my best friend when he retired on disability and replaced him with an old Curmudgeon who sits in a chair and drives me crazy.



So the guy at the car dealer…

So the guy at the car dealer, where I get free inspections for the life of my car since I bought it there, laughed when he saw the mileage on my van. Yes, he laughed.

I admit it, I don’t get out much. My 2012 van has a mere 4,060 miles on it.

Poor girl is dirty and I haven’t the energy to wash her properly. With a good wash and wax and a vacuuming out I’d bet she’d look brand spanking new too.

The dealership is literally drooling over her wanting me to trade her in. However, I don’t have the money to make car payments and she’s free and clear.HPIM2439

Dang it!

Somehow managed to schedule my car’s inspection and our food order at almost the same time.

Food order at 1 and car at 2.

I hope our 5 Star Home Foods rep can get done fast so I can get to inspection at 2. Otherwise I’ll be leaving while he’s still here.

facepalm mummy



May I call you Donny? Actually I don’t care if I have your permission or not. Personally, I’d rather call you Mr. Moron.

Theme weeks??!!! Oh give me a break!

This is NOT another reality show. This is real life.

You are the epitome of a complete ass. You have gone too far you selfish, crass, gutless, misogynistic, greedy, traitor to the American people.

Why don’t you put your red nose on, climb into your clown car, and get out of this country.


Now what?!

I almost broke my ankle.

I stepped into a hole in the yard tonight. The hole is deeper than my pruning stick is long. Wonderful.

Fortunately the hole was not big enough to catch my foot bad enough to break anything.

Nevertheless there’s this hole a few feet from my back door that I have no idea how I am going to fill in and make it safe to walk out there.


More rain…

We had so much rain that when I got dressed in the morning I put on my ‘I am not going anywhere and I don’t care’ yoga pants and a Tee.

I had to take Lucy out between rainstorms.

The basement has water in it once again.


Today’s Tee

world revolves

Thunderstorms! Oh my!

So glad I washed Ted night before last. Lucy needed him to be at his best yesterday.

Below is Ted, Lucy’s blanket.


Lucy loves Ted, but Ted was getting awfully stinky. She snuggles Ted, she nibbles on Ted, she rolls up in Ted, she sprawls out on Ted. She drags Ted around the house some days. But on thundery, stormy days she hides in Ted when she’s not hiding in her crate.


Lucy loves her Ted.


Maybe my gardening joy is gone?

It’s not just the back pain preventing it but now it’s too hot to go out and get the much-needed yard work done.

Yesterday I managed to cut down some of the suckers growing from the roots of the sweet gun tree. Some, not all.

I have yet to tackle the mess where the pond once was. If you know of anyone who wants a rather large (triple) Yucca plant send them my way. They can have it if they dig it out.

I’m still trying to move the other plants but have run out of energy and I have no gumption left.

Maybe I need a new line of Tees and not wear my gardening ones.

Today’s Tee


One less expense if…

So I paid our vehicle registrations today.

You can now pay for a two year registration. The cost to register my van for two years cost a mere 12 dollars more than his truck’s registration for one year.

Another reason for him to consider selling the truck.

Other reasons:

  1. He drives the truck maybe once every 4 months or less.
  2. The cost of the insurance
  3. The cost of filling his tank
  4. The cost of inspections
  5. We could rent out his parking spot on the driveway.

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