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Hehehe…It’s that time of year again

So G and I went to Target. we bought a few things we needed and then there was this costume for Lucy that I couldn’t resist buying.


How romantic…


Ah, yes. Valentine’s day.

A day for romance. Not effing likely.

Perhaps dinner out. Nope, he hates to eat out these days.

Instead, I get to take him to his neurologist appointment and spend an hour or so listening to him whine and them telling him all the things they can’t do for him.

don't fucking care bear


Our Christmas eve *feast

1224162017-2Good food…good  wine…good friends…good night!

T’was the night before…

Yeah, we know the story.

Except in my house… the creatures are mooching, the man is asleep.

The chimney is almost completely blocked and the service guys come on the 30th…

G and I watch movies, drink wine, and munch on fancy foods.

Last year’s feast


One gift given every Christmas

I give one person a Christmas present because the season is so dear to her heart, and that is G.

She puts up with my Halloween craziness so I gift her and spend Christmas eve with her every year since her husband died.

We have our own tradition of good eats and drinks and comfortable company.

Today’s Tee shirt

world revolves

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


Gimme some pie

I pounded a turkey breast cutlet flat, seasoned and breaded it, and fried it in coconut oil. With it I had couscous with saffron, garlic, and peppers.

Yep, that was my thanksgiving dinner. Mine was better than what The Curmudgeon had at the rehab. He has to have all of his food minced now making most of it unrecognizable. However, he did get pumpkin pie.

The only thing I had a mad craving for was pie. All. The. Pies. I want pecan and pumpkin and mincemeat, and apple…I want allthepies!!!

Kermit face

Happy to stay home

Traffic around here is always a bitch but on holidays it’s worse.

Although, the other day had to take the cake on bad traffic. G and I were heading out to the farmers market when at 15th and Liberty streets we stopped on Liberty street for the light. There were two vehicles in front of us. The light turned green and the first one went across the intersection.

The second car’s driver seemed momentarily distracted and sat there a bit before pulling out. I was just stepping on the gas when another car came flying down 15th, ran the light, and almost hit the vehicle in front of us. Only missed hitting it because of the quick thinking of the driver of the car in front of us who was able to get out-of-the-way with some very smart maneuvering.

Our hearts were pounding because we SAW how close it was to being a serious accident with fatalities–mere inches.

Also, had the driver in front of us gone right through the light behind the first vehicle we would’ve been hit by the speeding red light running car. Yep, our hearts were still pounding when we got to the market.

First stop was the Clover Hill Winery shop for a taste and two bottles to take home.

You all have a good Thanksgiving!

HPIM3539Nice sunset

Trick or treat 2015

No fog machine this year. I thought we had fog juice but for the life if me I couldn’t find it.

Thanks to Annie’s husband we had music! They came over and he fixed all the wiring.

I realized almost too late that I had a horrible lack of batteries. G and I made an emergency run to Walgreens. Not good to arrive at a Halloween clearance sale with my enabler. I came home with yet another prop–but I did get it at half price.

We finished decorating the porch and putting batteries in props just in time for the arrival of the first group of kids.

Great time! We had hordes of kids and lots of fun.

The after party was a quiet one with one of the best lasagnas I’ve ever made and G’s most wonderful pumpkin cheesecake.

Once the weather gets cooler...Lasagna!!!

Once the weather gets cooler…Lasagna!!!

Oh crap, I’m not ready!

It’s the first of October already. I haven’t even started on my porch design!

Dang it.

I have a great idea, but I need someone with more artistic talent than I to do a couple of silhouettes to make this work…

Any volunteers?

HPIM4179Halp, she’s starting already. Someone sabe me fwom da cwazy lady!

Happy 4th?

I hope you all had a good fourth of July. We certainly did not.

The thugs down the street thought it was so much fun to set off a gazillion heavy duty fireworks day and night and scare the crap out of all the neighborhood pets.

Gavin wasn’t bothered in the least but he’s always been bomb proof since he was a pup. On the other hand, poor Lucy spent the day and night terrified and wouldn’t even go pee when taken outside. I fear we may have a wet floor by morning.

Yes, I am wishing to move again, still, …whatever. I am no longer happy with this neighborhood, city, or state. I yearn a quiet place.

the scream

Happy New Year everyone!

We wish you joy.

We wish you health.

We wish you prosperity.

And we wish you Love.

From all of us at Casa Doggonedmysteries!