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Oh no, there’s no global warming…

Usually at this time of year I am making a lot of soups, stews, and other tasty cool weather meals.

We’ve had temperatures in the mid 80s the last couple days.

Neither one of us wants those cool weather meals.

Global warming?

What say you?

We’re down to seasonable temperatures

The Curmudgeon is more comfortable and so is Lucy. In fact, she’s downright happy over the cooler weather.

We turned off the AC and it got chilly enough that I had to go around and close the windows.

Today’s Tee

Born in March

Fall has arrived

Night time temperatures down to the low fifties.

Having to actually close windows here and there.

Thinking about soups and stews for dinners.

Dreading the piles of leaves to come.

Wishing winter would hold off and be short and mild. Hearing all sorts of forecasts of a nasty winter to come. Not happy.

At least it is good sleeping weather.


Just for general information…

I was going to test out my new weed wacker…

It rained.

Yep, such is my life.

Kermit face

Help, I’m trapped in the house with The Curmudgeon!

According to the reporters around here…we dodged a bullet with this storm. Yeah, 14 inches of snow is dodging a bullet because all around us they got almost double that.

Yes, I said double that.

My pups are aghast at the 14 inches we got I can imagine their horror at more than that.

My front walk, driveway aren’t shoveled. I am not allowed to do that and our snow clearing gal has a large customer base so we will get done sooner or later.

My back steps and a small spot are cleared for the dogs. I managed to throw my back out doing that too.

The dogs aren’t thrilled with their tiny space to go but that’s too bad.

Our street is not plowed and a mess. I don’t know how the heck I am going to get G to her appointment on Friday.

I hate this weather.




Well, it’s here…

We are in the middle of a blizzard.

I hate snow.

I want a nice warm beach. No snow.

Lucy hates snow.

She wants a nice warm beach too.

Chances of us ever living on a beach are = to our chances of winning the lottery.


Snow….oh no!

Not looking forward to the approaching winter storm with its 8 to 18 inches of snow. We are told it should arrive sometime after 8:30 p.m.


Wild weather approaches

According to our weather reports, beginning at 4 a.m. (2 hours from when I am writing this), we will have snow. The first significant snow of our winter here.

I could’ve done without it.

Four to nine inches to fall at last report. Yeah, they can keep it.



Rainy days

Far too many rainy days in a row.

Lucy is miserable.

So am I.

Sun, we need sun to take the edge off.

Sun to bring back some form of sanity.

Today’s Tee shirt.

world revolves


Cold, colder, coldest?

I truly do not like the cold. I used to be able to tolerate it, but lately it makes my bones ache so.

I hope this is my last winter here. I want to move south.

With my luck, the new administration, and The Curmudgeon’s health, I’ll still be here next year and will probably be a homeless person.

Today’s Tee shirt.




Had all the rain we’ve had been snow…

We’d be buried in it.

I’m happy for the rain.

I’m glad we didn’t get snow.

I happy to have this weird winter.

I don’t like snow.

HPIM4920Last year Jan. 28th.


Winter sucks even without the snow

Too cold to sit outside.

Too cold to enjoy a walk.

Too cold.

Writer reality