About Me

I’m Margaret Hauser.  I write murder mysteries and my agent would murder me if I didn’t mention that I do have an agent.  If you are a publisher or an editor looking for a great mystery series, check out my excerpts, they are to die for-at least that’s what I’ve been told.  I have been published in a few minor dog magazines–humor and non-fiction.  I’ve been a member of Pennwriters for many years.  Major life event–had a heart attack in August of 2011.     

My husband was a police officer forced into an early retirement because he has multiple sclerosis.  He was a police tactical firearms instructor and is a great and willing resource for me.  He always encourages me to keep writing.  He’s home twenty-four seven.  Oh, please someone shoot me now.  Of course I’m kidding.  We  celebrated our forty-forth anniversary this year.  His MS has gone from relapsing remitting to secondary progressive.  He can’t do much around here, so the house is falling down around our ears and we pay to have the lawn mowed. 

We have owned BTs for over thirty years. At this writing, we have one Bull Terrier. We recently lost our 15-year-old male Gavin and now have a spunky 6-year-old rescue mini-bull girl we named Lucy.  Lucy is white with a red patch over her eye and red on her ears. Even though she’s only forty pounds, she’s forty pounds of firebrand.     

Gavin turned fifteen in November 2016, he was all white and an import from a wonderful breeder in Nova Scotia.  He was with us since he was eight weeks old.  He was quite demanding and often when I’m working for a long time, he would climb on the lower part of my desk and chew me out by barking.   He died April 28, 2017.    

I am an avid gardener and once the weather warms up it’s hard to keep me indoors. Although, since the heart attack, I find I can’t do near as much as I used to do. There have been threats made about chaining me to my desk when a deadline looms.  We have a large perennial garden thanks to an Aunt and Uncle who had a nursery and graciously gave me van loads of plants to take home.      

Our Koi pond was my husband’s last big project before his MS really began to kick his butt.  It took him a whole summer to build.  He dug it out by hand on his few days off from work and once the installation ended, it was my turn to plant the garden around it.  Our yard quickly became our pride and joy. Unfortunately, the work and energy involved in keeping the pond thriving is beyond both of us these days. I filled the pond in and am working on turning it into level lawn, maybe with a bocce court and a patio or two.  The Koi have gone on to another, larger pond where they are happy and well fed.

I don’t where the future will take me. I hope it’s where I want to be.

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