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I love you Mom

Mom with birthday roses 2005

Mom with birthday roses 2005

Many years ago I began to send my mother roses for her birthday each year because I knew how much she loved them. 

She died in 2007.  Today would’ve been her 98th birthday. 

Happy Birthday Mom.  I miss you.

Bits and bobs

     While trying to figure out a post for today, I tossed aside many ideas for one reason or another.  (No one wants another day of how I feel, I’m sure.  If you do, I’m fine.)

     The Curmudgeon was gone most of the day so there’s not much that he can bring to the table.  (Well, not so much as gone as he had his truck inspected and when he got back he took a long nap.)

     Does anyone else want to go on a Diners Drive Ins and Dives road trip with Guy Fieri?  Man, watching the show drives me into a food frenzy.  (Especially after starving to death the past few days.)

English: Food Network star Guy Fieri judges a ...

       *Giggle*  You all have a good one!

After the bug hits…

     Wow, that was a nasty bug that knocked me down and out for the weekend.  Today, I have kept down toast.  That’s a baby step.  Even being sick didn’t stop me from doing dishes and taking care of the dogs and The Curmudgeon…Yep, I knew what I was doing when I laughed at my doctor’s suggestion of ‘get plenty of rest.’

     I need to go grocery shopping since, like an idiot, I put it off last week.  Who knew I’d get sick?  I do know of a few new things to add to my grocery list so I have them on hand.  Things like Jello, broths, bouillon, all those ‘clear diet’ things you don’t always have on hand when you need them.  I would have killed for some Jello yesterday.

     Then, there are the bland diet foods that I need now.  I don’t have them.  (Slapping palm to forehead.)   Duh, I haven’t gone shopping.

     Yes, time to resupply my pantry with ‘sick’ foods.  Just in case The Curmudgeon gets this bug, I’d better do it asap.

     I’m hoping my bug retreats quickly and leaves me in peace.  My butt still hurts from the shot… LOL!

     You all have a good one!



Mumma iz berry sick.

     Gavin here.  I toldz da mumma dat I would let you know she might not be writing a blog post for a couple of days.  She is sick.  Nasty bug going around here caughted her good.  Auntie G tooked her to da mergency dogtor yestedday morning.   I’m snuggling and being a good dogtor for her now.

     You all habs a good one!


Run, run as fast as you can….you can’t catch me…

     Don’t get me wrong, I love The Curmudgeon with all my heart, but some days I really want to run away from home.  It’s been one of those days.

     Seriously, ‘Nurse’ was never a career choice for me, NEVER…and we won’t go on with this part of my rant.  No one wants to hear it.

     I still say the MS Society sucks.  After a ‘token’ amount of so-called help, they sure disappeared in a hurry. 

     The Curmudgeon had his falling apart shower chair replaced, and we got two grab bars–they need installing and I can’t do it. They had a ‘counselor’ talking to me…uh huh, those of you who know me know exactly how that went and how much eye rolling I did. 

     So yeah, big effing help, folks.  Do not depend on them to help you out at all.  The MS Society just wants you to donate money so they can play with it and make themselves feel good.

     I am over tired.  I am unhappy.  I want to feel alive, which I don’t.  I feel like a servant and not a wife.  I want to be able to write but I can’t.  Yeah, tonight I want to run.

     You all have a good one.  I think I’ll have a martini…


Will I be able to move tomorrow? We’ll see.

     I should have gone to the grocery store, but I figured that can wait a while.  We have no idea how long we’ll keep these cooler temperatures.  The day was pure bliss.

     I made a few inroads on the pond garden, filling two of my three trash barrels, ran the weed-eater all over the edges of the yard.  (All is ready for The Curmudgeon to mow if he’ll get off his can and do it.)  Came in the house shaking with exhaustion and drenched in sweat.  I rested and went back out.  Four more times I yanked weeds and ran the weed-eater until its two batteries died, taking short rest and water breaks in between.

     Funny, while the weed-eater was running, the frogs would sing with the noise.

     I didn’t get outside our fence but since I don’t see it, I don’t care.  The city can fine me, but when they do, they’d better fine the apartments and the cemetery too.


Oh muse, wherefore art thou?

     The writing well is still dry.  I’m hoping things change soon.  This is so frustrating.

     I know…. breathe.

     Sometimes it’s difficult to take my advice.  Breathe some more.

     I plan to drag out one writing book at a time and re-read them all.  Maybe, among all those books, I will find inspiration and my muse who has gone into hiding.

Hesiod and the Muse

Hesiod and the Muse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See ya later Barry.

     So yesterday we said our  final farewells to our dear friend Barry.  It was not an easy thing to do .  The services managed to make me cry a lot.  Not a good thing when trying to keep G on an even keel.

     I managed to get G a bit blitzed tonight which makes stressful situations a bit easier.

     Boy, am I going to have to re-supply my wine supply.

     My wine ‘cellar’ has been decimated, but in a good way.  G had a great blowout for her hubby,  Barry

Update…and it’s only Tuesday!

     It’s been raining since early evening, it is now 1 a.m. The frogs are loving it.  You should hear all the singing going on outside.

     Both dogs think they will melt if they go out.  Tough, you asked to go, you are going.  *Boot*

     The Curmudgeon skipped his shot last week and didn’t do his shot before bed tonight.  He says he’ll do it after our friend’s funeral.  He wants to be able to function through it.

     I hope all this rain cools it down around here.  I need to get so much done out in the yard that it makes me cry just to look at the amount of work I must do once it is tolerable enough to work out there.

     Any volunteers?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

     You all have a good one.



Redeep, redeep, croooooaaaak!

     The heat we had not only kept us inside in the AC but it silenced my frogs.  Yesterday we had cooler weather and singing frogs.

     The Curmudgeon remarked that we have at least one very loud frog out in the pond.  He hadn’t heard them yet so the volume of the frog’s song startled him.  (Wish I’d seen that.)

     While I was out making an inroad into the overgrowth of weeds around the pond, one frog decided to serenade me.  Later another one sang me his song.  Both voices are distinctly different.



40 years ago…..

     The Curmudgeon and I were married.



And today we are still together.

You all have a good one!

RIP…another friend gone.

     At a little past 11 a.m. yesterday G’s husband Barry died.  He had been in hospice care for a few days.  Evil cancer took him away.

     The Curmudgeon and I met Barry and G soon after we moved into our house.  We became good friends.  We watched their two boys grow up to have families of their own.

     Barry will be missed by all who knew him.