The Bull Pen


  1. Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

    so adorable – love Gavin’s floppy ear pic – patty reminds me of my woodrow – always laying with someone

    Deb and the brats

  2. Poor Gavin got a hematoma in his ear, fortunately it was the already floppy one so it didn’t matter as much. That ear stood for dog shows only if taped right up to the last minute. He hated the shows so much that we quit showing him pretty early.

  3. They are so darling. Look more human than a lot of card carrying members of the human party I know!

  4. Charlie is one handsome dog!

    Brutus and Diamond look weirdly like a college president and wife where I was faculty. Only his paw was turned the other way for “contributions”.

  5. They are all just absolutely beautiful, Madison’s face is so wonderfully expressive!

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