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Really? More snow?

I can’t believe it, we have snow in the week’s forecast. When I took the dogs out at 4 a.m. yesterday it was snowing.

*Packing bags*

Stop snowing

Just put the candy down and back away …

Dang, I really need to lay off on the candy. It’s a good thing this last bag I opened is milk chocolate instead of dark or any form of M&M. That will slow me down a lot since I am not as fond of milk chocolate.

I seriously need to find some will power. Too bad they can’t bottle it.

I could also use a personal trainer to kick my ass on a daily basis. Any volunteers? Yeah, I thought not.

This is going to be a rough Spring and Summer since I have to get my butt moving and take off the excess weight once and for all. The Curmudgeon’s poor health makes it tough to get away from the house to do things, much less motivate me to exercise.

Ha! I iz not de onwy one who beez fluffy!

Lucy sleeping

Lucy sleeping

I hope they can put him back on the Tecfidera soon

The last two days The Curmudgeon has had a bad time of it. Which means he’s been sitting in his chair more and I’ve been getting less sleep.

At least yesterday, unlike the day before, he didn’t wake me with a panic call that jolted me out of bed in an adrenalin rush that later made me sluggish and gave me a hell of a headache.

His walking is crap again. He’s doing more falling and is being a stubborn sod about using his walker. He won’t unless he’s already fallen down. (Sigh)

He had a blood test yesterday, keep your fingers crossed that his lymphocyte numbers went down.

You all have a good one.

Lucy is waiting for some warm, sunny days to get here so she can go for walks in the park.


Da Momma iz cwazy


I fink Da Momma habs losted her mind. She boughted me deeze Doggles.

Duz you finks she habs losted her mind too?

Eben Daddy finks she’s gone off ob da deepz end.

She willz be back whenz we untiez her.

New picture

It’s time to change my *Welcome to my blog* picture.


^There’s this one A^


^Or this one B^


^Or this one C^


Decisions, decisions…geeeeez.

What DVDs have you watched lately?

Catching up on watching our DVDs. We got behind on them and had two tall stacks to go through. We’re down to a short stack now.

Last night we watched Reds 2. Loved it as much as Reds. What can I say, it’s good to see a movie that has people over the age of 40 as the heroes of the story. Sure, there is plenty of gunfire and violence, but it is more for color.

Most movies suggest that once you are past the hotty stage, your life is over. Not true my darlings, not true.

I never Know what movie we’re going to watch. The Curmudgeon is in charge of picking them and setting up the DVD so we can watch a movie through dinner.


Run in the candy aisle jungle

All that Easter candy will be the death of my diet.

G and I went to Target today to pick up a few items. She’s been off chocolate candy for Lent. So naturally she dragged me into the Easter candy aisles so she could load up for the day she can scarf a ton of chocolate down.

Chocolate, dark chocolate my biggest most irresistible nemesis. Oh, I truly did not need a candy heavy holiday come anyway near me.

Yes, I bought bags of dark chocolate candies. I am weak.


Lost in a book

I finally surfaced from the depths of my book only to realize that midnight had passed by a while ago. Caught up in magic, dragons, dwarfs, magicians, unicorns and such, I lost track of time and place.

Found a good one in this freebie Kindle book, actually two books so far in this series. You can find the first one here but it is no longer a freebie.

I’m on book two of the series.

You all have a good one. I’m diving back in.

what makes your soul happy

It’s melting!

The yard is, once again, almost clear of snow. I hope that is the last we see of it for a long time. I’m one lottery win away from never seeing it again. The last three winters were miserable and this one was the worst of them. Lucy and I are not fond of the cold and we’re hoping we never have to go through another winter like this one. Gavin and The Curmudgeon don’t care about the cold. I’m all about the heat. So looking forward to real spring weather and the summer. Here's to you You all have a good one!

Coffee break

Yeah, I can’t think of anything to write tonight so I’m going to take a runner and leave you all hanging.

Wearing this shirt. 😀

I run

coffee gimme

So the snow finally slowed down…almost stopped…

HPIM4521 HPIM4501 HPIM4502 HPIM4503 HPIM4504 HPIM4505 HPIM4506 HPIM4507 HPIM4508 HPIM4510 HPIM4511 HPIM4512 HPIM4513 HPIM4514 HPIM4515 HPIM4516 HPIM4517 HPIM4518 HPIM4519 HPIM4520

The day before yesterday, our yard was clear of snow…

Today we’re supposed to hit fifty degrees. Oh, please, please, please let it be.

You all have a good one!

First day of spring and we get snow…geez!

Pack your bags old man winter. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! So long. Farewell. Time for you to go now.

Stop snowing