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Cool nights

For the last few nights we’ve had cool weather. It is so very nice to turn off the AC and open the house, too bad I cannot use the whole house fan in the attic and pull the cool air through faster and more efficiently.

To use the fan, I need to get the attic cleaned of the mess left behind by the not so great of a roofer who did our roof. He, knowing what a mess removing a slate roof incurs never bothered to tell us to tarp everything or do it himself.

I cannot even walk through the attic now without running into insulation that has dropped down from the weight of slate crap on it. Or crunching across the floor…ew  I hate that.

What I have to find is someone who is willing and able to clean the attic, redo insulation properly, and figure out how to ‘screen out’ critters when the fan is off. The fan is so strong it blew our window screen to ribbons.


Added to my collection

Oh, yes I did!

I added to my Tee shirt collection!

I also added to The Curmudgeon’s

Jay's shirt2

And Lucy got a new blanket.

Lucy's new blanket

They’re not going to believe it

Back on July 19th I wrote about how the guys at the car dealer’s were shocked at the low mileage on my van.

Yesterday I got a note from my insurance company wanting to update a few things. 2 questions is all.

  1. How many miles did I expect to drive in the upcoming year? Um, if I drive a lot maybe 80 miles?
  2. What is the current mileage on my 2012 van? You’re not going to believe it…okay, here goes… 4063 miles.

I sent it back today. Can’t wait to hear from them, and I’m sure we will. LOL

I shih tzu not

Lucy update

Wow, she is sure feeling perky.

She even gave her elk antler a few strong gnaws and nibbles today.

We’re keeping her on her pain pill so she stays less active the way they want her to be. Basically, it slows her down a little for a couple of hours.

She’s eating like a pig making up for that missed breakfast the other day.  LOL

sleepy girl

My day at the doctor

I really like this new doctor, she listens to me and doesn’t make assumptions.

We discussed all my test results and she’s quite pleased with them.

Last blood test indicates LDL level is very low…yay! And HDL level is at optimal high. Another Yay me.

No need for another colonoscopy for 10 years.

Pulmonary tests indicate I have an allergy related cough that we are controlling with Claritin and Flonase.

Now we are going to tackle the weight gain. She is sending me to a doctor who specializes in it.

Unless I get sick, I won’t see her until mid November.

*Update on Lucy: Lucy is doing very well.  She has become quite perky today.

Today’s Tee

old gals still rock

Lucy’s spa day

Yes, even with all that happened on her visit she still considers going to the vet’s a spa day.

Lucy had some skin tags removed and her teeth cleaned. She also had 3 teeth extracted. They even trimmed her nails while she was out. Then they spoiled her rotten.

Even with all the spoiling, she was ready to go home when I arrived. Except she had to stop at each one of her *ladies* and get a last pet, smooch, and hug before going home.

At the moment, she’s sound asleep and all rolled up in a fuzzy blanket.


I grievously sinned against Lucy…

She got a bath!

With my back so bad, she hasn’t had a bath in so long I’m not going to tell you how long it’s been. Suffice it to say it’s been ages.

She sure does smell better and is a lot whiter. I delight in the freckles that you can see under the clean fur.


She’s even wearing her newest Collar My World collar.

newest collar

The aches and pains of growing older…suck.

With the wet weather we’ve had, the horrible weight gain I’ve had over the last few years, and the damages done lifting The Curmudgeon from floor far too many times, my back and knees are shot.

To top that off my Achilles tendons are screaming in pain all the time, and my feet are constantly cramping up.

It sucks to get older.



The other day G and I had Applebees’ Caprese chicken for lunch. I’m going to attempt to make it for myself.

Caprese chicken

What happened to transparency in our government?

Openness, accountability, and honesty define government transparency. In a free society, transparency is government’s obligation to share information with citizens. It is at the heart of how citizens hold their public officials accountable.Jun 5, 2016Government transparency – Ballotpedia
In other words, we no longer live in a free society.

Well, it’s officially 44 years now…

Yep, we tied the knot 44 years ago. Lately that knot feels more like a noose than anything.

Tell you the truth, if I knew then what I know now, I never would have married him.

If I’d known he had MS and how our lives would change so drastically because of it, yeah …second thoughts, third thoughts, never doing it, or doing it differently.

Plans, we would have had better plans.

Home improvements done early on, house sold, and the move made to a single floor dwelling done many years ago.

Staying in PA all these years, probably not.

So when I say MEH in response to all those ‘Oh, happy anniversary’ wishes from people. You know why.

I do love him, it’s just most days, I don’t like him very much.

He took away my best friend when he retired on disability and replaced him with an old Curmudgeon who sits in a chair and drives me crazy.




Lucy had me up early in the morning not once, not twice, but three times before my alarm went off.