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Trick or treat 2015

No fog machine this year. I thought we had fog juice but for the life if me I couldn’t find it.

Thanks to Annie’s husband we had music! They came over and he fixed all the wiring.

I realized almost too late that I had a horrible lack of batteries. G and I made an emergency run to Walgreens. Not good to arrive at a Halloween clearance sale with my enabler. I came home with yet another prop–but I did get it at half price.

We finished decorating the porch and putting batteries in props just in time for the arrival of the first group of kids.

Great time! We had hordes of kids and lots of fun.

The after party was a quiet one with one of the best lasagnas I’ve ever made and G’s most wonderful pumpkin cheesecake.

Once the weather gets cooler...Lasagna!!!

Once the weather gets cooler…Lasagna!!!

You have got to be kidding me!

Another pharmacy run–wtf am I living there now? I’m beginning to think so either that or maybe they should pay me I’ve been there so much last week and this week.

So then the new Keurig coffee brewing system arrives and I celebrated. I brewed a lovely cup of coffee, did a happy dance, and was ready to live with the joy that was my new way of brewing coffee that was easier for The Curmudgeon.

Went to brew a second cup and it wouldn’t make me my coffee. Wasted several K-cups trying for another cup of what was pure ambrosia to no avail. Pissed off? Me? OH YEAH.

The expensive coffee brewing system I bought–commercial grade even–because I thought it would hold up to heavy use, is a piece of worthless metal and plastic. No coffee. No thank you.

I want coffee. I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with this shit. I called Keurig only to be told that they were fielding too many calls to talk to me and they would call me back.

Still waiting Keurig, call me. Seriously Keurig, I NEED MY COFFEE!!!!

I feel like the homely girl after a first fuck waiting for him to call the next day.

hippo coffee

Kermit face

WTand F

What’s my line?

Holy crap what a day.

G and I went to the drug store, the grocery store, Target, and then home again just made it home a couple of minutes after the physical therapy guy left.

Half and hour after I got home the visiting nurse showed up. She checked The Curmudgeon over again and his lungs still sound clear.

Just as she is leaving, the speech therapist arrived.

I’ll never keep all these people straight. Especially when they phone here asking for The Curmudgeon and sound like a sales call.

And you are? What’s your line?the scream


Run, run as fast as you can…

There are days I feel like I’m on a treadmill and can’t get off.

Took The Curmudgeon to a doctor appointment yesterday. It took such a huge chunk out of the day, nothing else got done. We did take Lucy along and she was very good in the car.

Today we have two appointments, PT and ST–thank goodness they are coming here. I really don’t feel like going anywhere…oh, yeah I have to go to the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions from yesterday. There goes another day shot to hell.

rescued wine


Yes, she is spoiled.

Decided to try to sleep in my bed last night. I took Lucy up with me only because I knew she’d be yodeling in her crate if I left her downstairs. And over the last couple of weeks I liked having her next to me.

She was so good, she may do this permanently.

I got to sleep in comfort and I got to sleep in. She didn’t insist on getting up early.

HPIM4762Iz we weddy to goez up to bedz yet?

Balance…what is that?

I keep hoping to find some sort of balance, but then the real question is: what is balance?

G and I went to the Parkway in the afternoon. We took Lucy along. Lucy couldn’t believe it! She had a blast sniffing all the smells and staring at the two giant dogs (horses) she saw that were grazing by the path.

She didn’t bark at them. She just stared in awe.

This evening I stood back and watched The Curmudgeon struggle to get his pills together for the next couple of weeks. I do my best to stay back and leave it up to him. He does need to do some things for himself and I cannot do everything all the time and keep my sanity.

When he almost finished, I offered to do the rest. Not for him but for my sanity. I couldn’t stand another hour of his moaning and groaning.

Is this balance?

HPIM4711Someone zonked out

Visiting nurse day

We met The Curmudgeon’s visiting nurse today. She’s nice enough, but so damned young.

Once again, all the years of research I’ve done on MS and secondary progressive MS proved to be ever so much more than what most doctors and nurses know about what is going on. Spent quite a while getting her up to speed on his drugs and the whys and what-firs on his use of them. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I have to do this for her.

Two more visiting entities means more teaching on my part. Hopefully by the end the next patient benefits from what they learn here with The Curmudgeon.

find your center

Mostly calm day

Took a much-needed trip to the farmers market with G yesterday. Came home with such treasures as bear claws, string beans, Jonathan apples, yogurt from a local diary, a pork chop for me, and pimento cheese.

Cooked a lovely shepherd’s pie and baked apples for dinner. Found out that Lucy loves tart apples.

HPIM4753Gimmee dat apple!


Waiting for therapy and cursing hackers

We are now in the process of waiting for people to call us to schedule his physical therapy, speech therapy for his swallowing problems, and the visiting nurses.

Since the computer disaster I have not been able to check on all the appointments I had in there. So far, it has fucked up my dentist and cardiologist appointments.

I haven’t had time to run my computer over to the repair people.

Therefore, I once again have cursed the (I hope his dick falls off) damned hacker. road to give a fuck

I remember now why I didn’t like him on the Provigil

He doesn’t shut up! I haven’t had a second of peace since they put him back on the stuff.

And I can’t stuff a rag in his mouth, that is not acceptable behavior. Can’t use duct tape, again not acceptable behavior.

I put my earplugs in and he talks louder.

Beg him to shut up and he gets whiny.

I can’t send him back to the hospital, he isn’t sick.

WTand F


Now to get him to actually follow doctor’s orders…

Me while aiming Minion fart blaster at The Curmudgeon: “Ve Haff ways uff making you drink the thickened stuff.”

Him: “Yuck, noooooo!”

Fart blaster farts a juicy, extended fart.

Him: Laughs.

Me: “Just try it. Please?” This is going to hell on wheels. Rolls eyes.


He’ll be home soon

The Curmudgeon’s health was much improved when I went to see him yesterday.His doctor was quite thrilled with how his chest sounds.

I met the two gals who are trying to find a solution to his choking on food and drink problems–probably why the pneumonia started in the first place.

Now they are telling me they think the drooping of his face that night was from his high fever and infection and not a mini stroke.

It looks as though they will send him home today. However, that won’t be until late afternoon it seems since he’s scheduled for a test at one.

In the meantime I have to run my car to the dealer in the MORNING (I don’t do mornings!) and then get to the hospital for him.

So much for G and I running a couple of errands.

hippo coffee