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There’s nothing like friends

You can always tell who your truest friends are when you are in need of help. They are the ones who show up and say, “What can we do?”

I had some true friends give me a hand today to help make life a bit easier for The Curmudgeon when he gets home from the hospital.

It can’t get better than that.

Here's to you

Happy Birthday G!

G’s birthday is Friday, she has eleven years on me. She wasn’t going to be home and most of her week is full of appointments. Therefore I snagged her yesterday and took her out to lunch.

Her choice of where to go and what to eat. Last year I took her to Lily’s Sushi. This year she was hungry for a good steak. She chose Applebees.

She had a lovely meal.

As did I.–pepper-crusted-sirloin—whole-grains

We also had a great time as we usually do when we go out together. For over 41 years we’ve been friends–more like sisters. Well, that’s not right either since I’m so very much closer to her than I am to my idiot sister.


A new tradition

So last year G and I started what we hope will become a tradition for us.

G loves Christmas as much as I love Halloween and Christmas Eve is very lonely for her since her husband died.

The Curmudgeon is in bed by seven every night so I am alone too.

Last  year I bought champagne, caviar, and smoked salmon. She bought creme fresh, made some baked brie in puffed pastry, and bought water crackers. (We are doing a rerun of the food since we enjoyed it so much.)

We loaded a couple of movies into the DVD player and had a good time.

This year I have a surprise for her. She is a Doctor Who fan but couldn’t get the show on her TV. I have the entire season saved on my DVR for her to watch. Shhhh, don’t tell her.


Happy Birthday Aunt Alice!

     This is my Dad’s sister Alice with her great grand-daughter.  Today is Alice’s 93rd birthday!!!   Big hugs and lots of love to you on your birthday, Aunt Alice.

New addition to Casa Doggonedmysteries…

HPIM3142     Lily Rose arrived Saturday.  She had to fend off Patty’s attention within minutes.  Patty was strictly told no, no, bad dog, she is Mommy’s!!!  Going to have to keep an eye on that pup.  Gavin has ignored Lily Rose.

     Sunday I took Lily Rose over to meet G and Barry.  Barry is not with us much, his medications knock him out.  Our dear friend is down to less than 120 lbs, he is frail, very weak, and now on liquid medications because he can’t swallow pills.  Therefore, I was tickled when he smiled at Lily Rose.  It’s the first reaction I’ve had out of him in weeks.  Even the Hospice nurse was pleased he reacted.  Please keep him in your thoughts. 

     Keep your eyes on the blog, you never know where Lily Rose will go next….

     You all have a good one!

A new family member.

My cousin’s daughter brought her second child into the world today.  Welcome to the world little Soledad Aletta Jeanne Hibner!

Soledad Aletta Jeanne HibnerShe is not amused.

Pictures… because I don’t feel like writing today

  Me with some of my favorite people…

     You all have a good one!

Today’s news


G’s husband’s surgery went well, they got all of the tumor in his colon–quite a large one from what she tells me.  Now he needs to heal and then they will go from there as to what they will do.  Chemo was mentioned.  According to G they still consider him stage 4.  We just hope he kicks cancer’s big fat ass and wins.


I hope to soon be back to regular posts.


     Tomorrow my friend G’s husband has surgery.  They will remove part of his colon, give him an ostomy bag, check his liver, and see what they can do to prolong his life.  The doctor spoke of doing a round of chemo right away too.  I am burning many candles for him.

     We’ve been keeping an eye on my friend G and making sure she eats, rests, and, in general, takes care of herself during this trying time.  I promised her another dinner and some cheesecake for dessert tomorrow.


Sad, sad times

  My best friend is devastated, her husband was just diagnosed with stage four cancer.  I have no words just an overwhelming sadness.  A cavernous sorrow for them, our friends of thirty-nine years. 

     All we can do is be there for them as they need us. 

     My posts may become a bit erratic for time… please bear with us.

More eye candy for my Aunt Janet

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For Aunt Janet who fed my love of gardening

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