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Whoohoo! I did good!

My cardiologist is thrilled with my cholesterol levels and says my heart sounds terrific. However, he has ordered a stress test since it has been a while since I had one. Oh boy something to look forward to next month.

It’s been almost four years since I had the heart attack. Doesn’t seem like that amount of time has passed.

Here's to you

No fun watching them grow old

Gavin, the poor old boy, can no longer jump into the chair with The Curmudgeon and, last night, had trouble getting off the chair. When he wants up on the chair we have to help him and by cracky we will help him.

He can still jump up on the couch, most of the time.

He tries to bounce around and tease me and Lucy when he can. He looks funny doing an elderly bully hucklebutt. It’s a slow motion one. He’s very tolerant of lively Lucy too.

In November, he’ll be 14 years old. He barks when he sees people pass by the yard. I don’t think he sees very well and is relying on his nose more and more.

He’s got a floppy ear, a crumpled ear, lumps and bumps and warts. His breath stinks. He’s our resident worrier and whiny butt, but we love him.


Oh bother

G came over and we dug out some tulips, daffodils, grape hyacinth, narcissus, bleeding hearts, sweet woodruff, and another ground cover. It doesn’t look as though we touched it.

The Curmudgeon went to fill a prescription and didn’t I get a phone call from him to drop everything and bring him his spare keys, he locked his keys in the truck. Not like I was busy or anything…

Took The Curmudgeon to his first physical therapy at the new place. A 4:00 p.m. appointment is not a good thing for him since he was already tired before he got there.

I plugged my MP3 player into my ears and turned on my Kindle while they did their work with him. I’d listened to his pissing and moaning all day I figured they could take it for a while and I could escape into a good book with some music. I do wish waiting area chairs were easier on ones’ back though.

See my flowers?

See my flowers?

I really do need a vacation

For the last week The Curmudgeon has had bad days most days. Therefore, I am running on minimum sleep.

Minimum sleep means a very cranky me. No amount of coffee can cover it.

Dont make me adult Lucy

Pictures from the garden…soon to be not the garden

Time to get lost in some music

I’ve missed my music for a while again. For some reason I occasionally stop wearing my little Coby MP3 player and ear phones. Usually it’s because I’ve misplaced the earphones or worn them out. They keep falling out of my ears or they’ve become uncomfortable for me to wear. I have small ears and finding ear buds to fit is difficult.

I recently bought two pair of new ones. One pair are just plain ear buds and they fit okay but they too fall out of my ears if I move too much or sweat.

However, the second pair I bought were Koss Flexfit just for women FitClips. I LOVE THEM!!! I’m thinking of buying more in different colors.


Where did it go?

We had some nice days that were all Spring like and wonderful and then *Poof* we’re back to cold and windy crap.

Hey! You Canadians can quit sending those cold fronts our way any time now.

Western PA got snow. We got cold and wind.

Can we please go back to our spring?

My poor tree is bound to get frosted. Again.


And that’s a wrap…

Crazy day. Off and running almost as soon as I woke up. G came over and off we went.

Got my blood test done.

Stopped at Goodwill and dropped off two big garbage bags of clothes, shoes, purses and a steam floor cleaner there.

Picked up dog food.

Stopped for lunch at Red Robin.

Went to Target. I finally have an external hard drive (1T) that will automatically back up my computer all the time. Yay, no more lost pictures or books. I’ve informed The Curmudgeon that if there ever is a fire, that piece is priority ranked for taking with us. To heck with the computer, the little HD is what you grab while running out the door with the dogs.

Another day shot to hell

We did have a couple of good thunder boomers come crashing through. Following that, we had some wind gusts and pouring rain. And…that was it. Yay. The tornado watch was a real fizzle out.

After living quite a few years in tornado alley, I was not looking forward to a night in our basement. Our basement is nasty.

Have to dash off for a blood test this noon. Going to take G along so we can stop for a late lunch afterwards.

I am still looking for volunteers for any number of projects around here. Yeah, I know…good luck with that. Yard crashers? House crashers? Anyone?

Crickets chirping…


Hello? *Echoes Hello…hello…*


Today’s shirt

I run


Tornado watch!

Yeah, this is going to be a short, quick post. I don’t need to be online and have the electric go out right in the middle of writing my blog.

You all have a good one! I’ll be back tomorrow.

Lucy sez, “I habs my storm pwoteshun gear on!”


What’s hanging in your family tree?

My father spent years tracing family history, long before computerized family tree programs were available. My family tree has a few broken branches, some twisty ones, and a bit of rough bark here and there.

Today one of my cousins sent me a lot of information including some interesting things, like there are Wilson’s on both sides of my family tree.

My maternal Grandmother would never tell us her middle name and now I know it. Don’t know why she wouldn’t tell us because I love it. Her middle name was Mae.

Have you traced your family tree?

amuse me

Let the grilling begin.

I cleaned the gas grill so I can start cooking outside again. So nice to have the grill up and running.

We had lemon herb chicken breasts cooked on the grill last night. I served them over a rice, quinoa, wheat berry, and veggie salad. We also had grilled/roasted Brussel sprouts. Quite the tasty and healthy dinner.

The Curmudgeon liked it. I loved it.

Lucy sez, “I beez weddy fur summer!”